Tovashal Elementary STAR Testing Tips To Help You Do Your Very Best!

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<ul><li><p>Tovashal Elementary STAR TestingTips To Help You Do Your Very Best!</p></li><li><p>Be Physically Ready for the TestGet at least 9 hours of sleep.Eat a healthy breakfast each day (low-sugar cereals and foods).Get to school on time!Talk to your parents each night about your test and how you did.</p></li><li><p>Its O.K. to Be a LittleNervous!Just do your best.Some questions will be easy, and some will be hard.Its O.K. not to know all the answers.</p></li><li><p>Listen Carefully to the DirectionsSome questions ask you to find the right answer, and some ask for the wrong answer. Listen very closely to what is being asked.Read all the answers before filling in a bubble.</p></li><li><p>Organize Your Testing AreaGet comfortable at your desk.Keep your pencils in an area you can easily reach. Dont have scratch paper or test materials overlapping.</p></li><li><p>Take Your Time!Scan the section youre taking to see how many problems there are.Pace yourself.Dont spend too much time on one problem skip problems you cant solve easily and come back to them later.</p></li><li><p>Reading Test TipsRead the questions first. Then read the story or passage.Read to answer the questions, not to finish the story.</p></li><li><p>Math Test TipsTake your time going too quickly often leads to silly mistakesShow your work dont try to do problems in your head!</p></li><li><p>Put Down the Right Answer!Eliminate answers you know are wrong.If you get down to two choices, make your best guess.Go with your first choice dont change it unless youre sure.</p></li><li><p>Other RemindersBubble in circles completely stay in the lines.Completely erase stray marks.Try to complete all the problems dont leave any blank!</p></li><li><p>Other RemindersTrust your teacher to have you ready. Between tests, have fun at recess!Do your best!</p></li><li><p>Youre Going to Do a Great Job!</p></li></ul>