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<p>Curriculum Vitae</p> <p>Curriculum Vitae</p> <p>Name:Tom Duffy</p> <p>Address:320 Parkridge Way , SECalgary, Alberta </p> <p>T2J 4Z6</p> <p>Cell- 403 990 5955</p> <p>Discipline:Commissioning/Completions Manager </p> <p>Industries:Petrochemical /Hydrocarbon / Offshore and related Industries /Pharmaceutical /Mining</p> <p>Key Skills:Professional competencies acquired in the commissioning of major Projects worldwide;Good technical, communicational and working skills .Proactive approach to decision making and team works .Proven management ability in a multi-interface and technically demanding Projects.Knowledge in relevant oil and gas practices/compliance principles/ methodologist with proven theoretical and practical experience in managing operations and commissioning activities in oil and gas fields</p> <p>Well organized Team player, excellent communication skills.</p> <p>PC Skills :MS Access (Advanced)</p> <p>MS Project (Intermediate)</p> <p>WinPCS (Intermediate)</p> <p>MS Excel (Advanced)</p> <p>MS PowerPoint (Intermediate)</p> <p>Orbit </p> <p>Career Summary</p> <p>Over 30 years project experience of Instrumentation and Electrical disciplines within the Petrochemical, Chemical, Offshore, Pharmaceutical, and related Industries.</p> <p>Positions held range from Project Manager, Commissioning Manager, Validation Engineer ,Construction coordinator and QA/QC Inspector/Manager .My responsibilities have predominantly been executed during or before Mechanical Completion to a ready to operate status.</p> <p>Duties have included Planning and Scheduling, Progress monitoring and control, Manpower Supervision, Equipment Checkout, and Vendor coordination, subcontractor support, Technical assistance, and documentation control and client handover.</p> <p> Overseas experience includes USA, Canada, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Russia, Africa, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK. ***</p> <p>From /To</p> <p>Employer</p> <p>Employment History</p> <p>May 15 to Feb 16</p> <p>Kentz-TSS</p> <p>Alberta,</p> <p>CanadaPlains Midstream Canada</p> <p>Kerrobert Unit Train Terminal ,Kerrobert ,Saskatchewan ,Canada Contracted to Plains midstream Canada as Project Commissioning Lead to oversee the Handover and Commissioning of new Unit Train Crude loading facility Terminal.Responsibilities included :-</p> <p> Provide input to project management, engineering, and construction to ensure CSU requirements are incorporated into project activities, including review of project designs and construction to ensure plant operability and operating personnel safety.</p> <p> Supervise, coordinate, and review the work of assigned specialists, estimate staffing needs and schedules, and assigns work to meet completion dates.</p> <p> Preparing and agree project budgets, timescales with clients/managers Create detailed Commissioning procedures.</p> <p> Co-coordinating testing and commissioning activities and providing advice on testing and commissioning procedures and documentation </p> <p> Liaise with Facility Operators, Project Management Team and EPC) as part of job execution. Monitoring progress, recording all test results, witnessing final testing and acceptance of equipment and compilation of all documentation for inclusion in the site test dossier</p> <p> Develop and implement Project Mechanical Completion system and train EPS contractor for use of same. Oversee Process System and Subsystem breakout and progress monitoring. Develop and implement site specific PTW and LOTO procedures </p> <p>Dec 14 to April 15Kentz-TSS</p> <p>Alberta,</p> <p>CanadaKearl Fine Tails Treatment, Ft MacMurray, Alberta ,Canada</p> <p>Contracted to Imperial Oil as the E&amp;I Commissioning Specialist to oversee the Mechanical Completion acceptance and the successful Commissioning of the installation </p> <p>Responsibilities included :-</p> <p> Development of detailed Project Commissioning schedules.</p> <p> Sourcing and interviewing commissioning support personnel.</p> <p> Monitoring and maintenance and of safe work practices.</p> <p> Management of mechanical completion inspections, punch list development and quality control.</p> <p> Resolution of Engineering queries and issues.</p> <p> Scheduling of Vendor commissioning assistance.</p> <p>Nov 13 to Nov 14 </p> <p>Kentz-TSS</p> <p>Alberta,</p> <p>CanadaMildred Lake Mine Replacement Project , Alberta ,Canada</p> <p>Contracted to Imperial Oil as the Commissioning Lead to oversee the successful turnover and energizing of fourteen HV Substations.Responsibilities included :-</p> <p> Progress tracking and reporting of equipment function testing and all commissioning activities. </p> <p> Supervision of functional demonstrations to Syncrude Power Distribution department (PD). Management of re-lines and final handover documentation. </p> <p> Development of client training program.</p> <p> Tracking and resolving Engineering issues with Engineering Contractor.</p> <p> Review Handover documentation and attending System Walk downs.