Towards Creation of Sustainable Assets under MgnregA

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  • Ministry of Rural DevelopmentGovernment of India

    Towards Creation of Sustainable Assetsunder MgnregA

  • Suspension steel foot Bridge over river Gomti; Village Telkajala; Block Mohanbhog; District Sepahijala, Tripura

    Towards Creation of Sustainable Assetsunder MGnreGA

  • A photo-documentation of sustainable assets created under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act


    Published by: Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, New Delhi

    Design and production: India Tourism Development Corporation

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  • Category a WorKSPublic Works relating to Natural resource Management Waterconservation 8 Watershedmanagement 26 Microandminorirrigationworks 30 Renovationoftraditionalwaterbodies 38 Afforestationandplantation 46 LandDevelopment 62

    Category B WorKSCommunity assets or Individual assets for vulnerable sections Improvingproductivityofland 64 Improvinglivelihoodsthroughhorticulture,

    sericultureplantationandfarmforestry 74

    Unskilledwagecomponentin constructionofhouses 80

    Infrastructureforpromotionoflivestock 82 Infrastructureforpromotionoffisheries 92

    Category C WorKSCommon Infrastructure including for NrLM compliant Self Help groups Workforagriculturalproductivity 98

    Category D WorKSrural Infrastructure RuralSanitation 102 All-weatherruralroadconnectivity 108 Playfields 140 Disasterpreparednessorrestoration 144 Constructionofbuildings 148


  • Anganwadi; Village Talawali; Block Baiora; District rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh

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    minister of rural development, panchayati raj and drinking water & sanitation

    government of india


    The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is a programme which needs to focus on generation of wage employment and creation of sustainable and productive assets assuring a sustained source of income for the rural poor. Efforts have been made over a period of time to create quality assets. This photo documentation is a glimpse of the effortsthathavebeenputinbydifferentStatesinthisregard.However,thisaspectofMGNREGAhas received inadequate attention. Our Ministry is laying a lot of emphasis on creation of quality assetsandistakingtakenmajorstepsinthisdirection.

    I am glad that Programme Division MGNREGA has compiled the photographs of various assets in anorganisedmanner.Thiswillhelpthepractitionersinthefieldtoknowaboutthepossibilitiesofasset creation leading to creation of durable assets under MGNREGA in the days to come.


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    secretarygovernment of india

    ministry of rural development department of rural development

    The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has entered into the tenthyearofitsimplementation.Inrecentmonths,themajorthrustofthisprogrammehasbeenon both wage employment and creation of sustainable and durable assets.

    TheMinistryhastakensomesignificantstepsinthisdirection.ThelistofpermissibleworksunderMGNREGAhasbeenexpandedthroughrevisionofSchedule IoftheActwithspecial focusonworksthatimpactdirectlyagricultureandalliedactivities.Tobeabletoprovidesoundtechnicalinputswhilecreatingdurableandqualityassets, instructionshavebeen issuedtotheStatestoengageTechnicalAssistants/BarefootEngineersattherateofoneforevery2500activejobcardsandthecostonthisscorewillbemet fromthematerialcomponentof theworks. To facilitateimplementationofMGNREGAworksby the linedepartments, theMinistryhas issueddirectivetodeclarethelinedepartmentofficialsasProgrammeOfficersinrespectofprojects/worksbeingexecutedbythem.AnumberofjointconvergenceguidelinesinconsultationwithlineMinistrieshavebeenissuedforeasyandeffectiveconvergencebetweenMGNREGSandotherschemes.States/UTshavebeentodefinetheexpectedoutcomeof theworksandmeasure thesameatthetimeofclosingthework.However,themostsignificantstephasbeenorganisationofStatelevelConvergenceWorkshops for formulating theStateConvergencePlans (SCPs). So far21Stateshave formulated theirplansafterdetailedconsultationswith linedepartmentsandotherrelevantstakeholders.TheMinistryiscloselymonitoringtheprogressofimplementationoftheseconvergence plans.

    I am glad to present the photo-documentation of assets which have been created over the years in different parts of the country through MGNREGA, mostly in convergence with other schemes. However,much remains to be done. More number of such assetswhich are productive anddurableandlinkedtoagricultureneedtobecreatedinanenablingenvironment.

