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ORDINANCE NO. 1991-6 710967 AN [MAr. Ar ti c l e- oJ H 1-1 't' i t.Lr- i-Ind J,pgislat.:/ve r nt.e nt. 1 ·2 i nil'. i ons ] -1 Title and Legislative Intent A. 'I'h i s Ol'dinanCI) f3hall be known a nd may bo c l Lod dB the "f>CinLa b'e County l\n:imal ConLrol Ordinance". The s ho r t. li.Un to th Ls Or-d Lna no e Hhdll bf-: "Animal Co n l. r o l Ol"di- nance. " H. .It 'j S t.hs- j nt.e nt, of th", Hoard of County Cornmi s s Lone r a thai enactment or: I:hi.s ord i nanco will p r o t.eo t: an i ma La from neglecL and proLecl residents from annoy- ance a nd .i n j ur y, p romo t.o the health, safety, and wel- fRre of the reHidenLs and animals, assist. in providing Cl)nll'ol or a nd findnc0.the or licensiny and recovery of said animals. 1··2 OI,rini.t:i.onH the purpoHe of Ordinancp, the following tf'rmH, ph ra s e s , wOI.·dH, and de r i.va t i ona have the mean l nq given hrrpjn. "ShalJ" is always mandatory and noL d i I·ncl:ot'y. Ttw maRCU] i no i no l ud o n The) s ingu·· includeM t.he plural, where approprjate. A • "Aba ndo nme nt;" me;HI:'1 to do ao r t; do I i be r a t.e l y a nd zo r to .r e- lI nqui s h Lh e or cart! of an anima]. B. "A Lt.o Cd. L ion" mea ns to re nd e r an an imd 1. rma non L 1Y sterjJe and incCipable of reproduction. c. "An.irna l " me a n s any dog, ca t; nl' any ve r t.eb ra t.e o 1ud i nC] man). D. "An i rnal Corrt.r ol Ir iviai orr ' means that division of t.h» CI.HJnty, or t.he CounLy'H con t rao t: ogent, 01' bolh, which is 9ppcificalJy charged with regulaL:ing and on I o r-c i n q l aws de a lLnq w i.t.h .s n i ma l oo n t.ro I wi.thin i.tH jurjHd.ict.ion. j" "Animal Conl-rol or means that: pC'Tson du l y a ppo i nl.r-d to t.he po s i Lio n by the COIJnLy or t.he Shf.:!r·j ff of the County of l"e. F. "Animal c on tro I or means any pound, lot., premises, kennel or building ma i nt.a i ne-d or uti- 1 i z od by the County fot' the e a r e and cUHLody or ani" mal.s. G. "It i.t.e " me an s Ct puncture or t.e a r of Lhe sk i n i n f l i.cl:nd by the cl:.!f")th or any an i maL, (1) tII-·

tII-· · H. 'J'tw Sheriff of Snn1.~a "'E:' C'o\lnLy sha l l appoi nt, An lma l ConL:1"01 Offk

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Text of tII-· · H. 'J'tw Sheriff of Snn1.~a "'E:' C'o\lnLy sha l l appoi nt, An lma l ConL:1"01 Offk

  • ORDINANCE NO. 1991-6 710967 AN [MAr. (~ON'I'B()r,

    Ar ti c l e- oJ Gen~rdl"rrovi~ionR

    H ,..;(~ •

    1-1 't' i t.Lr- i-Ind J,pgislat.:/ve r nt.ent. 1 ·2 De~r i nil'. i o n s

    ] -1 Title and Legislative Intent A. 'I'h i s Ol'dinanCI) f3hall be known a nd may bo c l Lod dB the

    "f>CinLa b'e County l\n:imal ConLrol Ordinance". The s ho r t. li.Un to th Ls Or-d Lna no e Hhdll bf-: "Animal Co n l. r o l Ol"dinance. "

    H. .It 'j S t.hs- j nt.ent, of th", Hoard of County Cornmi s s Lone r a thai enactment or: I:hi.s ord i nanco will p r o t.eo t: an i ma La from neglecL and Hbu~(', proLecl residents from annoyance a nd .i n j u r y , p romo t.o the health, safety, and welfRre of the reHidenLs and animals, assist. in providing Cl)nll'ol or ,~nimalli, a nd findnc0.the r:lJnl~tion~ or licensiny and recovery of said animals.

    • 1··2 OI,rini.t:i.onH

    ~or the purpoHe of thi~ Ordinancp, the following tf'rmH, ph ras e s , wOI.·dH, and de r i.va t i ona ~hall have the mean l nq given hrrpjn. "ShalJ" is always mandatory and noL m(~rely d i I·ncl:ot'y. Ttw maRCU] i no i no l ud o n UH'~ fl~mininl~. The) s ingu·· ]~r includeM t.he plural, where approprjate.

    A • "Aba ndo nment;" me;HI:'1 to do ao r t; do I i be r a t.e l y a nd zo r to .r e-lI nqui s h Lhe ~1up(Orv:is:i()n or cart! of an anima].

    B. "A Lt.o Cd. L ion" mea ns to rend e r an an imd 1. Pf"~ rma non L 1Y sterjJe and incCipable of reproduction.

    c. "An.irna l " mea n s any dog, c a t; nl' any ve r t.eb ra t.e (f~X-o 1ud i nC] man).

    D. "An i rnal Corrt.ro l Ir iviai orr ' means that division of t.h» CI.HJnty, or t.he CounLy'H dl~!'li.gnal('d con t rao t: ogent, 01' bolh, which is 9ppcificalJy charged with regulaL:ing and on I o r-c i n q l aws dea lLnq wi.t.h .sn i ma l oon t.ro I wi.thin i.tH jurjHd.ict.ion.

    j" "Animal Conl-rol off:ir:i~r" or "~.C.o." means that: pC'Tson du l y a ppo i nl.r-d to t.he po s i Lio n by the COIJnLy Mandg(~I' or t.he Shf.:!r·j ff of the County of Sant~a l"e.

