Tourism Convergence Program: Facilitating Local Economic Growth

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Tourism Convergence Program: Facilitating Local Economic Growth. National Tourism Development Plan. “To develop a highly competitive and environmentally and socially responsible tourism that delivers more widely distributed income and employment opportunities”. Job Creation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Tourism Convergence Program: Facilitating Local Economic Growth

  • Tourism Convergence Program:Facilitating Local Economic Growth

  • National Tourism Development PlanTo develop a highly competitive and environmentally and socially responsible tourism that delivers more widely distributed income and employment opportunities

  • *Job CreationInvestment MobilizationRevenue GenerationTourism Development ProgramDOT







    PCSSDConcerned National Government Agencies/Private Sector


    DTI-BOI, NCCA, DENR-PAWB, DepEd-National Museum, DOLE, DOLE-NWPC, Tourism Congress


    National Tourism Development PlanMarket Access, Connectivity and Destination InfrastructureCompetitive Products and DestinationsMarket Access, Connectivity and Destination InfrastructureLocal Government Units

  • *Tourism Road Convergence Program (DOT-DPWH)TOURISM ACT OF 2009 RA 9593

    Section 34. Tourism Infrastructure Program. The Department (DOT), in accordance with the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP) and local government initiatives, shall coordinate with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Transportation and Communications in the establishment of a tourism infrastructure program in the respective work programs of said agencies, identifying therein vital access roads, airports, seaports and other infrastructure requirement in identified tourism areas. The said agencies and the DBM shall accord priority status to the funding of this tourism infrastructure program.

  • Road AccessAccess, Connectivity and Infrastructure

  • *Convergence Technical Working GroupChairmanAsec. Rolando CaizalChairmanDir. Constante Llanes, Jr.DOT Planning DPWH Planning ServiceDOT Regional OfficesDPWH Regional OfficesDOT ChampionUsec. Daniel CorpuzDPWH ChampionAsec. Maria Catalina Cabral

  • *Tourism Road Infrastructure Project Prioritization Criteria (TRIPPC)Three-stage Evaluation and Prioritization ProcessPRE-QUALIFICATIONAutomatic disqualification if road proposal fails to meet ANY of 5 RequirementsPRIORITIZATIONmore tourism-oriented CUT-OFF = 60 POINTSREADINESSroads with more technical documents and have undergone more consultations shall receive priority in funding 123MUST PASS ALL:Maps< 60 kms from gateway or service centerExisting Road/With Existing ROWAConcept Study & ConsultedRDC-endorsed


  • *Process Flow for the Evaluation and Approval of Annual Tourism Road Infrastructure ProgramRoad Project ProponentsDOT or DPWH Central OfficeProposals transmitted to REGIONAL TWG for EvaluationDOT Secretary transmit the approved annual tourism road program to DPWH SecretarySubmission to CENTRAL TWG for Validation, Review, Consolidation and Programming TCC approves the annual tourism road infrastructure programLetter regret to the proponentTWG prepares Annual Tourism Road Infrastructure Program:1. Results of evaluation A. Proposals that are in the regular DPWH proram B. Proposals that meet the criteria in the order of priority ranking a. Within the budget (fiscal space) b. To be considered when there is additional fiscal spaceMulti-year program and forward estimatesDPWH Secretary includes the TCC approval in the annual budget of the Department

  • *Technical Working Group

  • *Conference and Capacity-building

  • *

  • Annual Tourism Infrastructure ProgramIn Php B2.01B National roads1B Access to ports and airports14.7 200%50%344%37%

    FY 2012FY 2013FY 2014LENGTH402 Kms.598 Kms.737 Kms.

  • *STATUS OF TOURISM ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS202 Road Projects Funded (2011-2013)Php 54.1 Billion: Total Estimated Cost2,072.5 Kms . : Total Project LengthAccomplishments:Completed30 road projects718 Kms. Or 35% of the total project lengthOn-going169 road projectsNot yet started3 road projects


  • *Open TRIP: Transparency and Accountability in the Tourism Road Infrastructure ProjectsPRIORITIZATION AND FUNDINGIMPLEMENTMONITORING & EVALUATIONDatabases&GIS Maps

  • *Operation and MaintenanceProject MOA with LGUs (individual LGUs) for local tourism roadsSignatory: RDs of DOT and DPWH, head of LGU who has jurisdiction of road builtCommitment to OPERATIONS MAINTENANCE/AFTER IMPLEMENTATIONSafeguarding of the right of way against illegal occupantsCommitment to submit Sanggunian Resolution for maintenance fundTurn-over to and acceptance by the LGU headDOT: monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and impactsDPWH: provide technical assistance on engineering services (e.g. maintenance standards)

  • Enriching the Power and Reach of Poor Communities (DOT-DSWD-DPWH)

    Upscaling the Tourism Infrastructure Network (DOT-DPWH-TIEZA-Road Board)

    Enhancing Tourism Access for New Growth Opportunities (DOT-DOTC-CAAP-PPA)

    Enhancing Tourism Skills and Employment (DOT-TESDA-CHED)*Other Tourism Convergence

  • Clear purpose and direction for convergence as well as outcome

    Select one economic driver and letting other economic activities to revolve around

    Select champion/s and instill commitment among working group/s

    Resources will come along if programs and projects are well define based on PLAN*Learning ..

  • *Thank You!


    Through this Program, the National Government provided P20 B funding under the National Budget for 2012 and 2013 to identified tourism road projects. This is more than 32 times larger than the secured budget for access to tourism destinations in 2010. Another P14.4B worth of tourism infrastructure projects is proposed for the 2014 National Budget. This P34.4 B worth of funds translated to 202 tourism infrastructure projects with an estimated total project length of 2,094km based on total funding requirements. *