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Transformed Magazine April May 2013

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  • TRANSFORMEDHumeRidge Church of Christ Magazine

  • TRANSFORMEDHumeRidge Church of Christ Magazine

    Welcome to the new edition of Transformed Magazine! During the autumn months there is plenty happening at HumeRidge, much of which you can read about in these pages.

    In April we have the international founder of Christians Against Poverty (CAP) with us to launch Toowoombas CAP Centre. CAP is a Christian ministry releasing people from debt and poverty through free debt management, training and ongoing support.

    We are also anticipating the official launch of Mosaic Ministries this autumn. Mosaic is already operating successfully out of HumeRidge, providing a caring psychology based service for the community, but brand new office and meeting rooms will be officially opened on site soon!

    In May we are delighted to partner with the Watoto Childrens Choir and have two Concerts of Hope at HumeRidge. We have been delighted at the music and energy of these choirs and have been touched by the stories of each young life. This weekend will provide a wonderful multi-cultural experience for all who come!

    These are just a few of our many ministries and events aimed at Transforming Lives. Sometimes our gatherings transform us spiritually to live more like Jesus. Other times our efforts take us into the community or around the world to transform the destinies of people in need and give hope for the future. And other times we seek to transform families by developing better relationship, healthy marriages, or positive parenting. Through all of this we are single-minded in our mission and purpose of TRANSFORMING LIVES.

    cONTENTS Faith at Work 2 Neale Proellocks

    Meet the Team 4 Mosaic Ministries

    Christians Against Poverty 6 Jack Kamst

    Whats on Sundays 9

    April / May 10 Pull Out Calendar

    SOAP Studies 12

    Mission Abroad 13 Peter Schindler

    Mission at home 14 Dr Paul Baker

    Hagar Trip 2013 16

    Kids Ministry 18 Natalie Tucker

    Noticeboard 20

    Contact Details 21

  • 7pm Saturday 18th May & 9am Sunday 19th MayHuMeRiDge CHuRCH OF CHRiST

  • During April, Sunday morning messages at HumeRidge will look at the theme of transforming the culture of todays society whilst were at work. The following is adapted from a number of Timothy Kellers articles. I trust this presentation provides a useful introduction into our upcoming series.

    Keller writes, I am often asked: Should Christians be involved in shaping culture? My answer is that we cant not be involved in shaping culture ... One of the most strategic places we influence our culture is in the workplace. Yet when Christians work in the world, they will either assimilate into the culture supporting the status quo or they will

    2 I

    be agents of change. In most vocational fields, believers face work-worlds in which ruthless, competitive behaviour is the norm.

    There are two opposing mistakes that a Christian can make in addressing the challenges of their vocational field. On the one hand Christians can seal off their faith from their work, labouring according to the same values and practices that everyone else uses. Or Christians may loudly and clumsily declare their Christian faith to their co-workers, often without showing any grace and wisdom in the way they relate to people on the job. In the workplace most Christians display either a privatized faith or a militant, belligerent faith.

  • So what does devotion to Jesus Christ look like in competitive, often cutthroat and insecure-workplace environments?

    Christians should be a people who integrate their faith with their work. God put work into the Garden of Eden, so work must be an enormous good, something that fits and fulfils part of our design.

    Secondly Christians need to avoid the extremes of privatising faith or declaring it belligerently. Sealing faith off from workplace labour leads to adopting the same values and practices as everyone else. But loud, clumsy expressions of faith to co-workers,

    without grace and wisdom isolate and create suspicion.

    And then, Christians need to learn and practice excellence in work. It is a crucial means to gain credibility for our faith. If our work is shoddy, our verbal witness only leads listeners to despise our beliefs.

    Finally Christians need to know the deep security of their identity in Christ. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who was originally a physician, said there are many whom I have had the privilege of meeting whose tombstones might well bear the grim epitaph... born a man, died a doctor. It is one thing to believe you are justified by Christs righteousness, not your own achievements...and it is another thing to let the doctrine truly shape your affections, the way your heart works.