    F. "Animal c on tro I ~3helt:f:'1"" o r "~hf~ltel'" means any pound, lot., premises, kennel or building ma i nt.a i ne-d or uti 1 i zod by the County fot' the e a r e and cUHLody or ani" mal.s.

    G. "It i.t.e " mean s Ct puncture or t.ea r of Lhe sk i n i n f l i.cl:nd by the cl:.!f")th or any a n i maL,

    ( 1 )


  • H.

    L •


    ] ,.






    ~,... 'I' •

    710968 "Dome s tLc li.venLock" mr-a ns any of the Lu-ge or smepart.ment of tlgrieu.l-· t.u re , Bu r e a u or Animal rndua t.ry , and Sl;d.t(~ 01' Nf~W M~'x'ico H

  • 710969 II. "V i oi oua animal" mC~an~3 any a n Lma l wh i.oh b i t.e s , hiH1

    b i t.t.e-n , or j n any manner ClLLH'k8 or aU.(~mpLl:l t.o i:iLLack or b il.o dny pe r son within t.he County, f~XCf~pl:. that a ny an i mal t.ha t. b it.es , a Lf..ac k a , or at.tt:'mp"L~ 1.0 a t.t.ac.k or b i to when p r-ovo ked by any po r ao n tt'f-~HpdllHing upon iLu ownor" s p r erni a e a , s'ha l J not. be det:·med i.t vi o Lou s iiTli mal. "VicioUR ani.mal" alHo mPdnH any animal which, unprovoked. k il hl or ma i ms i\ny an i ma l owned by a J:.)(·rnon.

    v. "Wi Ld animal II means clfl)' a n i ma l or !:lPEH:jE~K t.hat. in :i.t.s nat.u r.s l life ill wild, di~ngf'I'ous Ot' rC'I'OClOUfi and though it may be t.rai ne-d a nd domes t.i cat.ed , is yet. conH i de r ed by t.h i s Ot'd i na nc c t.o bo da nqe r oua to o cho r a and has the pOt.t'TIU a 1 1.0 :i n j u r-e or k i 1] a pe-r aon or OUH~l" an i ma Ls , 'rhose a n i ma l a , hcwevo r domefJl:ici:tl:f~d, l':holJ r nc Lud e but; an' not..li rni t.ed t.o :

    1.. dog (ami.ly (CanidiH~), all excppt domo a c i c dogs. including wolves, foxes, and coyot.eH;

    2. cal family (F0liddP) all except the commonly accepLed domest.Lcat.ed oat.a , inc.'luding lions, puma s , pan t.ho r a , moun t.a i n lions, bobca t s and ocelo1.s;

    3. bears (Ur~jdae), including griz~Jy bears and b r own bea r s r

    4. wea8td s (f'JU!:lt.~>] i da e l it 1 I except. Uw oornmon 1y dCCf~pted dome s t. i c at.od [e r r e t.s , inc 1ud i ng t.h» weasel. marlen, mink, wolverine, badger, o t t.o r , e rm.i ne , and monqoose r

    5. raccoon (Procynnidaf'), including HtHllern raccoon, dc~~~c~l'l: raccoon and ,'ing-La i Le d cal:;

    6. primaLeH (Homjd~~) 7. po rcup i no e (1';l'l:hi.zonl:idael o. venomous ~nake8 9. venomous Li z a r d a , a l Li qa t.o r s a nd o r-onod i Le s

    10. vcnomOUN fiRh and pLl"dnha.

    i'\ rt. j c] (~ 2 Adm i.n i e t.t-a tLon or On:tindnce

    Sec. 2-] Animal Control Offioers 2-7. AuLho r l.t.y or: Animal. Con tro l offi.CI't'R; [13RUanCe

    of Cit.al-:ions

    2--1. Animal Con t.roI Officf"':-> A. 'J'ht:· ~;her:iff of Santo !,'e CounLy is r-e apon s i b l e for the

    adm i n iat.rat.Lon of the provLa i ona of. Lh i a o rd i nancu , PC)wer~ de 1ega ted to t.he Shf.,~ri.ff may be del ega Led by t.he Sh o rLff LI) r.he duly a ppo Ln Lcd Animal Con l. rol OrriCP1'l1 as he.' may deem expedi «nt.•

    ( 3 l

  • 710970 H. 'J'tw Sheriff of Snn1.~a "'E:' C'o\lnLy sha l l appo i nt, An lma l

    ConL:1"01 Offk

  • 710971 Hu~h animal i~ noL a]reHdy ao informed. If the Qwner I.~ no l, known 01' if h is a dd re s a cannot bf~ t'easonably di'1,('rmj ned , t.he A. C·.O. ha s no dut.y to g:i v e noL'i o e t.o l'hn owno r ,

    C •.I\J1 vi ol at.f on s and fine amourrt.s shall be rf~porLed t,o UH~ s ho Lt.o r c.u s t.od i a n upon the i;tnima1.'s impoundmc nt; .

    I). No anima] that haH been imf~unded may be adopLed out ((H' Plll'POBf'~S of b ror-d inq Ot' >3alf~.

    3··2 mpourid nq No An rf i 1~8traYH; t.f c-e Hequ;ir(~d; Hede(~ming ma l a A. Noticf'~

    L, No pe r aon ahet) I, wi Lhout, knowledge or ('onaen1, of thf~ owner', hold (H' l'f~L:iiin P(HISf~BBion of any an i rna l of which he ia not t.he owrie r , for mo r e t.ha n lWI~nLy-folJl: (24) hou r a , o xo l ud inq Si:lLuediiyl'l, Sundaya, Hnd holidays, when Hu~h peraon haa knowl('!dgf~ of or could l'ed>3onably d iaco ve r Ute owno r of ~lIleh a n i ma l , w i t.hout. fi rat. r epo r t.i nq t.he pO~H.leHAi.on or /'Sueh animal to the owno r o r, if Lh i a canno'\.. be dorie- , t.o cHI A.C.O. 'l'hil:t proviaion shilll not pt:nmllpl: N.M.S.A. Soction 77~14-l, ..~t >3(~q.

