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  • 1. Top Ten Best Ipad Cases - Ipad SleevesNo matter what type of iPad case youre looking for, the right one for you is going to depend on howyou want to or need to use it. The same holds true for iPad sleeve cases.A sleeve case functions primarily as nothing more than a protective case to hold your iPad, usuallywhen not in use. So generally speaking sleeve cases dont typically offer a lot of features.However, some sleeve cases do offer carrying handles, in-case charging or pockets for tucking inaccessories. Whether or not any of that matters to you, youll want to make sure that the sleeve caseyou choose offers the amount of protection your situation requires. If you plan on tossing the sleevediPad into a carry-all and travelling around the world with it, it will be best to make certain the sleeveoffers enough protection for the iPad against damage from other items in your carry-all.Other concerns to consider include the lining of the case and how snugly the iPad fits inside it. If youriPad has a hard shell case or skin casing youll want to know that it will still fit inside the sleeve caseyou choose, and slide in and out against the lining of the sleeve easily enough as well.And of course theres a matter of looks and taste. If your iPad is going to be used for professionalpurposes, it might not exactly exude the right image if while at a business lunch with a client you wantto show a presentation on your iPad and have to pull the iLuv pink paisley-printed sleeve off of youriPad.The good news is that there are a lot of nice protective sleeves for the iPad out there. Ive done someresearch on these sleeves a lot of research actually, and Ive gathered together ten of the best iPadsleeve cases for your easy consideration.These particular sleeve cases are chosen for their functionality, protectiveness, durability and looks.There is no number 1 here, it all depends on what your own needs and preferences are. Ive simplyplaced them in order of affordability.Case Logics Brown Herringbone Sleeve for the iPad actually makes a very good looking case for ourmost affordable slot. This sleeve was originally made in larger sizes for laptops and netbooks, but theclassic brown herringbone sleeve has been redesigned for the iPad.The Brown Herringbone for the iPad is said to fit devices up to 10.5 x 7.5 x.6 inches deep, whichdoesnt leave alot of wiggle room, but you should be able to fit a thin-skin cased iPad into it noproblem. A soft, orange lining provides great contrast to the brown herringbone exterior and cushionsthe iPad in the padded case.Interior piping serves as an adequate zipper guard, and the assymetrical zipper does unzip down theright side of the case. This makes for easier insertion and removal of the iPad, but it also allows for in-case charging.This case would work great in a casual or professional setting and provides good protection for theiPad. Its a simple enough design, but very effective with the quality materials Case Logic uses. Anaffordable Amazon price makes it even more of a winner. Comes with a 25-year warranty.Grantwood Technologys SimpleSleeve gets the second most affordable slot. Truly, it is the leastexpensive basic neoprene iPad sleeve I feel comfortable recommending. Other, less expensive iPad
  • 2. neoprene sleeve cases I looked at are made of cheap, thin neoprene, likely to tear and unlikely toprotect, or they were designed in a way that caused a fail, such as possessing interior pockets. Whoneeds interior pockets on a sleeve case?Grantwood Technology has made a foray into the electronics casing business with successful iPodcases for runners. Theyve added a few more cases for other portable electronics, and are nowoffering this durable, quality neoprene iPad sleeve that will bounce back time after time, in a simpledesign that doesnt try to be too much. There are no interior pockets.But what there is works, and works well. The case is just big enough to allow the iPads insertion witha slim hard case or skins included. It has a black, plush, velour-like interior lining, with again thepadded zipper to protect the iPads surfaces.The assymetrical zipper extends down far enough on theright side to allow in-case charging and easy insertion/removal of the iPad.With a black and gray exterior that works equally well in professional or casual settings, theGrantwood SimpleSleeve is a winner. If youre looking for an inexpensive neoprene sleeve for theiPad, spend a few bucks more and buy one thatll protect your expensive device. The SimpleSleeve isa perfect nominee.The Griffin Elan Sleeve for the iPad, much like the Griffin Elan Passport in my Top Ten Best iPadFolio Cases review, offers a great affordable option for the professional. The synthetic materialissleek with a subtle grain and contrast stitching that adds interest to the otherwise inconspicuoussleeve case.This is a slim-fit case, which cushions the iPad snuggly in its soft, microsuede lined interior. The tabclosure doubles as a pull-tab which helps initiate removal of the iPad. Combined with the microsuedeinterior, this tab feature makes itas easy to remove the iPad from the Griffin Elan sleeve as itis toinsert it.Its a simple, goodlooking case that would look equally sophisticated in an understated way at theoffice or at home on the coffee table.The PixelShield iPad Carry Sleeve by Speck Products deceptively simple appearance hides threelayers of effective iPad protection. The exterior is quilted neoprene, the interior is microfleece, plusthere is a reinforcing layer for extra protection to the iPads screen.The fit in this sleeve is nice and snug. Protective film skins on an iPad wouldnt be a problem, but youwont get any other type of encased iPad into the PixelShield sleeve. This one is for the bare beautyitself. Check out the PixelSleeve Plus below if youre looking for a bit more room.There is no zipper or such on this sleeve, just an underfolding flap that does safely secure the iPadinside and make for easy removal. A handle makes it easy to use this sleeve as a casual carryingcase in itself. Its quick and easy to slip in the iPad, grab the handle and go. Quick and easy toremove the iPad from the PixelShield Carry Sleeve during transit or at your destination, and quick andeasy to replace it again and move on. Speck is calling it a safe harbor for the iPad on the go.The black is inconspicuous and certainly convenient enough to use professionally, the red a funneroption. Its a great little, super convenient, protective sleeve for your iPad that doubles as a casualcarrying case.
