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A portfolio of some media campaigns I have developed.

Text of Tom Donovan

  • 1. Thomas J. Donovan July 20, 2009

2. Agenda

  • Media Experience
  • Brands Influenced at BBDO/OMD
  • Brands Influenced at Gabriel deGrood Bendt
    • Case Study Freschetta
    • Case Study Bachmans
  • Brands Influenced at Atomic Playpen
    • Case Study 3M Save The Walls
  • Contact Information
  • Appendix
    • Gander Mountain
    • Case Study Northarvest Bean Growers Assoc.

3. Media Experience 4.

  • Experience: 10+ years of media planning and buying experience for national and local campaigns.
  • Categories: retail, office supplies, consumer packaged goods, business to business, financial, education and restaurant.
  • Mediums: online (rich media and flash), search, social networks, tv, radio, newspaper, direct mail, supplements magazine, outdoor, in-store, cinema, mobile and guerilla.

Media Experience 5. Media Experience 6. 7. Brands Influenced at BBDO/OMD 8. 9. Brands Influenced at Gabriel deGrood Bendt 10. Case Study: Freschetta 11. Case Study: Freschetta

  • Challenge:
    • Increase awareness of the Freschetta brand.
    • Break through the clutter within the category with a challenging budget.
    • Drive sales.
    • Increase coupon redemption.

12. Case Study: Freschetta

  • Solution:
    • Prioritize markets that have the greatest sales opportunities and heavy up advertising in those markets.In addition a national overlay of cable will be used to provide national coverage.
    • Analyze media by market and look for opportunitites to own the space.
    • Give the sales team a rallying point by advertising during the NCAA basketball games and also on FX Movies.

13. Case Study: Freschetta 14. Case Study: Freschetta 15. Case Study: Freschetta 16. Case Study: Freschetta Results 17. Case Study: Freschetta Results 18. Case Study: Freschetta Results 19. Case Study: Bachmans 20. Case Study: Bachmans

  • Challenge:
    • Make Bachmans relevant to a younger audience.
    • Drive traffic online and in-store.
    • Increase awareness of WINK (gift giving area within Bachmans).
    • Limited budget.

21. Case Study: Bachmans

  • Solution:
    • Connect with the younger audience in unexpected ways, local print, outdoor, guerilla and online.
    • Connect with the younger gardener and gift giver through geo and demo targeted online including search and traditional online advertising.
    • Serve gardening ads on local newspaper site and also demo targeted sites such as
    • Serve gift giving ideas on sites such as,,, Etc..

22. Floating banner ad Case Study: Bachmans 23. Obituaries ad Home page section button Case Study: Bachmans 24. Skyscrapper Leaderboard Case Study: Bachmans 25. Main Page Badge Case Study: Bachmans 26. Skyscrapper Case Study: Bachmans 27. Skyscrapper Leaderboard Case Study: Bachmans 28. Case Study: Bachmans

  • Results:
    • Changed brand perception among the younger consumer.
    • Unexpected media brought the younger consumer back to the store.

29. 30. Brands Influenced at Atomic Playpen 31. Case Study: 3M Command Strips 32.

  • Target audience development:
    • After reviewing product design sketches and pulling MRI research on similar products, a college aged target audience was decided upon. In order to be as efficient as possible with our limited media budget a focus group of 20 college students was conducted to further understand the likely primary user.The outcome was our target of college females 17-19.This target was cross referenced with client sales data to give final validation to the media target.

Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 33.

  • Challenge:
    • Low involvement consumer packaged good product/brand
    • Very Limited budget
    • Target (college-aged females) is advertising averse, but loves the web.
    • Immersion showed the target loves humor(especially online)-videos, send-to-friend, games
    • Immersion showed the target loves tv shows about design (Design Star, Freestyle, Design on a Dime, etc..)

Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 34.

  • Solution:
    • Connect through humor and design in three key areas:
      • Online geo and demo targeted rich media, flash banner and embedded social news story advertising on MySpace, You Tube, Alloy Networks, AOL and facebook.
      • On Campus doorhangers.
      • In-Store point of purchase materials.

Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 35. Mom on MySpace Juice Guy Mom on facebook I like to look at other guys walls Creative 36. Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 37. Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 38. Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 39. Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 40.

  • In order to infiltrate college campuses and push our target to retailers, and online, a grassroots approach was taken with on campus doorhangers.The doorhangers along with a small sample and coupon were targeted to females 17-19 in dorms within 10 miles of retailers.

Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 41.

  • Results:
    • Average Click Thru Rate (CTR) for the flash media was .10%, double industry average of .05%.
    • Average time spent viewing the video was more than double industry average.
    • Video newsfeeds used on facebook received unheard of results according to facebook.
    • MySpace average CTR for rich media and flash were double industry standard for category.
    • Media generated over 100,000 visits to the site.

Case Study : 3M Save The Walls 42.

  • Thomas J. Donovan
  • 383 Tessier Circle
  • Vadnais Heights, MN 55127
  • home phone: 651.487.1088
  • cell phone: 612.396.5189
  • e-mail:[email_address]
  • LinkedIn:

Contact Information 43. Appendix 44.

  • Objective: Let consumers know Gander Mountain is the place to purchase and service atvs and boats.
  • Challenge: Consistency among all 70 Power Sports stores signage and low awareness among consumers.
  • Solution: Create a consistent look, feel and experience when people see our advertising as well as visit in-store regardless of store location.
  • Results: Best July sales for division.

Gander Mountain 45. Gander Mountain 46. Gander Mountain 47. Gander Mountain 48. Gander Mountain 49. Gander Mountain 50. Gander Mountain 51. Gander Mountain 52. Gander Mountain 53. Gander Mountain 54. Case Study: Northarvest Bean Growers Association 55. Case Study: Northarvest Bean Growers Assoc.

  • Challenge:
    • Very low awareness of the Association among consumers.
    • Increase awareness of the Northarvest Bean Growers Association among consumers with a very hard working budget.

56. Case Study: Northarvest Bean Growers Assoc.

  • Solution:
    • Select 5-6 markets per year and enter the markets for 3-4 months creating brand evangelists.
    • Utilize unexpected media to increase awareness.

57. Case Study: Northarvest Bean Growers Assoc.

  • Results:
    • Brand awareness among the target consumers ,foodies and also generated a rallying point for the growers.
    • Received an overwhelming amount of PR through media outlets and also politicians.