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Tong Torque measurement systems reduce under and over torquing by accurately indicating torque applied to oilfield tubular breakout operations. Each torque system includes a hydraulic load cell, hose assembly, 6'' fluid filled gauge with damper assembly, and a quart of Crown Oilfield Instrumentation all-weather instrument fluid. The two main kinds of tong torque systems include:

Tong Line Pull Gauges

This kind of gauge is designed to indicate make-up or break-out torque for tool joints, drill collars, and drill string components, measuring in pounds of line pull. This system is used in applications where there are two or more sets of tongs being used with differing handle lengths. A 6'' fluid-filled gauge reads the pounds of line pull from the tong handle. As the joints are made-up, the line pull is converted to hydraulic pressure within the cylinder, and sent to the gauge through the rubber hose. The gauge can then display this reading in measurements of line pull. The torque being applied can be determined by multiplying the gauge reading by the foot length of the tong handle. A large variety of systems (with up to 25,000 pounds of single line pull) are available in English, Metric, or dual scale systems.

Tong Torque Gauges

These gauges display the amount of torque in foot pounds per joint when using power tongs to run oilfield tubular. They are available for all makes and models of power tongs and even dual scale variations are available. The systems come with either compression or tension-type load cells, which provide precision checks of make up torque for all oilfield tubular.

Tong Torque Systems consist of a Tension or Compression Load Cell, 6” fluid filled Gauge, 5’ hydraulic hose (additional hose lengths available), fluid hand pump and 1 quart of Crown Oilfield Instrumentation all weather instrument fluid.

Tong Line Pull:

• Measures make-up and breakout torque in pounds of line pull• 6” fluid filled gauge• Customizable target pointer that sets to a corresponding torque requirement.• Models and variations of available to work with all manual tongs.• Capacities range from 10,000 pounds to 25,000 pounds of line pull. English, metric and dual scale-dial readings are available, as well as customer logos on dial

Tong Torque:

• Indicates torque in foot pounds applied to each joint when using power tongs to run oilfield tubular.• Models available for all makes and models of power tongs.• Tension or Compression style load cells available for use in all power tong configurations.• Wide variety of capacities available to suit all applications and tong configurations.• English, Metric or dual scale variations available.


• Durable systems designed to withstand the harsh environments in the oilfield.• The 6'' fluid-filled gauge with easy maintenance and reliability.• Target pointer on gauge for maintaining accurate torque.• Box mount or panel mount configurations available.

To order specify:

• Tong make and model.• Dial capacity and scale required.• Box or Panel Mount.• Hose length required if different than standard (5’ for Tong Line Pull series standard and 25’ for Tong Torque series standard).• Tension or compression type load cell.