  • 3. The PixelSleeve Plus uses the same PixelShieldmaterials as the Speck Carry Sleeve shown above,but is made more as an attache case. The larger design with the stretchy neoprene allows for theinclusion of the iPad with attached slim profile hard cases -such as the Speck dockable CandyShellcase in my Top Ten Best Hard Cases review.The microfleece interior and padded zipper hold the iPad safe against harm while the handle makes iteasy to use as a carrying case. The zipper does fully unzip on three sides of the PixelSleeve Plus,making for very easy usage and in-case charging of the iPad.The iPad PixelSleeve Plus is only available in black, andthe style ofthis sleeve case is conservativeenough to use for most business settings.Belkin actually has four inclusions in my list. This is because they have some very good iPad sleevecases. However, to be fair, I decided that since three of their sleeve cases were all very similar, Idcount them as one. They are the Belkin Vue, Grip, and PleatediPad Sleeve Cases, respectively.TheVue is shown to the right, the Grip and the Pleated Sleeve Cases are shown below.On all three of these cases we find durable neoprene exteriors, quilted interior linings and reinforcedpanel layers to protect the iPads screen. Each has an exterior pocket, which is see-through on theVue Sleeve, and expandable on the Pleated. The Grip Sleeve has a textured spine for easy, slip-freecarrying.All three have a padded zipper closure which wraps around the top corners for easier replacementand removalof the iPad. Additionally, all three are light weight and slim enough to easily fit insideanother case.Any one of them -in any color- would make a great protective sleeve for the iPad.The popular Bubble Sleeve for the iPad from Hard Candy Cases is a rigid sleeve case made of rigidmolded EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate. EVA is a polymer used in the manufacturing of surfboards.This case is definitely not sleek like a surfboard. Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve has rows ofbubbles or half-moons on its exterior covers designed to absorb more shock and protect the iPadfrom impacts. Aesthetically the effect is fun, adding a playful look to the Bubble Sleeve.This rigid sleeve has double 3-sided zippers which allows you to open the whole case up like a foliocase. Inside the iPad rests on four rubber bumpers which accomodate both versions of the iPad inthis molded sleeve. The soft lining protects the surfaces of the iPad and a gridded section adds extraprotection to the iPad screen.There was a problem with these cases early on as the company scrambled to get them out in time.Early cases used glue to attach the inside rubber bumpers. The glue didnt dry in time, it seems. Thisproblem has been eliminated and Hard Candy Cases worked with their customers to replace faultycases or bumpers, so everybody is happy again!The Bubble Sleeves are now made with velcro-attached bumpers, which are proving very functionaland durable. Its a good thing, too, because the Hard Candy Cases iPad Bubble Sleevemayprovidethe best protection for the iPad that a sleeve case has to offer. If you were to pack theiPad in a bookbag full of books, this would definitely be the sleeve case Id recommend.From Incipio we have the Executive Folio, which is not what wed call a folio case for the iPad, but
  • 4. more of an envelope sleeve. Made with quality genuine leather, with a soft suede interior, the IncipioExecutive provides sleeve protection for your iPad with class.A tab closure covers a small cutout which allows for easy removal of the iPad from the ExecutiveSleeve, and the simple, classic design and smooth leather make this iPad sleeve perfect for theprofessional.The Incipio Executive Sleeve is only available in black or brown leather, but Incipio offers a similarcase in gray wool-textured felt. Called the iPad Underground Sleeveit is every bit as classy andfunctional as the Incipio Executive, but a little less refined.Whether its the Executive or the Underground, either of these iPad sleeve cases would becompletely appropriate for business use.The Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase is a really good looking iPad sleeve. Made with highquality, genuine oiled leather, this iPad sleeve really makes astatement.The oiled leather provides a strong exterior, which will increase in beauty as it ages and long outlastthe iPad itself. Combined with the soft twill interiorlining and magnetic closure, this rich leather willprotect your iPad beautifully in the meantime.Youll impress your friends, business associates and clients with the Targus Hughes Leather PortfolioSlipcase. The only trouble may be that youll enjoy the case more than the iPad.Article Copyright 2010 tommyj and not to be copied or reprinted without author permission. Additionalphotos courtesy of individual manufacturers. Opinions expressed herein are based on personalexperience and thorough research. Author is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers mentionedherein.Thats it, the end of my Top Ten (or so) Best iPad Sleeve Cases list. Keep in mind that a sleeveserves perfectly for regular protection of your iPad against dust and scratches between uses, andalso as an extra layer of protection that can be placed inside a larger bag or case during transit.If you are looking for a sleeve to fit inside another case or bag, be sure to pick one slim enough to suityour needs. The Bubble Sleeve for the iPad by Hard Candy Cases may not be the best pick for you ifa slim fit is needed.The best benefit of using a sleeve case, however,over a hard case, skins or folio case, besides theability to easily commute with the cased iPad, is the pleasure of being able to quickly slide out thenaked iPad anytime you wish and hold its sleek simple self unfettered in your hands.Enjoy!Top Ten Best iPad Folio CasesTop Ten Best iPad Hard Cases & SkinsPiel Frama Luxury Leather iPad CasesHow to Successfully Apply Zagg invisibleSHIELD to the iPadapple iphone 5 features