Top 5 Things To Do in Europe Tour

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Planning a Trip to Europe? Here are Top 5 things you need to include on your itinerary. Visit Famous destinations in Europe with our Holiday Tour Packages. To make your Vacation unforgettable, feel free to contact at Flamingo Transworld.


  • Top 5 Things To Do in Europe

    1. Rome:

    The Eternal City" Is Capital Of Italy And Also The Capital Of Latium, A Region Of Central Italy. It lies on both banks of the river Tiber and the Aniene. This is one of the world's richest cities in history and art and one of the great cultural, religious, and intellectual centers.

    2. Vatican City:

    Vatican is world's smallest country located within city limits of Rome.

    St. Peter's basilica:

    Built as the centre of Roman Catholicism, the aim of saint peter's was to impress the visitors the glory and mighty of the church. With Bernini's piazza to its front, a dome designed by Michelangelo and a faade by moderno, the basilica certainly achieves its objective of being one of the best and largest in the world.

    3. Florence:

    The city of Florence and the Medici family played a very important role in the renaissance period. Amongitaly's cities Florence is something special rising from the beautiful landscape of Tuscany's a living piece of history.

    Even the most ordinary street or building is a work of art in itself and demonstrates the simple classical beauty that defined the renaissance. Everywhere you turn you'll see works by Michelangelo, Donatello,

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  • Brunelleschi and masters of Italy's golden age. Currently is a UNESCO world heritage site.

    4. Milan:

    Culturally, fashionably and socially Milan is undoubtedly one of Europe's most charming and one of Italy's most vibrant city. Milan has all the style and cultural history you'd expect from an Italian city, and its streets are lined with trees and art treasures.

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