    2. Any pt'rson t.ak i nq up cHI a n i maI l:lhalJ give no t ic« of ~ueh animal retention to the owner ir his identiLy can be reasonably determined and shall not refuse l.o i mrned i e t.e Ly au r i-end ..er auc h an i ma l 1'0 the owne r or Lo an An:imn,l Corrt.r o l Officer upon demand t he roo L,

    Ii. J[ an impounded estray is wearing a license or beHrs OLlH~l' i drcnbi Li c a l.Lo n lagH, the animal aha l I bo confined ill. an dpproprjaL(~ animal ahe l t.e r pe-nd i nq not.'i f o > c.s I.Lon or: the owno r o r aut.ho r i z ed dgent, f o r il po r iod of f:iv(~ (:'i) working days. The drty t.h« t!l-;t.ray an i ma l itl i.mpourid od conn L iLut.es day ouo ,

    C. Upon no t.c f ica Lr on , an owrie r or his not.a r i z ed rigent. must. l'f~df~'~T11 h ia animal w i.t.h i n LWf~nty-fou,: (24) hou r s • Any animal not. clnimed by

  • 710972 )0;• .I t. 1:-1h;;dJ br: t.he- r(o'~porHdbij-jt-y of an ownf~r to r ol mbu r a«

    the Co u n Ly rOl" animal boa rd Lnq , vacclndl:ion, f~mf-'t.'gf~ncy veterinary ~o~ls, or other expen~es incurrpd by the Cou n Ly or' a Rheltl't· [01.' any animal legally impounded under t.he p r-ov i ai OTIS of t.h i s Ordinance, whether or not, t.hr an i nla 1 i.8n~deemed.

    .... The owner of a n :impounded anima] may c l ai rn h I s a ni mal by paying I:hl~ l'l(~hedull~d ri.n(~fl and i mpound i nq r:(~f~:'1 to l,hf.~ custodian or the shf'lter, t.o a n A.C.O. or ~heriff'l:l d(~[>Hl;.y. An owner may (~ll~cl;, to pay the rjnl~ undo r prn1.est'., ,request: a hf:'C1 r i ng on t.he rnaL t.e r by aecE~pLi ng a c i t.at.Lon f r om a n A.C.O., a ppo.s r a t, an a r r a i.qnmr-n l: a L :vIdgi~tr;·lt:(> cou r t. , a rid pa r t.Lo i pat.e .i n a trial on the ma tLt~ r,

    G. J f an "·Ht.rrty is not we a r i n9 ii ] i cense a nd bears no o t.ho r i drcn t.Lf i c a r.Lon tagH, I.he a n lma l shall be i.mpounded at an appropriCi'LE' a n i ma J control s he Lt.e r for four (4) working da.Y:i. Any an i ma l not. c l a Lmed o r ca r d i a l i nj e-ct.f on of n doge of ba r-b i.t.u r at.e a ( nod i urn po nt.ob.s r y Lo L) , 01' any o t.ho i- mo t.hod deeml-~d humane and pa in l e s u by the An:im",,] Control nl v i s i on ,

    ( 6 )

  • 710973 Ii. Any animal which cannot be brought Lo an animal

    aho I t.o r lH~CdWW of t.h» i na b i Ll t.y or: an An i ma l Conl:.rol Officer to extricate or cdpturv an animal which i~, in t.ho op i n ion of thn A.C.O., v i o i ous or l n f eo t.ed w i l.h any dangerouH or incurable di~eHHe or in Hny painfully

    ripp df~13Lr:oyed by byc l od corrd Lt.Lo n , fihall br- ahoo t.Lnq a 1'\.Iblie ~afety Offir~f~r at. the direction of t.he Ani ITta I Con l.t'o I Orf iC'~I·.

    )···5 ] rnpoundrnen t. of Horses

    A. Jf Hn A.C.O. find~ that. a horue hH~ heRn abuHPd by lwi.ng ur\Lt.'r~rl.t"d f o r Hr~l·iol.l:-> m(~dical 01' hoa l Lh p rob Louns , or by' tH.,·j ng s e r ious Ly nndE'rff~d 1.0 Huch an e-x t.e nt, t.ha t, i Lu baekbone i.1'l v i.n ib l o through il;:; s k i.n , then an A.C.O. shan c'i'LE~ 1.hE~ owne-r unde r Art:icl£~ 6 of t.hi.s Ol:di.natlco and Ill;~y, i.n hiH d iao r o t.Lon • a l low n l'e::;ponsi" b l n perMon who :i~ know.l(~dgE'rtb.le in ho r ue carl" a nd a b l e l:o p r o v ido l'IuLLabl(~ food, wat(~I' a nd vo t e r Lna ry Gdl'rl ( he r e i na I t.o r , "cCireLaker"), whi l (' i n t.he pr(~HE'T1Cf~ of Lb e A.C.O., to Lempo ra r i ly tdkl~ cu~tody or I:he hOt:lil', :i n order 1..0 prov:i de care dTld rnai nt.en~nce f o r t.he- ho r uo , p rov idr'rl: 1. The e~.rel..i-iJH~r Hha]] pr-ov.i d« transpnr1.nt.ion for t.hr

    ho r s o reom U\f~ s i Le wh('I:('~ Lh(~ ho r s o i.1'J round to Lhe caretaker's premiMcH; Hnd

    ~. "'he Ci;)I"f·~tdknl· Rhdll p r ov i de iid(~quat:p- rood, ~helLel' dnd velprinnry cnre for the horse; and

    1, 'I'he ean~Lakel' n.g,·(~r'H to a b i do by any oou r t: o rdo r regarding t,hf~ cusLody and ownership of t.he honw.