    I commend the efforts of the Programme Division MGNREGA towards bringing out this compilation. ThiswillgoalongwayinreaffirmingthatMGNREGAaimstoprovidewageemploymentthroughcreation of productive and sustainable assets.


  • a journey commences here

    This photo journey takes you through rural India, where the sustainable assets created under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) have been able to improve the quality of the day-to-day life of the common man. This journey is an answer too. An answer to the question that was taking rounds since the Scheme was

    launched in 2005. Has MGNREGA been able to create assets in rural areas? Through this journey, we

    showcase various types of sustainable assets created under MGNREGA in different States.

    While this photo-journey consists of 450 selected photographs only, we are happy to record that lakhs of

    sustainable assets exist beyond the frame of our lens. This endeavour to collect the photographs reaffirms

    our faith in the fact that MGNREGA is not just a wage-employment programme; it has succeeded to a

    remarkable extent in creating productive and sustainable assets over a period of time

  • Rain Water Harvest Tank at Kurisupara quarry; Village Nedumkandom; Block Pathuvalavu; District Idukki, Kerala

  • Category a WorKS

    Public works relating to natural resource managementWaterConservationWatershedManagementMicroandMinorIrrigationWorks


    What the act permits to do:

    i. Water conservation and water harvesting structures to augment and

    improve groundwater like underground dykes, earthen dams, stop dams,


    water sources

    ii. Watershed managementworkssuchascontourtrenches,terracing,contour

    bunds, boulder checks, gabion structures and spring shed development

    resulting in a comprehensive treatment of a watershed

    iii. Micro and minor irrigation works and creation, renovation and maintenance

    of irrigation canals and drains

    iv. Renovation of traditional water bodiesincludingdesiltingofirrigationtanks

    and other water bodies

    v. Afforestation, tree plantation and horticulture in common and forest lands,


    vi. Land developmentworksincommonland.

    Composite Water Tank; Village Mahitama; Block nuagaon,

    District nayagarh, Odisha

  • TowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGATowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGA10

    Village Tank; Village Jhanda Khurd; Block Sardulgarh; District Mansa, Punjab

    Check Dam; Village Karhe; Block Sangamner; District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

    Category a WorKS

    (i) Water CoNServatIoN

    Village Tank; Village Khaira Kalan; Block Sardulgarh; District Mansa, Punjab

    Village pond; Village Karandi; Block Sardulgarh; District Mansa, Punjab

    renovation of Pond; Village Thambal Khong;

    Block Keirao Bitra; District Imphal East-II, Manipur

  • TowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGA 11

    Check Dam; Village rampur; Block Chikiti; District Ganjam, Odisha

    Check Dam; Village Dadpaju; Block Khajuri Pada; District Kandhamal, Odisha

    Check Dam; Village Barapalli; Block Daspalla; District nayagarh, Odisha

    Category a WorKS

    (i) Water CoNServatIoN

  • TowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGATowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGA12

    Category a WorKS

    (i) Water CoNServatIoN

    Water Reservoir; Village Taphou; Block Kangpokpi; District Senapati, Manipur

  • TowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGA 13

    Category a WorKS

    (i) Water CoNServatIoN

    Digging of Pond-(Khurra and Rapat Nirman); Village Sitaram Pura; Block Dudu; District Jaipur, rajasthan

    Village pond; Village Karikidachal; Block Pattambi; District Palakkad, Kerala

  • TowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGATowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGA14

    Pond; Village Khalkata Patana; Block Gop; District Puri, Odisha

    Pond Construction; Village Gopalpur; Block Bolagarh; District Khurda, Odisha

    Check Dam; Village Badripaju; Block Khajuri Pada; District Kandhamal, Odisha

    Category a WorKS

    (i) Water CoNServatIoN

  • TowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGA 15

    Digging of Pond; Village nasnoda; Block Dudu; Jaipur, rajasthan

    Pond; Village Patan; Block Kishangarh, Ajmer, Rajasthan

    Category a WorKS

    (i) Water CoNServatIoN

  • TowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGATowardsCreationofSustainableAssetsunderMGNREGA16

    Village Pond; Village Patan; Block Kishangarh; District Ajmer, Rajasthan

    Village Farm Pond; Village Sareri; Block Hurda; District Bhilwara, rajastha