Top Video Apps for Mac

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Here is Top Video Apps for Mac list. We've compiled a list of top Mac Video apps for your perusal, so you can find and download the best video apps for mac to make your video on Mac OS perfectly.

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Top Video Apps for Mac

Ive compiled a list of my top Video Apps for Mac for your perusal, since so many people have been asking for it. These apps are certainly Tiger compatible, and most of em work inside Leopard. I did my best to avoid overly popular titles, but couldnt avoid it in some cases.

Top Video Apps for Mac NO.1 - iMovieiMovie helps you turn ordinary home videos into captivating Hollywood-style trailers that are fun to watch and share. You can choose from fifteen trailer templates including Adventure, Romantic Comedy, and Epic Drama, each with its own unique titles, graphics, and cinematic soundtrack.

Top Video Apps for Mac NO.2 - Clips for iMovieBoost your iMovie editing! This app delivers an HD library of High-Impact video clips featuring contemporary acronyms. FML, LOL, WTF, FTW, TMI. That's what we're talking about! Use them in your iMovie creations! Each clip is a carefully crafted visual and aural experience.

Top Video Apps for Mac NO.3 - Shave VideoShave is a fast and easy editor for Mac OS X that let's you quickly trim, split and splice video together. When Final Cut or iMovie are overkill, Shave has your back with a quick, light, utilitarian video editor:

Top Video Apps for Mac NO.4 - KPlayerThis is the Video Playback App with Subtitle support. a Mac with the certain GPU can support 'H.264 Hardware Acceleration'. So this app can play certain condition's 720p or 1080p video files better smoothly.

Top Video Apps for Mac NO.5 - EasyWMVEasyWMV can be used to convert or resize wmv, asf, avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, m4v, flv, nsv, swf, real media, and vob video files so that they can be used with QuickTime Player, Apple TV, iPod and iPhone.