    B. 'rhe owner o f s uoh -sn dhw'H~d h()I·Hr·~ who has bonn Lompo .. THrj]y deprived of the cusLody of hi~ horae may, at Ltv' heal'Lng on t.h e iSHU(~ or h i.a c l.La t. l on rot" abuar, petiLjon t.hs- Court for t.he r e t.u r n of h:i H ho r so . Unt.'j J l'iIJch a judi.e.i.dl df~tfH·mi.llal:ion, thp hOI"lH~ aha I l r ema in in the custody of Lhe careLaker, and the owner aha]] be ;iH>Hll'll'ic"d a reas()n;{bl(~ rc~o I"t)'," I:.h E-) LI'iitll'lpc)\"l;iit i.on ()r the ho r a« t.o t.he c a r e t.ake r ' 8 prflmi s e s , p.l us $] 0 per rt;.w boe r d i.nq c h a r qo , rOt, edeh drl.y 01" part t.hn r cof Lh a l. Lh(~ ho r ae r ema i n~ on t.he- C

  • Article 4 710974Ownc'l' • R Du l. i.c~:~

    4· .. ] Hab:i (~H va co i nation 4-2 Hab i d An i ma 1 4··3 ArdmaJ lI:ii.·ing it l'erHon 4-4 Hc:, l'l L r ai n I: 0 r: Ani rna 1Ii 4··5 'I.) (~en~e H(~qu.i remenLH

    4-"1 Hdbj.c~s Vacci.naL.ion A. :11. I s the duty of a Ll pe- r aon s own i riq a c a t. or dog or

    any membo r n or Lhc~ c~dnine 01' reli.ne fdm.ily wh i ch an e-mpl oyee of an ani mCi] ciont.r-o l !:lhtd t.e r or t.hr- ani mal conl. r-o I d Lv is I o n i s pe rm i t t.cd 1:.0 vaccl na t.e OVA[' t.ho age of t.h r e-e ( 3) mont.h s t.o have uuch an j rna 1 VCiCf;) na t.e-d i-lga i n a l. r abI e s , '.rhe r ab.i e s varrc i n a t; ion Hha 11 be g lvo n :in amount.s auf f Lc i e nt; to prov:i de i.mmun i ty from r ab ies f'o r OIH,~ (1.) yea t- and be a dm i ni a t.e r ed by a licf-~nIH~d ve-t.e r i.na r-Lan , A cer t.i f i cat.e or tag from a ] iecrnwd vo lo r i na r Lan ahaLl be ev Lde nc c of: vaccination. A graduaLe veterinarian may vaccinate hi!:l own dog or c~L.

    1:\. A vo t.e r Lne r i an adm Ln l at.o r inq any r ab i c e vauo Lno !::o Hny animal shall iSldue t.o t.he owner of the animal a numbo rod ve co l na L i on CC~I'1: i r iCi'lLe or tag wh i o h s ha Ll (!ont.a:i n t.he- nO'lm.:~ and add )"(~H~ of t.he owne r of t.b e iHI i mal, ;~ dl-'~,cei.pLi.on or !:hf~ a n i ma l vaccinated, the da l.o of t.h(~ vaoci nat-ion a nd l.he e xpi r a L'i on da t.e 01 t.hspo rLod or i mmun l.Ly .,tt

    C. JL :i~ un l awf'ul for i.hE:-! ownpr of any dog, Ceft, or o t.he r mcmbo rs of thn o.s n lno 01' r:~~line f amiLy Lo relil Lo « xh i b lt. n cer1.:if:icate or l.(lg of Vnc(~·in;fi.i(>n, upon dorna nd , to any Shf~l'i.rr·B doput.y 0" An i m.s l Con!:,.'ol() :r f 'j C' EO' r .

    4-2 "abid Anlmi-il ~ny nnimn1 that.: has rCibieH or ShOWH 8igns of having rabieH, and dny i-inimal b l t t.cn by a not.hru- .an ima l a f f I ic Lred by rab i e s , or t.hat. h'f!:l brve n exposed 1..0 kluch a rabid anima], shal] be con f inod 131: once in a secu['f~ p l aric by U1f~ owno r , A pC~l'Bon who knows or ha s rf;~n~c;m t.o know t.ha L any anima] i. H i nff~et.ed w iLh r ab ioa 01' an unvacc i na Lod a n i maI has br-e n e xpo s e d 1:0 rClb:if'H aha lI immediately f)oLify an An i rna l Control Of f'i c e r of Lhc~ pLH~C~ Whel-(~ the a n Lma l i.R confined 0" Ci-in bA found. 'l.'hp ownf.'r of w:lid animal !Ahclll ~\lrrender said ani ma l t.o t-tw An l rna l co n t.r-o l Ufficel' upon doma nd , 'l'hc~ A.C.O. shall then d£"'(-11 wlt.h t.he rabid animal pn r aua nt. 1.0 ~t:at.e Jaw. A v aoc i « n·,. I:c~d ;'111 i ma 1 e xpo ae.d to ra b i.(~:1 may be l'f:~qu i red to bo con·fi()f~d on t.he- cwne r '.s prpmlld('!-l for a minimum of f ou r t.e e-n (J.4) day, un k i! i.t', i s d e Lo rm l nod hy an A.C.O. t.ha t, t.hr- ro at"l~ 110 ~1ympt.(Jmld uf r abi E:~!-l.

