Top 25 Things to Do in Dubai

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<p>Top 25 Things To Do in Dubai</p> <p>Home About Us Contact Us Book</p> <p>search...General General Top 25 Things To Do in Dubai</p> <p>Top 25 Things To Do in DubaiMain Menuq</p> <p>Dubai can count itself amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The splendid weather, beaches and unbelievable shopping have been the ingredients for unforgettable holidays for years. But of course Dubai has much more to offer. These are the 25 highlights for your memorable visit to one of the fastest growing cities in the world; * Burj Al Arab The "Tower of the Arabs" is the most widely known and exclusive hotel in the world. One of the fantastic architectonic feats Dubai can boast and a hotel that breaks all records. A night in of the super luxurious rooms might not be accessible to us all. If you nevertheless want to visit this Dubai icon, the daily high-tea in the Skyview bar is an affordable alternative. Do not forget to book well in advance!</p> <p>Apartments Villas ------------------25 Things To Do Fractional Ownership Furnishing</p> <p>q</p> <p>q</p> <p>q</p> <p>q</p> <p>q</p> <p>* Palm Island and The World. Witness the world famous palm Jumeirah, the palm Jebel Ali and the islands of "The World" with your own eyes. We guarantee that these wonders of modern engineering will leave you in awe! * Ski Dubai Located in one of the finest malls of Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is one of the must-visits for every sports-loving visitor to Dubai. How often do you get the opportunity to be skiing or snowboarding in the morning and get that full-body tan on the beach in the afternoon? * Desert Safari Desert Safari's are a fantastic way to experience the sandy vastness of the desert landscape in all its splendour. The trips generally last a half day, but there is also the opportunity to stay over night in a authentic Bedouin tent. * The Big Bus A very comfortable way to examine the many sights and sounds of Dubai is the big bus. From the towering sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel to the lovely Gold and Spice Souqs, there is no more convenient way to visit all the breathtaking highlights of Dubai? * Shopping Dubai is widely known as the "Shopping Capital of the Middle East". With this many Shopping Malls and Souqs there is no better place to find products at the best prices. The tax-free environment makes Dubai the spot to buy that new haute-couture dress, sun glasses, jewellery or gadget. * History and Heritage Although Dubai is not mainly known for its rich culture and history ; A visit to the Dubai museum will offer a fascinating glimpse in the history of Dubai. The house of Sjeikh Saeed Al Maktoum puts a very interesting collection of old photographs on display. The Heritage and Diving Village is a must see for all who like the traditional arts and crafts. Approximately 20 kilometres inland are the oases of Khawanij and Awir. In the past 20 years these oases have been extensively,com_content/view,article/id,72/Itemid,61/ (1 of 3)8/16/2009 1:48:41 PM</p> <p>Top 25 Things To Do in Dubai</p> <p>developed and offer a home to Dubai's leading families with impressive country houses and extraordinary gardens. * Dhow Races Dhow races are of large cultural and historical importance to Dubai. Races with these traditional wooden trade vessels still take place nowadays. Especially on government holidays, such as the National Day on 2 December. Dhow racing is considered as one of most spectacular and graceful sports. More than 80 traditional boats put to sea in exactly same the manner they did in the past, with their hulls of varnished teak and white canvas sails. * Creek Cruise This splendid cruise will lead you on a scintillating ride along the skyline of the city. A glimpse is granted in the grandeur of the past which exists alongside the ultra modern architecture on both sides of the Creek. You see the Dhows passing by, the splendid ships which are a symbol for the sea-faring history of the U.A.E, and the traditional Abras which carry people across the creek. To catch a glimpse of the fisherman's past of Dubai, you can take a walk in the Jaddaf district and see the local craftsman handcarving their Dhows. * Bastakiya Al Bastakiya Area dates back to the early years of 1900, and covers the Eastern area of the Old Town along the Creek. This area represents an important component in the history of architecture, and the urban development of the city. To the East of the Al Fahidi fort you will find the largest concentration of traditional courtyard houses in Dubai with their characteristic wind towers. In the past, the city was well known for its enormous quantity of wind towers on both sides of the Creek. These towers were not only decorative but served as the only form of Air Conditioning in these days before the invention of the electricity. * Jumeirah Mosque One of the largest and most beautiful mosques is the Jumeirah Mosque. It is a spectacular example of modern Islamic architecture that is built in stone, according to the medieval Fatimid tradition. It is especially nice at night extra, when subtle lighting enhances the beauty of the craftsmanship. * Souqs 'Souq ' is the Arabic word for "market". Or a place where all types of goods are traded or exchanged. In the old days the Dhows from the Far East, China, Ceylon and India used to discharge their freight here, after which the goods