Top 10 Things to do in Perth

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The City of Lights, Worlds most liveable city, world city, Perth did not get these titles for no reason. The capital of one of the continents of the world.


  • Top 10 Things to do in Perth

    The City of Lights, Worlds most liveable city, world city, Perth did not get these titles for no reason.

    The capital of one of the continents of the world, Australia, is famous for its wide variety of culture,

    tourist attractions, entertainment, art etc. There are variety of things that can be done in Perth and

    to honour its titles, here is the list of things that Flights to Perth worth buying for.

    1. Aquarium of Western Australia

    The Aquarium of Western Australia or AQWA as it is popularly called, is the largest aquarium

    in the Australia and has 400 species of Aquatic life, with over 4000 fishes and 4 million litres

    of water. It also has underwater tunnel to give you those Aquatic chills (pun intended!). And

    for those who wants to have a JAW experience, there are Scuba divers who will take you up

    close to Sharks, Turtles, rays and various other fishes. Entry fee for this is 20 or $30.

    2. Perth Arena

    The new built Perth Arena is for those tourists who not only are sport enthusiast but also

    avid Music lovers. This arena is becoming famous for holding many popular matches for

    Basketball, Tennis, Netball etc. It has a capacity of entertaining 15000 people. Various

    concerts and music events are also held in this arena. And those who have an eye for

    Architectural thing, design of this arena is a treat for them.

    3. Adventure World

    Although only open for summer season, this Theme park is a must visit place if you want to

    Have and Awesome Day (their slogan by the way). There is no doubt about them being so

    confident because once you enter you will only wish for that day to never end. This theme

    park has it all, i.e. all the rides one can wish for and dare to climb on. One day ticket will cost

    you $57 or 37.

    4. Serpentine National Park

    Even though it wont happen, but in case if you get bored of the city and just want to have a

    nice and peaceful day, then Serpentine National park is your place to go to. The Serpentine

    falls will remind you that nature has its own way of relaxing you.

    5. Belmont Park Racecourse

    The famous Belmont Park Racecourse is Perths winter horse racing facility (not to be

    confused with the one in New York). It is not only for those who enjoys horse racing but also

    for those who wants to have a nice and chilling experience of Perth with worlds finest

    horses racing for the trophy.

    6. Army Museum

    As Ive already mentioned above, Perth is a World city, and it has everything for everyone,

    and the Army Museum proves it well. It has displays of how Australia played its part in both

    World Wars and how it came out of it. This museum will surely wake up a patriotic in you.

    There are also various item of significance that are awarded for various services.

    7. His Majestys Theatre

    The State Heritage Icon of Perth, has staged many plays, ballet, operas etc. with many

    famous Icons performing for their audience. It is the best place to visit for those who have a

  • keen interest in Drama and Theatrics, as this theatre holds some of the best performances of

    the world. Also the architecture of this theatre is a perfect example of modern and classic


    8. Perth Zoo

    You might be wondering why a zoo made it to the list as you can see animals back home. But

    the special thing about this zoo is it allow its visitors to have close encounters with its

    animals, while mostly others strictly prohibit it. There are approximately 164 species of

    animals and about 1258 animals. Its 19 or $29 for each ticket.

    9. Escape Hunt

    What is I tell you, you can be Sherlock Holmes or James Bond for a day? And you will get to

    solve various types of mysteries like from murder to mayhem. Well Im not kidding at all,

    Perth has various companies which provide various type of escape hunt games, which will

    give you that experience that you always wanted to have when you watch all those mystery

    movies or TV shows. You will be given clues to solve various cases and also get to wear cool

    costumes. Cost varies for each company and every other game.

    10. Art Gallery of Western Museum

    Last but not the least; Perth will not disappoint those who are avid Art lovers as it has its

    famous Art Gallery of Western Museum. It held any famous exhibitions from various

    cultures all over the world.


    Team Travelheyday