    (8 )

  • 710975 4-3 Animal lji.Li.ng d PI~nH)n

    A. Th~ owner or an animal that bites a person and lhe pe-rso n bitten by an a n i rna l shall both t"f~P0l.'t t hat: oceurren(~£' to an Ani ma I cont.r-o l officf..-r wi Lh i n twent.y' [nUl' (24) hou r a of the occ u r renc o , 'l'he owner or an an i rna l that. bi t.r-u a person ~:hal] HurrendE:'r aa i d an Jma l to an Animal cont.ro l ()rrier~L' t.o Impound !'laid animal f o r' CI l:Jer'ioc1 of obf:wrvation c'le('mf~d reasonably necessary by t.ho An i maI Control orficet.,. A vaoo i na t.ed animal may be eon f:i ned on:i t.s owner' s prf~m:i sea dur i ng t.h:i s L:i me of ob:.;/:' I.'V o f si.eknr~PlH, o r abno rma l behav Lo r .

    C. A phy si c i an who r e nder a Ln~a1.m('nL to i.i J:wrSOT! b i t.t.e n by a n an i ma l ~.:;hr.lll n~po,'t: I.ho raet Lha l; hI' ha s I'l~nd phys:ic:ian ss h a Ll give the name .snd add,'('l'll'l of thr' ownl~l' or: t ho a n i ma l t.ha t. inflicted the b i t.e , jf known, and o t.he- r L~cL:~ Lha L may i.l!'ll'li.1'l1: I:hf' Animal Co n t.r-o l Or:riCt~t' in HwcprLaining the immuni~ation sLaLuH of Lhe animal.

    4-4 HPH I: l'i;l, i.nt o r An i ma 1. H A. Al] persona owning or having charge, cUBLody, or

    conl:n.>l of any animal Hhdll kl~(~p s uc h a n i ma l l'(~81:l'ainl~d 1.0 preve nt, dama qe or ha rm t.o P('op] e and pr-opo r t y • v i.o l a t.Lon or t.h l s Sr)cl:ion wi.ll f)Ubj(·~I=1:. said ownl~" o r k~'E'per t.o a fine as ~:et. fort-hin Append'jx II.

    11. When d dog i.H orr i.tH owne r ' u p r-orn i s o a , it munl; bo under l e a s h or unde-r oont.ro l o f Lhf~ owner. "Con1..rol" ino 1ud e n OJ dog who l'(~Hpl)ndB to sound l~omllldnd~~ 0 r i 1:11 (lwn('~r to «orne- t.o 'j t.H owner on command. 'J'h(-~ owner or iI dog sha l t 1'101: ;~llow i L 1..1) ru n a t, l a rqo 01' credLl~ a nu i aa nc e on Ctnoth('r'~: property, b£, :it publiC! or pr:i·· Vdl.:l~, i.ncludi,ng (~nl:(~l'ing onl·.o Id.wnH, dri.vnwitys, walk· WCly8, pl

  • 710976


    S0e. 5-1 1)--7. ~-1


    C. Any a n i ma l l:l'f~};pds:-;i_ng upon !H-i.vaL:e 01' publ i.c PI'()p,~t'Ly !-lhid 1 be de-e-me-d p r i md f t.han ni ne-t.y (90) COTltwcuL:i ve dayH Hh'.dl b(~ f~xempl: [l'om Lh i a S(~(~Li()n, p r o v i.drad , howevr- r , that. a l J ot.he r pr-ovi s j on s of t.h i s (}nJjn ..H1C(~ at'l~ c omp l ;('d w i t.h ,

    (?) Gu:i de dngH wil J be l:i (Hm!H'd by the Coun1.y at no (~l)dt~gC I.:() the I e qa l Ly b l i.nd a nd z o r dear, o r Lo a handjcapped or disabled pe r aon who h(ij-; a current. PI'I~HCI'ipti.on f rorn d 1 i.cnnB(~d phya i o ia n pt'l~Het'i.bin9 such animal USf~.

    G. Penalty: Any pen-:on v:iolaLing any of the pr-ovi.a i.on s of t.h l s ar tLc l o shall h(~ guill:.y of a mladnmea no r and, upon conv i c ti on , s ha l I be pun lahed by :inearc!eraLion and/or by "'1 f i no d:-> l'Jnl forth in Appnnd.ix A.

    Ar t.f c Le 5 r~uhibiLed AetivitLcs

    Dogs Rurm i ng at }.arge An irna l s Oil (!n(~nclo::Jed Pt"emi.sf~H, ChaLn(:,d An i ma l n An i ma l s 'l'rcm8portc~cl or l,eft :in VdLicJes Vieiou~ AnimdlM

    ( 1 0 )

  • 710977 5-5 ~-6

    5-7 5··,8



    5 .7.

    An illld 1 Disturbing l.ho Pl~dcn An i ma l Nuisances on ~;:jdf.~waIks, ~treetH, PubLic Pa r-k a , A'l l o y a , a nd ot.ho r pldCl'l-> Opnn 1"0 UH-~ Puhl i c UnLawf u l llse of Li(:en8~~ 'J'itg An i ma l s 'l'I'dirwd 1:0 A!i:,i.:~I: Uw Handicapped Allowed ln I.'IJblic pJaceg WritLf·n Complaint H(~qnirf~m(~nt

    IlngH Ru nn inq at La rqe 1 t, 'j s un lawful for any owner to ii 1 ] ow or pe rrnl 1. any dog t.o ru n iii' ldt'g,,,. Any dog pe rm l.Lt.ed 1:0 r u n a I; l a r qo i n v i o « .1 at j on of t.h i.s SecLj on j ~ df.~c 1a r e-d La be a rm:i s ance 1 ,. nll~ndCe 1:0 I:hl~ pub lie hl';~ l I.h and l'jafl~Ly, a nd may be Lakl~n up and 'impounded as prov:ided :in ~;E>cL:ion ]-) 1 f.~L ~lf~q. J n addi.l:ion, i,Lf; owno r nha l l be subject to the pen"dI: il'H l'jl,~I: forth in Appendix A.

