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  • 2013 Collection

  • About us

    Like many tmTM started with the statement lets do something for our-

    selves In 2011 we decided to do just that, the question was what do

    we do? With strong backgrounds in the ceramic, gift and lifestyle

    sectors our research drew us to the conclusion that a set of fine bone

    china mugs would be a good place to start...the next question was

    how do we make them different?

    Many ideas followed, but none had that spark, a walk on the

    beach was needed to clear our heads

    This triggered our inspiration, a fragment of Blue Willow

    pottery in the sand lead us to a collection of Elle Decoration

    award winning plates and their designer Robert Dawson.

    A partnership was forged, a range designed and in 2012 tmTM

    was born

    2013 sees tmTM launch its new collection, developing

    signature themes and exploring new ideas.

  • Floored & Sovereignty Based on iconic Victorian Minton floor tiles featuring the Fleur-De-Lys design, with a twist...

    Floored is Yellow Brick Road meets Alice through the Looking Glass. Pattern that plays with your senses, morphing

    and warping across the products. Very pleasing, very different, unique . Perfectly finished in uplifting, vibrant col-

    ours along with bold blacks and cool greys.

    Sovereignty explodes with its anarchic ceramic tile theme. A fusion of the Fleur-De-Lys motif and bespattered paint,

    merging this medieval tile pattern with action and energy and giving it a feeling of motion and revolution!

  • MUGS (Floored)

  • MUGS (Sovereignty)

  • PLATES (8/ 20 cm)


  • WALL CHARGERS (10/ 27.5cm)


  • WA







    / 30




  • Wall of Plates

  • tmTM Designs 2013 Collection

    tmTM Designs 13 Ashdown House,

    Riverside Park, Benarth Road,

    Conwy, LL32 8BU

    North Wales.

    T: +44(0)1492 580078 M: +44(0)790 301 5140

    E: W:

    All Rights Reserved tmTM Designs 2013

    Registered in England & Wales: 7911091 VAT Registration: 135 3524 37