</p> <p>July 12 to Oct 13 </p> <p>Kentz-TSS</p> <p>Alberta,</p> <p>CanadaAurora Mine Relocation Project , Alberta ,Canada</p> <p>Contracted to Imperial Oil as the E&amp;I Commissioning Lead.Responsibilities included :- Population of Project Completions database </p> <p> Control of As built/Redlines </p> <p> Safety Training of all Commissioning Personnel. Lead the FAT inspections of Vendor supplied equipment and modules. Scheduling of Vendor start up assistance.</p> <p> Deputizing for System Completions Manager. Supervise Commissioning personnel and liaise with Syncrude during Start up .</p> <p>Oct 10 July 12 </p> <p>Kentz USA. IncExxonMobil NRU Project, Hawkins, Texas.</p> <p>Contracted to ExxonMobil USP as Project Commissioning Lead.</p> <p>Responsibilities included :- The development and completion of all Project TCP documentation.</p> <p> Definition of Process System boundary definitions and development of Equipment/ Instrument databases for progress tracking and planning. Scheduling/planning of manpower resources and equipment for all disciplines for the Commissioning and Start up activities.</p> <p> Assisting with initial set up of Mechanical Completion system and development of associated documentation.</p> <p> Carry out technical review of Contractors handover documentation and ensure quality of the works according to Clients requirements and specification </p> <p> Scheduling and participation in Tri-party MC inspection walk downs </p> <p> Management of all Testing, trouble shooting activities and turnover of Instrumentation and Electrical Systems including HV Distribution, DCS,F&amp;G and SIS Systems.</p> <p> Transferred to ExxonMobil Operations to assist with Co-ordination of startup activities.</p> <p>Jan 10 to Sept 10Kentz USA. Inc Pearl GTL Utilities, Ras Laffan , Qatar.</p> <p>Contracted to KBR as E&amp;I Completions Lead on the HRSG units .Responsible for driving the E&amp;I contractor to deliver a quality installation on schedule. Duties included scheduling of joint walk downs, verification of punch list clearance and adherence to specifications, ensuring all engineering and materials issues were addressed promptly and reviewing of handover documentation .</p> <p>June 09 to Dec 09Kentz RussiaSakhalin Sakhalin Energy BS2, Castella, Sakhalin Island, Russia.Contracted to facility owner SEIC, and seconded to main contractor Eaststroy LLC(Korea) as E&amp;I Commissioning Coordinator for the Rolls Royce Gas Compression packages. Initial duties included the development of reporting systems and equipment databases, planning and scheduling of works with Rolls Royce site representatives, development of test packages and System HO documentation.</p> <p>Later responsible for management of all E&amp;I testing and commissioning activities, vendor co-ordination ,control of as-Built documentation and timely submittal of progress report to senior SEIC Project management. Deputized for facility Commissioning Manager during rotation.</p> <p>Sept08 to May 09Kentz UK .LtdSouth Hook LNG Terminal, Milford Haven, Wales.Contracted to facility owner as System Completions Supervisor. Responsible for scheduling of balance of works , generation of works to go and punch lists for E&amp;I contractor , scheduling and execution of joint walk downs with EPC contractor and overseeing completion of MC handover documentation and updating of WinPCS project tracking system. Implementation of commissioning driven construction program to facilitate sequential process system handover. Preparation of progress reports for construction Manager.Seconded to Commissioning Department to oversee completion of TCP documentation for final handover. </p> <p>Later assisted De Norske Veritas with the validation of SIL targets for ESD system.</p> <p>Jan 08 to Sept 08</p> <p>Kentz CaspianTengiz-Chevroil SGP Project, Kazakhstan.</p> <p>Contracted to Parsons-Flour Daniel as Loop Check /Commissioning Lead to supervise activities and overseeing the preparation of contractors handover documentation.Duties also included the training and supervision of local personnel, management of personnel rotation schedules and travel arrangements and other personnel issues.</p> <p>Jan07 to Dec 07Mercury Intl</p> <p>Kingdom of BahrainWorld Trade Center, Manama, Bahrain.</p> <p>Contracted by Mercury International on prestigious show piece project as Commissioning Manager for all M&amp;E commissioning and QA/QC activities. Responsibilities include:- production of detailed commissioning method statements for all services ,co-ordination of inspection and commissioning activities and scheduling of specialist subcontractors ,resolving design issues with the main contractor and owner ,control of site variations and as-built documentation and handover documents.</p> <p>Feb 04 to Jan 07Gaslines LtdIrelandGaslines Ltd, IrelandRegional Operations Manager.</p> <p>Responsible for sales and servicing of online and portable gas detection equipment .Project surveys and preparation of Tenders. Co-ordination of project execution and after sales services, including scheduled equipment inspections and calibrations.</p> <p>Oct 03 to Nov 03</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsKuwait Petroleum, Europort, Rotterdam. Commissioning Manager , responsible for Instrument and Electrical check out ,punch list management ,progress reporting ,vendor co-ordination ,as built and documentation and final handover.