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Vol.2 Issue 4, 2013 Your Resource for Towing and Recovery

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  • 2 Tow Professional | Volume 2 Issue 4 |


    4 | Publisher Letter 40| HOOKED UP

    6|DETROIT WRECKERS SALES announces the acquisition of Monroe Hydraulics!

    8| Dual Tech

    8| TwinState Equipment


    10| International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame Honorees

    14 | Getting Out of Debt

    12 | D.J. Harrington, The Car-Diologist, joinsTow Professional!

    CONTENTSVolume 2 Issue 4 2013


    Visibility30 | The Key to Safety

    Safety24 | Top 8 Safety Topics Tow Professionals

    Need to Understand



    32 |Hollys Message Service 33 |(PDSI) Professional Dispatch Services, Inc.

    35 |Tow Ramps

    36 |Pierce Sales

    37 |Fleet Sales West

    38 |RP Recovery Consulting

    38 |Lodar Remote System

    39 |Progressive Platforms

    Cover Image Courtesy ofWarn Industries, Inc.

    Hydraulic Winches 22 | Getting Familiar with Hydraulic Winches

    Mobile Printing34 | Is Mobile Printing

    Just the Ticket for Towing?

    company spotlight

    Dispatch News

    Fuel 4 thought

  • 4 Tow Professional | Volume 2 Issue 4 |

    PUBLISHERSDarian Weaver

    President &

    Jack HartsfieldVice President &



    Clint W. CabinessArt Director

    Hal K. HuberGraphic Designer

    Jill HastyManaging Editor


    CONTRIBUTING WRITERSTom Bacon Richard FarrellKathleen Freeman D.J. Harrington Andy LilienthalDan MessinaPaul E

    Wade and Tabitha PierceSam Priestley

    Stephanie Williams

    Executive and Advertising Offices

    P.O. Box 26308Birmingham, AL 35260Toll free: 888-802-8544Fax: 205-978-1550

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    ProfessionalYour Resource for Towing & Recovery


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    Hello to all! Its a great day in Birmingham, Alabama!

    Recently, we travelled to Orlando, Florida, to exhibit at the 2013 Florida Tow Show,which is hosted by the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida (PWOF). The showwas very well attended, and the vendors showed and sold a tremendous amount ofproduct. Its a great sign that our economy is moving in the right direction.

    While at the show, Allstate Roadside Assistance had a dinner banquet with the 70s/80srock band Cheap Trick playing afterward. We had a great time; Cheap Trick has a fewsongs that everybody knows (even if you didnt know that they sang it). My guess is thatthe guys in the band are 60+ years of age, and I believe that they had as much fun asanybody.

    With this issue, we begin a regular column that will be provided by D.J. Harrington calledFuel for Thought. I met D.J. at the Baltimore show last year; he is the type of person thatmakes you feel better just because you know him. He is a trainer and consultant to over1,000 businesses throughout the country, training personnel at all levels, from the Oper-ator to the President of the company.

    D.J.s column, along with the Dan Messina business editorial each month, should helpyour business gain an edge in this tough market.

    Next we will travel to the American Towman Showplace in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 16-18, 2013. We hope to see you there!

    Vo.2, Issue 3 Retraction: In the last issue of Tow Professional on page 39, the Company

    Spotlight on Heavy Duty Towing Equipment stated that All units are imported. To clarify, the

    statement should have read All Heavy Duty Towing Equipment units are imported simply

    meaning that their units are imported, and not all units in the industry are imported.

    Darian Weaver and Jack Hartsfield Co-Publishers

    Volume 2 Issue 4 2013


    In DWS's continuing efforts to further offer the towing and recoveryindustry better service, they have announced the purchase of along-established hydraulic company, Monroe Hydraulics. DWS nowcan offer its customers complete in-house cylinder services. Fromcomplete manufacture to rebuild service, DWS has all the neces-sary equipment and expertise to handle all your hydraulic needs in-house. Some repairs can even be done while you wait!

    DWS has also expanded its ongoing relationship with Jerr-Danto include, along with full warranty services, complete hydrauliccylinder rebuild services. Both DWS and Jerr-Dan believe that keep-ing your equipment up and running is our primary concern. NEVERwill you hear Sorry, we have to send this back to the plant for war-ranty inspection." DWS can inspect and replace on the spot! Whatother manufacturer is willing to do that? DWS and Jerr-Dan have al-ways put their customers first. From engineering to manufacturing,to service after the sale, you will always get the best.

    DWS stocks everything you need to keep that equipment on theroad and making you money!

    As southeast Michigan's oldest and largest manufacturer and re-pair facility dedicated to the towing and recovery industry, you canbe sure that the service you receive at DWS will always be the best.From original equipment to upgrades to your existing fleet, you canrest assured that anything you request will be done right. Anyonecan bolt on chrome and lights, but unlike so many startups and newto the area facilities, DWS's years and experience and familiaritywith consulting with the truck manufacturers give them all the com-plete information to equip and maintain your vehicles properly.Never will you have to worry about someones work voiding yourtrucks warranty. Give us a call or stop in; you'll be glad you went tothe best.

    19630 Fitzpatrick | Detroit, MI 48228

    Local: 313-835-8700 | National: 877-TOW-0030

    Fax: 313-835-4838



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    6 Tow Professional | Volume 2 Issue 4 |

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    DETROIT WRECKERS SALES announces the acquisition of Monroe Hydraulics! > > >

  • TwinState Equipment expands itsservices to include customized vehicles to meet

    the demands of the industry. TSE is working with

    its customers to built equipment that solves prob-

    lems in todays tough demands in highway con-

    tract towing. Current emissions standards force

    us to depart from using stock configurations and create equipment

    that is better suited for the

    needs of

    the tower. Its easy to throw a big box on

    a truck and dump equipment inside, but

    rather than doing that, we look at the

    whole project ad set expectation of per-

    formance and function. Utilizing high-

    quality components and fabricating

    techniques, we are building a better vehicle for our customers.

    Many of the employees at TSE have had experience as a tower, and

    we work to bring that to the table. A place for everything and every-

    thing in its place, remarks a TSE employee. Our Freeway Service

    Patrol Package will be on display at the 2013 American Towman

    Show Place in Las Vegas May 17th-18th. We invite you to come see

    the difference TSE offers and speak with our team about

    requirements that you may have. Representatives from

    Rush Truck Center of Fontana California will be present

    for customers in the Southern California Coastal regions.

    For more information, please contact Scott Rahner-Sales Manager/Product Specialistat 702-238-5487 or email

    8 Tow Professional | Volume 2 Issue 4 |

    For the last 100 years, the AmericanCancer Society has been fighting to trans-form cancer from deadly to preventable.Cancer is an issue that affects us all, eitherpersonally or through friends and family.

    Dual-Tech is a family owned and operatedcompany dedicated to families. As a tributeto the American Cancer Society, Dual-Techset out to build two units to show its supportto an organization that is also dedicated to

    families. The first unit was aFreightliner, 12 ton wreckerwith purple accents; purplerepresents all cancers. Thesecond unit built was a Pe-terbilt, Side Puller Unit witha 22 1240 Series Bedpainted with Metallic PinkAccents in honor of BreastCancer. Both units were un-veiled at the 2013 FloridaPWOF T