Top 10 Best Android games of all time

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  1. 1. Top 10 Best Android games of all time CONS: lacks a number of customization features existing in other mobile phone auto games Before you download Fast Furious 6: Your Game, end up being reminded that will it really is not a racing game. There's a really big difference in between professional racing and drag racing. Within this racing game made for Android-capable devices, steering cars no more time provides sufficient the actual picture. What you will need to accomplish is actually pump up your vehicle's speed, shift, boost, as well as outrun enemies. This particular Android game was in any position to gather the considerable amount regarding audience simply a couple of times right after it was introduced not just since it is situated coming from an effective movie nevertheless mainly because of for you to its excellent content, intriguing story, and all round racing game expertise you might not find elsewhere. PROS: thrilling,features a new wide-array regarding cars, great graphics