</p> <p>Feb 03 to Sept 03</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The Netherlands</p> <p>Lyondell Chemicals, Europort, Rotterdam. PO-11 Project</p> <p>QA/QC Manager , overall responsibility for Electrical ,Instrumentation and Mechanical inspection ,testing ,and document handover ,overall management of manpower and activities the generation daily and weekly progress reports.</p> <p>Feb 02 to Dec 02</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The Netherlandsv.d Geest &amp; de Noord , Swijndrect ,The Netherlands</p> <p>Project Manager, responsible for construction, inspection and testing of Ships Control, Utility and Safety systems .Duties also included vendor co-ordination, document control and demonstration of safety systems for Ship certification.</p> <p>July 01 to Dec 2001</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsNovorossiysk, Caspian Pipeline, Black Sea Oil Terminal, Russia.Commissioning Manager, responsible for Instrument and Electrical installation inspection ,testing ,punch list management and plant commissioning .Other duties included vendor co-ordination ,document handover , and training of in house personnel.</p> <p>Sept 00 to July 01</p> <p>D.P.S</p> <p>IrelandSchering Plough (Avondale) Ltd, Rathdrum, IrelandElectrical/Instrument commissioning engineer responsible for installation inspection and validation, commissioning activities, vendor co-ordination and control of as-built documentation.</p> <p>Mar 00 to July 00</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsUnited Nations War Crime Tribunal, The Hague.</p> <p>Contracted to the UN as Project Manager for an extension to and upgrading of existing electrical systems, computer network and HVAC installation .Responsibilities included contractor co-ordination, progress measurement and document control. </p> <p>Jan `99 to Jan 00</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsEastman Chemicals, San Roque, Spain.</p> <p>Project Manager , responsible of all Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical inspection ans commissioning activities .Also responsible for generation of project progress reports and co-ordination of Engineering contractor and sub contractors.</p> <p>Duties also included scheduling of specialized vendor assistance and training of on site personnel during loop check out and commissioning activities.</p> <p>March `97 Nov `98</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsEastman Chemicals, Europort, Holland.</p> <p>Supervision of Electrical and Instrumentation inspection activities. Responsible for the generation daily and weekly mechanical completion reports. After mechanical completion assisted with loop check out and commissioning activities</p> <p>Jan `97 March `97</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsMaersk Dan FF,Zwindrecht Holland (Grootint)</p> <p>Commissioning Team Manager. Delegation of specific work packs. Technical support for the commissioning Technicians. Development &amp; implementation of commissioning driven construction program to facilitate sequential process system handover. Preparation of progress reports for construction Manager. I had specific responsibility for the ESD, Fire &amp; Gas and associated Vendor coordination.</p> <p>July `96 Dec `96</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsClyde P6 Alpha, Dutch Offshore Sector </p> <p>Supervisor responsible for commissioning of all process and shutdown instrumentation on a Gas Compression module as part of a major refurbishment program. My duties included the preparation of work packs to facilitate the Loop by Loop change over of the existing process control equipment into the upgraded Bailey control system. All activities were carried out within a permit to work environment.</p> <p>Jan `95 May `96</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsShell Per + Europoort, Holland.</p> <p>Initially responsible for the Mechanical completion and Loop checking activities reporting to the Project Manager. My duties included the supervision and control of the inspection and checkout teams to ensure that the project handover schedule was met in a timely and professional manner. Equipment commissioned included a Honeywell DCS (Approx. 3000 I/O ) and associated field installations.</p> <p>Mar `93 Dec `94</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsMaersk (Harold West ) , Zwindrecht (Grootint) </p> <p>Progress monitoring and reporting. Identification of problem areas and de-bottlenecking the checkout process. Development of a 14-day look-ahead schedule to ensure minimum lost time on attempted checkout and handover activities. Vendor and client liaison were also part of my responsibilities. </p> <p>May `92 Feb `93</p> <p>Dumul B.V. </p> <p>The NetherlandsStatoil Refinery Denmark (Kalunburg)</p> <p> Working as part of the project management team with responsibility to ensure that the Instrumentation and Electrical installations were inspected, documented and handed over to the client per the project specifications and contractual requirements. My subordinates included 5 Inspectors and 15 commissioning Technicians. The project consisted of a Honeywell DSC (3500 I/O ) and associated field equipment.</p> <p>Nov '91 - April '92</p> <p>K.T.S</p> <p>The NetherlandsNorth Sea Petrochemicals, Antwerp...</p>