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Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) ... Time Senstive Networking Calnex PFV Ethernet and Time Sensitive Networking Ethernet –Cheap and easy to deploy BUT It is unpredictable –and as

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Text of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) ... Time Senstive Networking Calnex PFV Ethernet and Time Sensitive...

  • Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Explained

  • Calnex PFV

    • Why Ethernet?

    • What is Time Sensitive Networking?

    • Who Needs it and Why?

    • TSN Standards including gPTP

    • What Happens if it Breaks?

    • Summary and Conclusions

    Time Sensitive Networking


  • Calnex PFV

    Why Ethernet?

    So, how can ethernet support the real-time requirements we have mentioned?

    • Ready for higher bandwidth

    • Huge weight reduction (automotive, avionics…)

    • Cost reductions

    • Network/topology simplification

    • Ethernet is a toolbox!

    TSN and gPTP

    Many new developments leverage Ethernet to move from multiple discrete (sometimes proprietary) networks and topologies:

    なぜ、イーサネットなのか? イーサネットはどのようにリアルタイムの要求をサポートすることができるのでしょうか?

  • Calnex PFVTime Senstive Networking

    Ethernet and Time Sensitive Networking

    Ethernet – Cheap and easy to deploy


    It is unpredictable – and as traffic builds up it becomes slower and even less predictable.

    The Ethernet standards are being extended to provide predictable behaviour under the

    headline of Time Sensitive Networking

    標準的なイーサネットは、TSN(Time Sensitive Network)により拡張される。

  • Calnex PFV

    One or more of…

    - Guarantees bandwidth

    - Minimises and guarantees latency

    - Guarantees deterministic timing

    Different standards address different aspects of TSN – but they are all aimed at the above challenges.

    Time Sensitive Networking

    What Does Time Sensitive Networking Do?

    TSNは何をする? 帯域、低レイテンシ、タイミングを保証。

  • Calnex PFV

    Many diverse Systems Need Real-Time Data Transfer

    • Industrial applications – e.g. Motion control

    • Pro Audio-Video – e.g. Stadium sound sync

    • Automotive systems – e.g. Parking assist

    • Power distribution – Real-time fault monitoring

    What communications system needs to support this?

    Time Sensitive Networking

    Who Needs Time Sensitive Networking?


  • Calnex PFV

    IEEE 802.1 (Time Sensitive Networking)

    Accurate Synchronization with IEEE 802.1AS (gPTP) is integral to many of the 802.1 standards

    The IEEE Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Task Group is building and developing the 802.1 standards as a ‘toolbox’ for networks requiring:

    Time Sensitive Networking

    •Accurate Synchronization

    •Deterministic Latency

    •Controlled Bandwidth

    IEEE 802.1AS(gPTP)による正確な同期は、数多くの802.1規格に必要。

  • Calnex PFV

    The TSN Standards ‘Family’

    Many standards still in development, many not implemented at all – many require accurate timing

    Time Sensitive Networking

    802.1AS-rev – Timing and Synchronisation for TSN

    802.1Qbv – Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic

    802.1Qbu – Frame Preemption

    802.1CB – Seamless Redundancy

    802.1Qcc – SRP Enhancements and Performance Improvements

    802.1Qci – Per-Stream Filtering and Policing

    802.1Qch – Cyclic Queuing and Forwarding

    802.1Qat Bandwidth Reservation

    802.1Qav Queuing and Forwarding

    802.1Qbz – Enhancements to Bridging of 802.11

    802.1Qca – Path Control and Reservation

    802.1QAC– MAC Service Definition

    802.1QCM – Time-Sensitive Networking for Fronthaul

    802.1Qcn – VDP Extension for NVO3

    802.1Qcp – Bridged Network Amendment: YANG Data Model


  • • General Precision Timing Protocol

    • Specifies protocol and procedures to ensure synchronization requirements are met for time-sensitive applications

    • Specifies the use of IEEE 1588, with own profile (gPTP)

    • Defines Time-Aware systems – End Stations and Relays(Bridges)

    802.1AS - gPTP - Timing Accuracy for TSN

    9Note: 802.1AS-REV also in development

    Time Sensitive Networking

    802.1AS - gPTPは高精度なタイミングを提供し、TSN規格に必要不可欠。

  • Calnex PFV

    802.1Qbv – Scheduled Traffic

    Qbv may be as important a use for synchronization (via gPTP) as any end application…

    TSN and gPTP

    Deterministic latency achieved by transmitting critical traffic (and only critical traffic) in scheduled windows

    •All devices must share time

    •Time must be accurate!

    •Better time = smaller guardbands, higher capacity?


  • Calnex PFVTime Sensitive Networking

    - Factories may shut down production because of control loop failures.

    - Accidents and damage may happen – robots could crash into each other or people.

    What Can Happen When Industrial TSN Breaks?


  • Calnex PFVTime Sensitive Networking

    - Fault reporting fails – leading to unplanned network shutdown or explosions.

    - Power added out of phase with the electricity network, leads to loss of energy and shutdown

    What Can Happen When Power Network TSN Breaks?


  • Calnex PFVTime Sensitive Networking

    - Video and audio streams out of sync leading to poor user experience

    - Stadium audio out of sync – poor user experience

    - Insufficient bandwidth allocated to video streams – interrupted transmissions.

    What Can Happen When Audio-Visual TSN Breaks?


  • Calnex PFVTime Sensitive Networking

    - Entertainment system failures

    - Autonomous Vehicles crashing.

    What Can Happen When Vehicle TSN Breaks?


  • Company Confidential

    How Can We Minimise the Likelihood of TSN Breaking?


    Test It


  • Calnex PFV

    Summary and Conclusions

    Time Sensitive Networking

    • Ethernet is everywhere.

    • There are many time sensitive applications that want to switch from traditional networks and protocols to Ethernet.

    • Ethernet has to be extended to satisfy the needs of these applications. This is done using standards developed under the umbrella of “Time Sensitive Networking”.

    • Underlying many of these extensions is the need to accurately transfer time – which is done using gPTP – standardised in IEEE 802.1AS.

    • TSN Needs Testing to ensure that the likelihood of things going wrong is minimised.

    多くの拡張機能の根底にIEEE 802.1ASがあり、gPTPによる高精度同期が必要。 TSNによる問題の発生を最小限に抑えるためにはテストが必要。

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