    An ima ln on (jnl~ncll)l'll~d l)t'nmi.I''If~H; Chained An i ma l a 1\. .11. :is un I awful for iHIY p(~rS(lTl t.o chain or ut.ake i.ny

    .an i ma l i.n;'I c r uo l (H' in huma no ma n no r , Whnn~ o irc um : ~~t.i:HICl'l'l wa r r ant. a nd no other fI11.ernat-:i v e- f'X'j t.s for confining all dniOli:'ll on U_H owr)l~I"'B pL'npE'l'Ly, ;'1 l'Opl", cdbl(" or c h ai n milY be ul:led La restril:in the an:imid, p ro v i dod the followi.ng o r l t.o r i a a ro met: .1. 'J'h e rope, cha i n , or cab l « must be Ciffixpd to t.he

    animal by UHf'~ of a non-cs b ra a.i.vo , comf'o r t.ab l v fitted collar or hornel:l8.

    ~ . 'l'hl~ r ope , chain o r cable mu st: be at leaHI: t.wo l vo (]21 feet. in length unle~B Huch lengt.h aJ.1owH t.he ani ma l 1:0 cn t.o r onto anouhe r ' s Pl'OP('~I:l.:y, in wh i o h caSE' t.he c ha i n Hhi:t I J be- no ] CIHI t.hem e:i qht, (0 I feet i n ll~ngt:h. 'l'lw c h a i.n mus l. be unoba t ruo t.-: e.d by ob je-c t.a wh i o h might CClW;H~ t.ho an i ma l 1.0 bl'coml~ en Ld ng led.

    3. 'J'h(~ ,Hl'jrnij) must. have easy and constant aeeeHl:l La adequa t c l'lhl'lLet', food a nd po t ab l o wa Ler .

    4. 'l'he a r ea whe r e thl;~ a n i ma I is c on f' i ne-d muut, be k ept. [n:'!,.,: or: garbage, feces, or o Lhe r d ob r i a wh ich may endCinger the animal's heaJLh and safeLy •

    .5. 'I'hl~ a rea who r-e Uw animal lH c on f Ln od mus t: bl~ kept free of i n s eot, :i nff'HUILj on Huch a l:-1 a nt. hi] 1H, WiHlp nl~:'lL::;, [lnd, tick, a nd maggot', infn:"!l:al:ionn.

    6. 'J'he anima] mus t. be t.J e-d n~n~(>nClbly nf'

  • 710978 t.hs- e t.he n

    5·p:rf.·m·j~es we

  • 710979 5-6 Animal NIJil~dnc(~R on Hid(~wi-llk:~, Publi.c P;:H"kl;, Alley",

    Ot-her P] ClCf.'S Open t.o thf' Pub] i c

    A. JI: i.s unlawful EoI.' I:h(~ ownc r or any an i ma I 1:0 pf~l'mil·., ei t.he r w:illfully or through frt:ilure t.o f~xp,.eil;w dlH' (~i-ll'(' 01' c on l. ro L, dny nuch animal 1:0 oomm il: any nu i.u a nce upon d H:i dew,",) k , or :i n a pub 1 'j (. pCl rk; or upon t.h e floor 01.' wa 1 1 01' any common Wrl 1 1 o r ;lllY common ha l I :i n any mu.1tjple dwe- l Li nq , e nt.ryway , at.a i rway , or wall i mmed i > dtf~ly dbuU:ing on i-\. pub l ic :'ii.df~W a nd d i s'P0l:':e of it 'j TI a san lt.a i-y ma nnn r . TtH~ Lo rrn nu ina noo Rhall i nc lude any def(-'caL:ion or u ri na t.jon , deBt-ruction of p.ropE~r1.y or d i s Lu r b i n q t.h o pt'OI,.HH:ty of anot.he r , i no l ud i nq Uw r ubb i ah or t.ra s h of 0 r e s i de-nt. of Santa "'E~ Cormt.y ,

    IL v Lo lat.Lona or t.h i a S(~ctjon ~1hi'l.11 Cl.HHJLi.LuLt~ i'l. nui.Hane(' and shall (lbjEl(~1.jon t.ho owrlf~r t.o t.ho perkll1.:iE'H ~et. [ol'l:h in Apporid i x A,

    5··7 un l awf'uI l1~.;e of l.:i CE~n~H~ 'J'ag tL ii1 un l aw I'u l [ot' .sny Pf~I':)on Lo rr-mov« any 1 i'~"~nl'lr'~ L;,,\g fl'om cHI a n i rna l a nd at.t.acrh it. t.o

  • Article fi 710980CruelLy La AnimalH Prohibited Sr~c • 6-] Ph y s i cia l Abua« 6-2 Molf'HI-.ing Animals 6-3 Work Crw;'lty 6 -.4 rar0 and MainLenancn 6-,5 lJncGlrE'~d··for AnIrna l Hi Abandonment, 6 .f) t n j u ry to An i ma I a by Ml)tori~I~B 6-· 7 Keep"ing of J)i~('

  • 6-7

    710981 6·5


    ()llcdt'ed-[ot: An i ma l a ) Abandonment 1\. Wherl£'ver an An i rna l Co n t.ro l Officer fi nd s t.ha t. ilny

    aninlnl I.F~ o r w il I l)p wlLhou l: l)t·()P~·~'· Ci"=tI:(7- l)f'~CrtUs""~ o f :inju r y , :i] J ne!:ls. and /01' 'j nc~C1 rCf'rilt.:i on or itH i:I r e s u l t, of I:.hl' db:-:;I~ncn or the owno r Ol' pPl'8on \'eRpolla ib l e ror I:hl'~ Cicknf~HB 01" i n j u ry or the an ima l, upon UH~ in!:'l1.rucLion of '" l:icf'nl:wd ve1.erjrlr.irirtn. t.he Animnl Co n Lro I Of fic.o r may Ldkn such i3ction i.:l}l callf~d [Ol' Lo p r eve-nt, undue- pai n Clod ~mrf(·rjrlg. 'includ:ingimmed:ial~ dCHtruction o[ the dnin~l.

