Transition to Smart Meters

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An article taken from the Summer 2014 edition of OUTPUT, EUA's member magazine.

Text of Transition to Smart Meters

  • The UK Smart MeterImplementation Programme(SMIP) is well into the TransitionPhase the period where theprogramme moves fromFoundation to Implementation.

    Smart Metering Data &Communications CompanyPerhaps the most significant developmentin the last six months has been thecreation of the Smart Metering Data andCommunications Company (DCC). SmartDCC Ltd, part of Capita PLC, has beengranted the DCC Licence and they nowenter an extensive period of design andtesting, working hard with their serviceproviders - CGI, Telefnica and Arqiva - todevelop the structures, processes andservice offerings for the Smartprogramme.

    CGI IT UK Limited has been appointed theData Service Provider (DSP) contract tooperate and develop the systemcontrolling the movement of messages toand from smart meters. Arqiva SmartMetering Limited will be theCommunications Service Provider (CSP)for the North region (north of England andScotland) providing wide areacommunications to and from the smartmeters. Telefnica UK Limited is the CSPfor the Centre (Midlands, East Anglia andWales) and South (south of England)regions.

    S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 F E A T U R E


    O U T P U T


    T R A N S I T I O N T O S M A R T M E T E R S

    Service Management The Service Management team hasbeen working alongside ServiceProviders to create processdocuments detailing and agreeingthe principles behind each process.

    Security The Smart DCC security team hasa role in ensuring that securesystems are in place and inensuring the security of the overall

    solution from consumer premises throughto the service users. All systems, data,processes and equipment need to besecure and security threats identified. End-to-end security of smart metering systemsis critical to gaining public confidence andwidespread adoption.

    SMKI DCC is in the process of procuring a SmartMetering Key Infrastructure (SMKI)service, as per the Smart MeterCommunication Licence. The term SMKIis used to refer to the specific closedPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI)implementation in GB Smart Metering andis based on industry-standard PKIcomponents, methods and good practice.

    For more information and to access thelatest documents the Smart DCC has awebsite at

    The Smart MeterCentral DeliveryBodyThe Smart Meter Central Delivery Body(SMCDB) is responsible for engagingconsumers with smart meters, buildingconsumer confidence in the installation ofsmart meters; and building consumerwillingness, awareness and understanding

    Smart DCC now operates a teamof 60 in new offices at LudgateHouse, Blackfriars Road, London.The team is headed up byJonathan Simcock and the seniormanagement team is split intoseven close working functions:

    Industry Paul FrenchCommercial Stephen ParkerFinance Nadim AhmadDesign & AssuranceMatthew RoderickOperations Dave BroadyInformation and Security John DeakinProgramme Paul Gilford

    Current workDesign and AssuranceAs part of its Licence Obligations, DCChas been engaging with SEC Parties, viadesign forums, to help shape consultationdocuments for the DSP InterfaceSpecifications and IntimateCommunications Hub InterfaceSpecifications (ICHIS). Further DesignForums for the Communications Hub willtake place over the next few months aswell as sessions on DCC User GatewayInterface Specifications (DUGIS) and SelfService Interface (SSI). These feed intothe Technical Business Design Group(TBDG).

    Testing A test strategy has been approved whichpulls together test strategies for theService Providers to ensure a consistentapproach.

    Gary Cottrell,EUA SmartMeter Lead

    Transition toSmartMeters

    of how to use smart meters to manageenergy consumption.

    2014 will be a key year as the programmemoves to the first stages of engagementactivity. The SMCDB has been building itsteam and infrastructure following theestablishment of the Board, appointment ofits Chairperson and recruitment of ChiefExecutive. Also now in place at their officesin Farringdon, London is an Interim Directorof Communications, CommunicationsAssistant, Administrative Assistant, Directorof Finance & Operations, Director ofMarketing, Director of Communications,Head of Planning and Web Architect. Theteam will continue to grow through furtherappointments in the London office, as wellas in Scotland and Wales.

    Partnership working is at the heart of theSMCDBs approach and over 100 differentexperts fed into the development of theirConsumer Engagement Plan which waspublished in December 2013 and can befound on their website at

    What next for SMCDBThe focus for 2014 will be on building thefoundations of the engagementprogramme. Further research will be carriedout to create detailed channel planstogether with a brand and campaign identityand creation of a website. A brand name willbe developed as the programme will requirea simple and self-explanatory name thatcan be used by all commentators whenthey refer to the smart meter roll-out.

    To support this, a brand logo/icon will becreated. The brand will be at the heart of the

    Communications PlanThe overall role for communication fromthe SMCDB will be to help people clearlyrecognise the benefits of smart metersboth before and after installation.

    The starting point is positioning the smartmeter as a positive innovation.Behavioural models and audience insightsidentified roles such as creating a sense ofsocial change, reassuring concerns andcreating a brand with consumer and thirdparty partner appeal. Potential SMCDBcommunication activities will include:

    1 Position the smart meteras a positive innovation

    2 Create a sense of socialchange

    3 Provide reassurance

    4 Develop smart meter know-how

    5 Create a brand and abrand partner programme

    Next Steps for EUAAlthough the programme has reachedsome significant milestones, there is still alot of work to do. The period up tomandated roll-out which is at the time ofwriting has moved slightly to December2015 is possibly the most critical part of theprogramme. Industry will take the currentprogramme output so far and bring it alltogether.

    The closer to conclusion the last bits ofdetail get, the more important these detailsbecome and, in some ways, the harderthey are to reach consensus across theindustry stakeholders, with each group ofstakeholders endeavouring to stamp theirneeds on the final tweaks.

    EUA and its members are influencingthese processes at every opportunity andworking constructively with other parties tohelp ensure a worthwhile and positiveoutcome from the Smart MeteringImplementation Programme.

    For more information on EUAs work withinthe Smart Meter ImplementationProgramme contact Gary 01926 513764

    creative campaign ensuring there issynergy between the roll-out programmelogo/icon and the Consumer engagementcampaign. It is also likely that an endlineand call to action, similar to get set fordigital used in the digital TV rollout, will bedeveloped.

    SMCDB has taken over responsibility(from DECC) for the commissioning andpublication of nationwide tracker researchinto public attitudes to, and understandingof, smart meters. In addition, they willundertake a comprehensive programme ofqualitative consumer research to informthe campaign narrative.

    The Consumer engagement plan providedsome useful learnings and key messagesthat will help develop future campaigns. Toensure engagement about the smartmeter roll-out is targeted correctly,consumer work will be framed within thecontext of four mega trends identified.

    1 Declining levels of trust:particularly with energycompanies

    2 Squeezed Britain: There hasbeen a 7 fall in averageweekly discretionaryhousehold income between2011 and 2013 creating lowconsumer confidence.

    3 Networked Britain: around55% of Britons ownsmartphones and 54% ofthem watch TV while surfingthe web on their smart phone.Mobile is predicted to grow byan average of 39% each yearfrom now until 2016.

    4 Team me: If you are going to talk to me, understand what really matters to me and make that your priority.

    Diagrams courtesy of Smart DCC Ltd

    Imagery courtesy of SMCDB

    * SMCDB consumer engagement plan