Transportation Challenges Alberta

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Transportation Challenges – How are Ports-to-Plains Alliance Jurisdictions Addressing the Issues? The Ports-to-Plains region fuels North America with Alberta, home of the world’s third largest proven oil reserves, and 7 of the top 10 oil producing US states. While the production is a boom to the local economies, it is placing a strain on the transportation infrastructure. Transportation leaders from Alberta, Texas and North Dakota will tell how they are facing the challenge.

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  • 1. Meeting the Challenges of Economic GrowthDr. Ross DanylukExecutive Director, Strategic Policy BranchAlberta Transportation Ports to Plains Alliance Conference October 3, 2012

2. Alberta TransportationCore Business and Goals Developing and preserving the highway network Managing transportation safety services Promoting partnerships and a multi-modal transportationnetworkGoals: Albertas highway network connects communities and supports economic and social growth Alberta has the safest road system in Canada Alberta has a well connected road-rail-air-port transportation system that supports economic opportunities and the quality of life in all communities2 3. Energy Sector OutlookCredit: Petro-Canada3 4. Freight and PassengerTransportation Impacts 4 5. Example Loads5 6. Moving Large Loads in Alberta150 000overweight/overdimensionsingle trip permits per year6 7. 7 8. Trade Corridors8 9. Ports to Plains Trade Corridor 9 10. Multi-Modal Integration10 11. Transportation and Trade Initiatives -Beyond Alberta 11 12. US / Canada Border Cooperation 12 13. Short Term The Capital Plan13 14. Projects Underway14 15. Long Term Strategic Regional Planning15 16. Transportation Strategy for Alberta16 17. Meeting the Challenge17 18. Thank you 18