    H. :It,]H unlawful for a ny pPrl-tnn 1:0 aba ndori ilny animal 'in the County 0 [ Santa Ff~.

    Injury 1.0 Animnl by Mo1.ori~t~ A. Ionabll' l onqt.h or Lim(~ o r unt.j l suoh t.i m« (Hl t.he a ppr opri a Le aut.ho r i t.Le s a r r i v e , uri l o s a pe rm.i s a Lo n i.H gl.'dnl:t~d t.ho o aIJLh()t'i.ti.f~l> 1:0[,'()m s 1f~i-IVf' t.he Heenf~ a f t.e r prov:i di ng hi B namo , itndrf>H!:'l. a nd o t.hr-r t"f-)lf~vi;lnl: in f o rma tLo n ill'! t·f~cJl..lesLf:,d by the appt.·o· p ri a t.e- aut.ho r r t.J e-s , AJ1.ernilL:ively, :in t.ho i-Ib!:H,:ncE' of Lhf) owne r, a po r son may q i vr- aid by taki.ng I:h(-~ animal 1.0 nl:ted ve t.e r i na r i e n or lo in .sny pa infu l l y c r Lpp l Lnq oorid l t.f on , nX(~f)pt ,Hl hpTf"i niif1.f'r p r o vi de-d , The An:imal Contro] Off:i c:er mity impound Huch di.S(~dSed 01.' pain[ully ct'i.pph'd ani.mal in dC" corditnc~ wi·th the p.r(lv:i~:ionl:l of th-i~ Ordinancp. All mwh d,nimi'll~~ impnlJndf~d m'i.y bn dCRLroynd humdlH~Ly i:H~ Hoon Lhf~rear·· l.f'r ilH.iH pr

  • 710982 a n i ma L, the i\"jmal Control Off:icer Hhi-llJ be r aqu i r-ed to ~iVE~ dny of Ull~ afol-pl'I;3id nf'H A. Three or mo r e v i o Lat.f on s of fo 1'(' a h~

  • 71.0983 e x Li n qu.i s h.i nq a l l pro[ler1.y ri qht.s of Lhe E'x:i~lt.·ins t.h» human h t.ut.e s i.1 pub l i c or p ri va t.e nui s anoe ,

    7 -. ') L i. C(~rH; i.n9 wi 1d () t' ";xo!: io An lrna 1H Any provi ai o n (If Lh i s Ordin.. nce to t.he eont.rnry noLw·it.hRI:atlding, no po raon aha Ll roc e.l vo , own, or kf~"~P a wild 01' pxot.ie a n i rna l w:ith:in Lhe Li rni La of Lhe- County, wit-hout f I r s t. i\pplying [Ot: arid recei.ving ["om Uw A.C.O. an annua l pf'l'mil·. 1.0 do no . 'J'he- appl.ici:lnt mUI.lL pr-ovi d e pv:idenee of kTlow]edyp a nd r.il~jli.I·.ip8 [0'" UH~ cat'e and r(~I-~dLng of Uw animdl in" volv('d. The Animal Cont.rol OfficE:'r :ig permit,t.ed to (mU'r

    • ( 1. 7 )

  • 710984 t.hs- pr-ern i se s the pe rrni t.t.e-e he re-unde at any ea sonabJ (~of r r Lime·) [01' t.he fJl..ll:pose~ of in:..pection or ['f~i1l8fJecl:ion to de~I:I~I'mi ne c ompLi a nc e wi t.h t.h i s Or-d i na nc-e , The A.C.O. may deny, I'l~vokl~, 0/' !'lu8pend a pet'mit [ot' f a Ll u re Lo comp l y w.i.th t h ia S(·cLion. 'I'h i s permit Hhi-llJ be renew(~d iHtrlually, Cit. a oo s L HI~1: rol'l:h in Appendix A.

    7-3 Ani mal e u~wd for 1;;nt.t:~r'I.cdnn\(,flt. Ownel'S of a n.i ma l s ul-Jnd in o x h i bi t.a , o i rcusos , l'odeof! , a nd animals otherwise used for entertainment. pur poae a must. comply wi.Lh a l l p tov i.a l o na or Lh is o rd i ne nce .

    7,· 4 Guo. rd Dogs Arry orre: IWj fig or k(~('f,j ng a clog for t.he !'l()]f> purpose or glJdl.-di.nl.:J ;, Pl'f)pf~rly. and no lt.ho r i:lH d pl~L not' f.c}l' hunl:ing USf'H, must. follow t.hr- r out.r i ct.f ons IM't, f o r t.h :in Sf~cLion 7,4, In a dd i Li o n to a Ll o Lh o r: i'lppli.nabll~ p rov i a i orus of: Lh l.n Ordi ni-ll"lc~e:

    A. 'J'hE~ pne I OHUr'(' au r r ound i ng t.hf~ pr.operLy protE'CLE·d by n ql,.ldl'd dog mUHI: bo !H~CU['f:~ a l: all Li.nH'H HO ..iii; to p rovo nt: t.ho dog from r unni ng at la r qe , un J eBl.l Lhf~ owner cornpI i,1':3 wil:h Secti.on 5·:>A.

    H. :I r e~hai ne-d , t.he ani mel J rnus t. be loe;.l'l.(··d w'it.hi n ) 0 f ".·(·t or I:he: c~nl:t'dnce or: thl) budding to bo guan'Jnd a nd chHinpd in such ~ manner n9 ~et forth in SecLion~ 5-2A I.. 1.:hrolJgh 6. (ChdLnl,d An i ma La ) ;

    c. 'J'h(~ OWTlPr of the guard dog Hhi-ill P08t witrn:ing s i qn s p rorn i nren tLy on all Hidl'~l'l or the proro.l ae s lind on LlH~ E'n1.ryw,.y t.o the premi ~e8, a l.a Li.nq that. a gnard dog :i 1-1 on the p.rern i ses .

