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Some argue that the myths that Ive listed in the post are not myths but practical English rules that are still being obeyed especially in academic writing. I think that I should let the readers to decide whether they want to follow the rules or help to dispel the myths.


Top 10 English Grammar Myths and Superstitions in Essay Writing by Good English Essays All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, link to the original post ( if you find it useful. Good English EssaysThere are some myths in English grammar that people continue to believe and practise in their essay writing. It is a dismal situation that most English users learn these English grammar myths from their teachers who do not bother to update themselves with the evolution in English.1. Never split infinitives To publicly critique someone you respect is considered a grammatical error in the past because an adverb publicly is placed between to and the verb. Some professionals may still avoid it, but many publications regard it as acceptable.2. Never use contractions in essay writing Some English users believe that contractions should never be used in essay writing. They believe that contractions like wont, cant, shouldnt etc should only be used in spoken English. This is no longer true as more and more newspapers and publications are using contractions in the writing.3. Never begin a sentence with and, but or because (conjunctions) As English evolves, this is no longer true. It is now acceptable to begin a sentence with and, but or because. People promoting this myth are either not reading newspapers or do not care to learn proper English.4. Never begin the essay title with prepositions It has become a writing style for essay writing to be entitled using prepositions like of or on. Examples of essay titles that I came across just now were - Of Professionals and Degrees - On Kolej Universiti Teknikal Kebangsaan Malaysia (KUTKM)5. Never use first-person pronouns in academic writing There is a superstitious notion that says never use first-person pronouns like I and we in essay writing because doing so will make your essay writing to look unprofessional. Contrary to the notion, English writers are encouraged to use first-person pronouns to draw readers attention and to put some life into your writing. Corporate letters should use I to personalise the letter and accept responsibility.VisitTop10EnglishGrammarMythsandSuperstitions in Essay Writing to read comments or to leave your valuable comments. Lets discuss!6. Never refer the readers as you Copywriters will find this myth very funny. Please take note that you can actually refer the readers as you or we to include yourselves. However, you should be consistent in using either you or we throughout your essay writing.7. Never use between with more than two objects This is a popular misconception among English beginner users. While it is true that we use between when comparing two objects, it is correct to use between when more than two people or objects are involved. Examples taken from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE): Comparing two things: In her book she makes a comparison between Russian and British ballet. More than two people or objects: - Tom divided his money between his children. - Between the four of them they managed to lift her into the ambulance. - We collected 17 between us.8. Never use since as because Theres a groundless notion that since is only used to mean from a particulartime or event in the past until the present, or in that period of time. Since can actually be used to give the reason for something. The following sentence taken from dictionary is grammatically correct. - Since you are unable to answer, perhaps we should ask someone else.9. Never use direct question Using direct question in writing to arouse the readers interest on certain topic has become an essay writing style. When writing essay on smoking, for instance, you can include questions like what are the bad effects of smoking? and why people smoke? in your essay. There are debates that direct question is not suitable for academic writing.10. Two-syllable adjectives must use the suffix er or suffix est form to form comparative or superlative E.g. prettier, prettiest; gentler, gentlest; narrower, narrowest. Adding more or most to two-syllable adjectives to form comparative or superlative, however, is getting common and gaining ground in modern English. E.g. more pretty, most pretty; more gentle, most gentle; more narrow, most narrow.After all, the evolution of English is about spoken style becoming acceptable as writing forms. Related Differences CorrectReferences: Perring, between DateBritish Formatand inAmerican EssayPosts English WritingVisitTop10EnglishGrammarMythsandSuperstitions in Essay Writing to read comments or to leave your valuable comments. Lets discuss!


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