Top 5 travel attractions in Belgrade

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Top 5 travel attractions in Belgrade. By Radovan Peric and Mirjana Zivkovic. Kalemegdan. Kalemegdan is a very popular place. It is a beautiful park and also a beautiful fortress. Kalemedgan is the most visited part of Belgrade. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Slide 1Top 5 travel attractions in BelgradeBy Radovan Peric and Mirjana Zivkovic Kalemegdan Kalemegdan is a very popular place. It is a beautiful park and also a beautiful fortress. Kalemedgan is the most visited part of Belgrade. There are several museums there, including Military Museum, Natural History Museum, also a lot of galleries and the statue of the Winner. The statue of the Winner is the symbol of Belgrade. There are also the church of Ruzica and St. Petka. Kalemegdan is a cultural and historical complex. There are a lot of monuments of important people in the Serbian history and culture. There is also the Zoo in one part of Kalemegdan. There are a lot of tourists. It is the most beautiful place for falling in love, because it is very romantic.Images downloades from the website is an old part of the city. The street is paved in cobblestone. It has a long history.This is the place where a lot of famous writers, actors and journalists spend their time. There are a lot of small and romantic restaurants where people eat, drink and enjoy live music in the evening. Skadarlija has the spirit of old Belgrade.Images downloades from the website is a forest and a park for walking and recreation.It is the firts landscaped park in Belgrade which dates back to 1831. There is the Sport-Recreation Center and film city complex with studios there. Kosutnjak is probably named after the does who lived there until the World War I. Now, there are other animals there: squirrels and birds.You can have a picnic in the park. People love spending time there, because it has a lot of places to relax, such as swimming pools,a ski track and several restaurants. Images downloades from the website church Saint SavaThe temple of Saint Sava is the largest Serbian Orthodox church in the Balkans. It is located in Vracar. It was built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. The church was built in the place where the Turks in 1595 burned the relics of the first Serbian educator and founder of the Serbian Ortthodox Church .In front of the church there is the National Library and the Karadjordje park. Vracar area is a part of Belgrade worth visiting, because of its historical value.Images downloades from the website Mihailova streetKnez Mihailova street is a beautiful street. There are a lot of tourists there. It is the main pedestrian and shopping zone, and it is protected by low.It is named after Mihailo Obrenovic III. There are a lot of old and beautiful buildings there, some of them built in the 19th century. Perhaps the most important one is the building of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.A lot of people who live in Belgrade meet their friends in this street, so it is a common meeting point. A lot of people from all over Serbia come to this street to shop for clothes and shoes, because it is also famous for its shops. You can often see celebrities in this street.Images downloades from the website