    The relationship of Christians to culture is the singular current crisis point for the church. Perhaps then, there is no better place to begin to address this than in the 9-5 window of the workplace.

    HumeRidge Church of Christ Magazine I 3


    Neale Proellocks

    DuRiNg THe APRil SeRieS Well lOOK AT THe THeMe Faith at Work ~ OpenIng THe 9-5 WInDOW

    WEEK ONEWork... Curse or Blessing?

    WEEK TWOThe Workplace Exposes the Real You

    WEEK THREEWhat Does God do on Mondays?

    WEEK FOuRThe Gospel and Work

  • 6 I

    transformingmeet the team Mosaic Ministries

    4 I

    Will HeNDeRSON (DiReCTOR)

    Hi my name is Will Henderson, I serve Mosaic Ministries in the areas of Pastoral Care and Strategic Planning (B. Bus Advanced Marketing). As an Ordained Minister (Bach Theology) and Pastor (Diploma of Ministries) I have often sat with, prayed for, served and cared for many people suffering from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar and anxiety, but nothing prepared me for the pain of falling into major depression myself. Thankfully, not only has God helped me on His journey of recovery, but I can see that He has and is using my weaknesses to help love and heal others who also suffer from the scars of mental illness. Although I have an ongoing journey ahead, I am excited and humbled by the privilege of serving my Lord Jesus and the people of HumeRidge Church and the greater Toowoomba area through Mosaic Ministries in the days and years ahead.


    My name is Sandra Baker. I am a registered psychologist (BSc (with distinction), BSc (first class honours, PhD) who has had the privilege of sitting with, and serving people with mental illness for the last 8 years. I have facilitated approximately 1500 therapy groups at a local hospital for mental illness sufferers, and have been in private practice since 2007. I am so honoured and humbled that God placed me with people who are broken-hearted, and with those who suffer from life threatening illnesses and their distressed families, with trauma survivors, families in trouble, and youth who have lost their way. I have also worked with various church leaders cross-denominationally, from SE QLD, who are often overworked, stressed & burdened for the well being of their respective congregations. Mosaic Ministries has been a dream I believe from God for more than 10 years. To humbly be able reach out into our community with the love that Jesus has shown me leaves me speechless! To Jesus our beloved saviour and King be all the honour and glory for being able to serve our community through Mosaic Ministries and for providing such a great team!

    To see broken people loved and healed in Jesus.

    DR SanDRa BakeR WIll HenDeRSon

  • TRANSFORMED apRIl May 2013 I 5


    My name is Beck Cameron, I am in Administration and PA roles in Mosaic Ministries. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Midwifery and I am married to a Youth Pastor and Chaplain at a local Toowoomba school. I have seen Mosaic Ministries grow from the conception of an idea to an incredibly blessed Ministry, reaching the broken and seeing them healed and set free in Jesus Christ. I am so excited to watch and be a part of the amazing things yet to come, to meet new people and to see our city restored.


    My Name is Brad Morris. I am the Community Care Pastor at New Hope Church Toowoomba. As part of my post graduate studies in Family Therapy and counselling I am working with Mosaic Ministries. It is a great privilege to work as part of this ministry, as it reaches out to those in need for the glory of God.


    My name is Tanya Machin and I am a part time pastoral care worker for Mosaic ministries. I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy at uSQ and have experience in education, financial services and mental health. I am delighted to be part of the Mosaic team and appreciate the support from leadership and staff at HumeRidge we have already received. Mosaic is a place where people can discuss their struggles with not only their life but how that also impacts on their faith. I cant wait to see what God has in store for this very blessed ministry.


    In my role as Congregational Care Pastor it has been a huge encouragement to get alongside the Mosaic Ministry team and see the germination of a vision be birthed, take shape and be already bearing much fruit in the effectiveness of providing support, hope, counsel and prayer through one on one counselling and group therapy sessions. The Mosaic team are both skilled and passionate about the mandate God has given them and the opportunity to partner with us as a Church to see that vision manifest in healed and restored lives and marriages. I encourage us all as a church to pray for the ministry of Mosaic and those who are helped and healed by God through the team. Support them i