were traded on the adjacent Souqs. In the Spice Souq you will find perfumes, incense, and foods which wait for you in big sacks piled up on the side of the streets and alleys. Walk a bit further and you will be dazzled by the wealth of the Gold Souq. Near to the Souqs you will find the antique market where you can buy coffee pots, Arabic chests, traditional daggers and Bedouin jewellery. If you are interested in buying textile or silk you should drop by Cosmos Lane in Bur Dubai or the streets of Satwa. * Dragon Mart The Dragon Mart is the largest market for Chinese products, outside of mainland China. The building, in the shape of a 1.2 km long dragon, is a permanent market with the most extensive collection of Chinese product you have ever witnessed under one roof. It is also a tribute to the very old relation between the Chinese government and the UAE. * Deep Sea Fishing Trip An experience that really stands out. Cruise a day on a luxurious yacht and experience a close-up encounter with Dubai's most talked about projects. The Palm and The World. All this while the experienced captain and crew assist you in catching the best game fish the splendid blue waters of the Arabian Gulf have to offer. * Golf Dubai is a true golf paradise for the lover of the sport, but even for non golfer the golf clubs of Dubai are worth a visit. Both the spectacular architecture of the club houses as well as the successful examples of greening a desert area make it worth your trouble. You will not be the first to mistake the lush greens and the crystal clear lakes of the Emirates Golf Club and the Dubai Creek Golf club for a desert mirage! * Camel and Horse racing Camel Racing, a sport rooted deep in Arab tradition, is very popular in the Emirates. Originally the races were set in an informal setting, for example during marriages or festivals. Nowadays throughout the whole country special race tracks have been built, where races are organised during the winter months from October up to April.</p> <p>,com_content/view,article/id,72/Itemid,61/ (2 of 3)8/16/2009 1:48:41 PM</p> <p>Top 25 Things To Do in Dubai</p> <p>De world famous Dubai World cup horse races are held annually at the Nad Al Sheba club, on its 2000 meters course. The Dubai World cup is the richest horse race in the world and a unique occasion for the ladies to wear hats. * Dubai Autodrome Dubai Autodrome is the first full-fledged motor sport facility in the Middle East. It includes a 5.39 km long FIA approved race track, an international standard pit lane, and a "state of the art" Grandstand which accommodates more than 7000 spectators.</p> <p>* Wadi Bashing A hugely popular way of recreation for locals, expats and tourists alike. A visit to a wadi, or dry river beds at the foot of the Hajar mountain chain, is a trip without equal. Wadis offer views of unexpected beauty with the many date palms and fresh water pools. * Wild Wadi Next to the Jumeirah Beach hotel you can find the Wild Wadi. A water theme park that caters to both thrill-seekers and families. It features the tallest and fastest water slides outside of North America. * Water Sport There is an abundance of Water sport activities to be enjoyed in and around Dubai. You can go sailing,diving or water-skiing or even surfing and parasailing. The Dubai International Marina club is the driving force behind the huge increase of National and International water sport events in the Middle East. * Flying Trips One of the most spectacular ways to see Dubai is from the air. Whether you fly in a helicopter, a Cessna or in a hot air balloon, it is of an unforgettable beauty to see the desert, all the construction and the man-made islands from the air. Please take into account that many of the trips have to be booked 7 days in advance. * Burj Dubai Although its construction is only to be finished by 2008, the Burj Dubai is already a feat of modern engineering which you cannot and will not miss. With a staggering 800 meters this tower will, once finished, look down on all existing structures in the world today. But even unfinished, it is already an extraordinary sight to see this giant tower above the very tall buildings on the Sheikh Zayed Road. * Dubailand With the aim of attracting 15 million customers in the year 2010 this living, working and entertainment city will get 6 themes and will boast amongst others a huge theme park, the largest mall in the world and the already completed Autodrome and Global Village. * Musandam On a bit over an hour and a half drive from Dubai lies Musandam. An Omani enclave within the UAE with an almost Scandinavian coast line. The many fjords and small islands offer a comfortable home to an impressive marine life, amongst which large groups of dolphins. Whether you go diving, snorkelling or take a trip on a Dhow to watch the dolphins, visiting Musandam is worth the effort and the ride there provides a beautiful view of the other Emirates around Dubai. Takes into account, however, that Oman is a seperate country and therefore you have to bring your passport. * Abu Dhabi On a distance of approximately an hour and a half lies Abu Dhabi. The capital of the Emirates. Abu Dhabi is also a modern city with a large expat community and also very much worth the visit. The overwhelming Emirates Palace hotel should be considered as one of the highlights.</p> <p>Legal Disclaimer - Links - Copyright 2006</p> <p>,com_content/view,article/id,72/Itemid,61/ (3 of 3)8/16/2009 1:48:41 PM</p>