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Top Performance Enhancers Top Performance Killers in Progress. Dan Foreman Progress Expert Introduction. Progress User since 1984 (V2) Presenter at many Progress & QAD Conferences Author of: Progress Performance Tuning Guide Progress Database Administration Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Top Performance EnhancersTop Performance Killersin ProgressDan ForemanProgress

  • IntroductionProgress User since 1984 (V2)Presenter at many Progress & QAD ConferencesAuthor of:Progress Performance Tuning GuideProgress Database Administration GuideV10 DBA JumpstartVirtual System Table Guide

    BravePoint 2010*

  • Introduction Theres moreDeveloped these tools for DBAs:ProMonitor Monitor Progress DBsProCheck Monitor AppServers, WebSpeed, Admin Server, Name Server, etc.Pro Dump&Load Dump&Load a Database of any size with nearly no downtimeOther stuffBravePoint 2010*

  • Introduction Who Are YouProgress VersionV10?, V9?, V8, or ??Largest Single DatabaseDatabase Operating System

    BravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #1Ad Hoc & Period Ending reports run against a Production DB with some ODBC based BI or Reporting ToolUse a Reporting Database insteadUse OpenEdge Replication to create a D/R, Reporting DB Copy on another ServerLook @ BravePoints Pro2SQL ProductRegularly run UPDATE STATISTICSBravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #2Developers who dont understand the Progress Indexing RulesThey are reasonably well documentedProgress DocumentationProgress Performance Tuning GuideBravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #3Poorly Tuned DatabasesCrucial Database Parameters & Helpers:-spin (DB Startup)-blocksize (prostrct create; Unix/Linux)APW/BIW/AIW Processes-B (DB Startup)-bi (proutil truncate bi) BravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #4Poorly Configured DatabasesDatabase block size (-blocksize) of 4K (AIX/Linux) or 8K (all other IX)Not using Type 2 Storage AreasTables or Indexes stored in the Schema AreaAI Extents not separated from DB/BI Extents (mainly for integrity, not performance)BravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #5Not using After Imaging Although thats more of a Database or job future destroyer than a performance destroyerBravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #6Not performing a Regular Dump & LoadUsing Type 2 Storage Areas does NOT mean youll never need to D&L again dont trust anyone who told you thatMonitor Scatter & Fragmentation in proutil dbanalys reportsBravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #7Poorly Tuned AppServers & WebSpeed AgentsImportant Parameters:-mmax #-TB 31-TM 32-q-Bt #BravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #8RAID 5RAID 5 on most Disk Arrays and SANs penalizes Write Performance up to 50% (i.e. 2X slower)BravePoint 2010*

  • Top Destroyer #9Monitor Java (or the processes that use Java)WebSpeed BrokerAppServer BrokerAdmin ServerName ServerTomcatWatch for excessive memory use or high CPU utilizationBravePoint 2010*

  • Top Enhancer #1Shared R-Code Libraries (also known as Memory Mapped Libraries)Conserve Memory because code is shared rather than in each Clients private memoryCode execution is much faster

    BravePoint 2010*

  • Top Enhancer #2Stripe (RAID 0) Database DisksNot required for the AI or BI DisksJBOD is sooo 90sBravePoint 2010*

  • Questions?For further info (not free) 541 908 3437 (Available 24/7)Alternatively 770-449-9696 X3911www.BravePoint.comBravePoint 2010*


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