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Do you want to know the best free iPad games? This page will list all top games for iPad which have gained most favors from other iPad user and you may come to this page to know what they are.


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Top Free iPad Games

iPad, especially new iPad, tends to be the first-class platform for people to entertain. People can watch movies, enjoy music, read books, play games and even Facetime with family. For playing games on iPad, there is a significant number of games pop on the market which enlarges our ways for entertainment greatly. Well, many iPad fans prefer to go to Overload Your Console, Ultra Game Download, and W. New Gaming Experience to download iPad free. There are plenty of free games ready for your iPad. Well, still some iPad users are looking for some top free iPad games which are not only free, but interesting. Take it easy. This page will introduce several free games for iPad which are popular among iPad users. You may come to this page to get what they are.

Free Games to Play on iPad 1. Victorian Mysteries: The Moonstone HD

The inestimable jewellery - Moonstone is gone! You have to recover this ancient and priceless piece of jewelry. During the course of clearing up the ciminal case, you have to investigate every people living in this department who are related to this case, solve puzzles and catch up thief. What you need to do is to explore every room of the apartment, trace the valuable clues and then return the treasure to its proper owners with your keen eyes.

2. Temple Run

The protagonist has to escape from Temple with a great account of treasure. The whole game focuses on hunting treasure and endless running. This game is similar with the Parkour game. You have to across the obstacles and pitfalls, and constantly dash forward.

3. Pet Home

If you are long for some cute pets to stay with you but have no time to take care of them all time, you may keep pets on your iPad! Pet Home offers different pets for you like dog, cat, rabbit, squirrel, sheep, etc. You have to nurse them by meeting different needs of these cute pet.

4. Monster Burner

Monsters are attacking in strength! Our village in danger and you can save us now. Facing with the flood of monsters, you can use fireballs to destroy them. You have a hand of God with mighty power which can shoot fireballs. This is a 2D game which is full of cartoon style and is very colorful. Monsters' silly expressions betrayed their realpurpose - rob picnic lunch. Come on to stop them!You may also be interested in:

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