Topologies By: Luis Alberto Freile. Types of topology Star Topology Bus Topology Ring Topology.

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Design Cycle Project

Design Cycle ProjectTopologiesBy: Luis Alberto Freile Types of topologyStar Topology

Bus Topology

Ring TopologyStar TopologyStar Topology is the most simple of all the topologies, it consists in that a HUB or a Switch receive the information of a computer and send it to the other computers. It is called Star Topology because it has the shape of a simple star. Its advantages are that it has good performance, its reliable and its easy to replace.

Bus TopologyThe Bus Topology is a passive topology, computers of this topology, only listen for data that has been sent to the network. They dont move data to the computers. It works by cables and signal also. It also has a process of bounce signal. Its advantages are that its easy of implement and extend. If one gets damaged, it wont affect the others.

Ring TopologyThis topology consists in that the central computer, sends the data to all the other computers around the ring, until, it could reach the correct destination. Its advantages are that Its better than a star topology under a heavy large load.


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