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Top 40 Best Free iPad Apps

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Here are Top 40 Best Free iPad Apps. You can find them in the iTunes Store.

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Top 40 Best Free iPad Apps

Top 40 Best Free iPad Apps

Here are Top 40 Best Free iPad Apps. You can find them in the iTunes Store.BooksFree Books: Just as the name implies, Free Books delivers over 23,000 free classic books to your device that you can read for free.

iBooks: iBooks is the official ebook reader from Apple that brings you a full online store and reader.

Kindle: The Amazon Kindle reader comes to the iPad bringing with it access to all of the books in the Kindle store which includes a selection of free books.

Wattpad: Wattpad gives you access to thousands of free books, fan fiction and a lot more.Comic BooksArchie Comics: Archie Comics has been publishing the adventures of Archie and his pals for decades, and now they come into the digital age. There is a small selection of free issues you can download.

Comics: Comics offers comic books from multiple publishers instead of being company specific.

IDW Comics: IDW is a publisher of many licensed comic titles as well as some originals. This app offers several free selections as well as a large selection of comics you can buy starting at $.99.

Marvel Comics: Marvel Comics brings a selection of several hundred of its comics to the iPad in a fun and immersive reader. The app itself is free, and there is a small selection of free books, but the majority do cost.CommunicationstextPlus: For whatever reason Apple didnt include its SMS app with the iPad, but now you can add it for yourself with textPlus. You can text anyone in the United States or Canada for free.

Truphone: Truphone allows for instant messaging with your friends and family as well as making free Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calls, and you can also make cheap calls to mobile and landline phones around the world.


Air Hockey Gold: A favorite of skating rinks everywhere in the 1970s and 80s, air hockey comes into the 21st century on your iPad.

Aurora Feint 3: A match-3 game for the iPad with some very impressive production values.

Checkers World: Place your iPad between you and a friend and enjoy an old-fashioned game of checkers.

Sudoku Tablet: A version of Sudoku designed especially for the iPad that provides all new puzzles.

Tap Tap Radiation: A version of Tap Tap Revenge made just for the iPad. Currently offers over 50 free and premium songs for you to play against.Information & ReferenceBible HD: Get access to the Bible in 22 different languages.

Constitution for iPad: Quick reference to the entire American Constitution and all of itsamendments. Brings you a full dictionary and thesaurus to your iPad.

Factzilla: A huge collection of random facts that are perfect for ending just about every bar bet you can think of.

Epicurious: Offers you tons of recipes as well as the ability to build a shopping list to make the ones that interest you.

IMDb: Get access to the Internet Movie Database where you can watch movie trailers, look up TV listings, look up historical information and more.

Mild EleMints2: A simple and free interactive periodic table for easy reference.

Wikipanion: While not an official app for Wikipedia, this application brings you all of the information from the infamous online encyclopedia.


Pandora: One of the most popular streaming music services in the world comes to the iPad and offers you tons of information about the artists beyond just playing music. Brings together the best music from CBS, Yahoo and AOL.

Shazam for iPad: Shazam allows you to tag songs and find similar ones so you can discover more songs that will fit your tastes.

NewsAP News: The Associated Press delivers all of its latest news stories to the iPad via this application.

BBC News: The BBC News app brings you all of the latest headlines from the famous news organization as well as video clips associated with them.

Local News by Fwix: This application delivers all of the latest news from your local news sources such as newspapers, TV stations and blogs.

NPR for iPad: NPR (National Public Radio) brings its news stories and audio clips to the iPad, and will let you listen to the audio as your browse through the other stories displayed in the app.

The Weather Channel Max: Full-screen maps, weather videos, forecasts and much more.

USA TODAY for iPad: Gives you access to all of the news from USA TODAY including headlines, sports, entertainment and weather.

Social NetworkingStumbleUpon: Get full access to your StumbleUpon account and find interesting Web sites that match your interests.

TweetDeck: One of the most popular Twitter clients on desktop and laptop computers, TweetDeck brings its column layout to the iPad, which makes a lot more sense in this screen format than on the iPhone.

Twitterrific: One of the most popular Twitter clients for the iPhone and iPod Touch comes to the iPad. There is a premium upgrade that will add morefunctionality, but this is a good start.

VideoABC Player: Get access to all of the ABC networks online videos.

Dailymotion for iPad: Get full access to the Dailymotion selection of videos on your iPad.

Joost: Joost offers up a selection of music videos, older animated series,documentariesand more.

Netflix: While you do need a Netflix account to take advantage of the streaming video, the app itself is free. Once youre all set up you can access all of the Watch Instantly catalog.

Yahoo! Entertainment: Yahoo! Entertainment combines entertainment news with a selection of movie trailers, news and more.