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traditional ropes guide 2014


<ul><li><p>MICHAELBARNESpROFESSIONaL RIggER, uk</p><p> S</p><p>and</p><p>er v</p><p>an d</p><p>er B</p><p>orch</p></li><li><p>TRADITIONAL ROPES &amp; ACCESSORIES</p><p>It is the first impression that counts. With generations of design and development, The FSE Robline range of Traditional products has a classic look and feel. Our experience will deliver a product that has high abrasion resistance and reliable performance over a long period of time. </p><p>How did you get into sailing?I started dinghy sailing in our local club.</p><p>Which is your favorite FSE Robline product? The Admiral 10000.</p><p>What are the three things that you would take with you to a deserted island?3 mm Dyneema, a knife and a lighter.</p></li><li><p>CLASSIC 5000</p><p>CLASSIC-TEx</p><p>DOUBLE BRAIDED CLASSIC</p><p>Polyester 32 Polyester soft</p><p>Dyneema SK78</p><p>XLF 3</p><p>Polyester 32 Polyester </p><p>HIGHLIGHTS</p><p>PES</p><p>DYN</p><p>xLf</p><p>A compelling combinationClassic 5000 is our answer to the demand for traditionally styled high-tech ropes. Its 32-plait cover of high quality Polyester protects the Dyneema core from UV and abrasion. This design ensures optimum grip, high breaking forces, and great ease of splicing. Thanks to its traditional appearance, the multifunctional Classic 5000 is ideally suited for use on traditional vessels.</p><p>A new edition of this all-time classicMade of XLF, Classic-Tex looks like a traditional rope, but behaves like a state-of-the-art yachting rope. Its benefits include a long ser-vice life, low stretch, and zero water absorption. Classic-Tex is used </p><p>as sheet, in tackles, as multi-purpose rope, and for decorative purposes.</p><p>A traditional rope with a long life spanBased on the long-standing and proven Sirius design, Double Braided Classic excels due to its ideal grip and high abrasion resi-stance. The 32-plait weave of this traditional line consists of a com-</p><p>bination of Polyester staple fibers and Polyester multifilaments and ensures the products long service life.</p><p>&gt; HiGH BREAkiNG STRENGTH&gt; ExCELLENT ELONGATiON PROPERTiES</p><p>&gt; ALMOST ZERO COVER CORE FRiCTiON</p><p>traditional</p><p>traditional</p><p>traditional</p><p>70</p></li><li><p>TRADITIONAL ROPES &amp; ACCESSORIES</p></li><li><p>SPUNfLEx</p><p>XLF 3</p><p>xLf</p><p>SAfETY NET, SAfETY LINE SPLICING SET HEATCUTTING DEvICE</p><p>Order No: Line 100 m 7 mm: 5090Net 210 m 2 mm: 8382Net 70 m 2 mm: 5091</p><p>Attention: Line and net have to be ordered separetely.</p><p>Order No: 5097 mm: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14</p><p>Order No: Knife: 5023Cutting Device: 5022</p><p>WITH STAINLESS STEEL HOOKS</p><p>Symbiosis between traditional look and cutting-edge techSpunflex bridges the gap between modern yachting ropes and tra-ditional appearance. XLF fibers make Spunflex long-living, abrasion-resistant, low-stretch, and resistant to water absorption. It is suited for use as a multi-function rope or for decorative purposes.</p><p>TRADITIONAL ROPES &amp; ACCESSORIES</p><p>ACCESSORIES</p><p>traditional</p><p>*on request</p><p>72</p><p> N</p><p>ico </p><p>Mar</p><p>tinez</p></li></ul>