    Article 8 Oead AnimQlR

    s(~C •

    8-·1 l)i~pOl:wl 1\. W:i t.hi n twenty-four (24) hours of death of ,10 ani rna J ,

    u)(~ OWrH'!' Hhiill d l upo s o or I:hf~ CC:ll'Cdlill'l by bu r La I ;~L ]eaHL Lh:ret-' (1) ff~(~t. underground in a su i t.ab l e lOCil t.Lo n , 0\' by o l.ho r mei;inH dPPl'ove'd by an A.C.O.

    II. At h i s dj~cr('Lion, t.he !'I.C.O. :is a ut.hori z od 1.0 p:ick up dfld diapl)He of all dC:Hd a n l ma l s i rnrrmd ia l.o Ly upon d i ucov e r y or not.Lfi oa t.f on , 'I'hl' A.C.O. is not [,(-~Hpon:Ji.bJ{~ f o r pi.ck up o r' dil'lpol'li:'ll of nom'··l-lt.·ie Li v c s t.oc k or w:ild a ni ma l a , or a ni maI s

    ounk l Ll o d on l.n t.e rat.at.e h l qhway s , HL'il:f-~, 01' c t.y l'Oi:lUn. D. 1\1. Lhr: requel:lL of t.he owner, an A.C.O. rnay , aL h i n own

    d i acro t.Lon , gi.ven tho Cl·.l'di.nLn of county n~SOUl'Cf~~, pi ck up t.he CttrCi:t8l:t of dog8 Hnel o a t.u w(~igtdng Le s s t.ha n

  • 710985 t.\.WrJ1.)' (20) pounrlH from t.he home s of t.ho owne r a who are l'f~nid(~nl..s of the Co u n l.y , 'I'h" fee for t.h i a HnL'vi.(~e i,H ~;f' l.. f () r t.h :i n Append i x 1\.

    r;. An a n i ma l Cd.l'CdfHl p l okr-d up undo r t.hi s Sn(~I:ion of I:hn ordi n;HICf' aha I 1 be d i ~pmwcl of by the Count.y in whrlt..Ew' Pl' way i.H do t.o rm l ned Lo b(~ I:he mos t; f(·~afli.hln 1:0 pl'l)I:(~ct. lhe hedl1.h, ~Hf~ly, rind wf'lf~re of Lhe reMjdenl~ of t,h!':' CounLy and in such d mannel' dH 1:.0 rni n Lml v e e x pe n ao to UI(' An i mill ConLrol \)j vi ~d on and Lh!':' County.

    Ad: i c 1 f~ 9 'l'dmpering

    Hee. 9··' BrE!aking r nt,o J:.;nc}o!:lure 9-2 Hindering dO A.C.O.

    9,··J Breaking i nt,o r:ne}()~l\lrf.:' Any pen,lon who sha] 1 :i nan)' rnanne r break int.o or 0 j d , d i > l'l~cLly 01' ind i r-ec t l y .i n broakl nq l n l.o i.he e nc l o s u r e i.n which any animal is im~~unded or kppL under authority of un A.C.O. or: Sh('.·i.f(":; dnpu t.y fjha11 bo guilLy of a po t Ly mi.Hd('!mf~.:HlO'·'

    9-2 }j:indf!ring on A.C.O. Any pe-r aon who s hal J w i I Lf u l Ly or inUmLioni:tlly h i ndo r or oh~I:I'I.Jel any An i ma l Co n Lto l O[[i{~(~l' in l.ho diHdldl'gl'~ or h i a official du1.y under the provi~jons of this Ordinance shall bo gl..li.ll;.y or: d p(·~Lty m i adomea no r ,

    Art.:i c 1p I 0 l{r~9uldLion::; r'Ot' Kenne18, (',:oomi.n9 Pal'lot::'!, Pnl.:. ~hOPH,

    Pf~L She 11.('rR, and Bobby Hreedt!rH

    10-J Perm.it-Hi St.andardHi Hevoeal:ion of Pt·rmi1.!-l A. I: I: ~~h;;\ 11 bo u n l aw f u 1 1.:0 kr·~op, ma inLd in, ha r bo r o r'

    POH"H~Sl:; upon 1.hf~ p r erm ue s of any onf' h01HH·'hold or upon the premi.nr~H of a ny onn buss i no s a p rope r t.v tuo r o Lh a n Len (10) dOgH of l t c.en si nq i-lgf~ or Len (JO) cal.H un le-s a t.ho owno r o r' po raon in chdrg(~ Lho r eo f hd~t ob t.a i..nnd a fH"'('mil: Lo operot.e a k e nne l from t.he Anima} Co n t.r o l niv:i.l,.don.

    B. 'rho cOl·d: of obl.:ai.ning;l konnr- l pe rrn i t: LH ~el: f o rLh in ApPE~nd j x A. ]';och kr-nne 1 l:i Cenl-lf! muat. be rE.!newed annnd 11 Y .s nd ., IWW p(·~t'm i.l: fee pa i d.

    C. No ke-nnr- l p e r-mi t; HhCl]l be il:lf:HWd un t.i I a n inspec1.ion of the kennel by an A.C.O. finds compliance wi.th lhiM Ord:i na no e he s been complet.e-d .

    D, 'l'hn A.C.O. l s a ut.ho r i z ed to lns preo t; , at ony l'(~i\Honablc hour, any kc-rme l ho l d inq 0 permjt t,o ope.rd1.(>. )I)'

    ( 19 )

  • 710986 i1c(:epling a kennel pf~rm'jL, 1h" permit-Lee lS C19rElE~'in9 to uu r ro ndo r thf:~ ke nnr- l rOl' ilHlpecLi,nn a L i.1 t:ea.Bot""hl,) t :irrw upon t.hl" request. of ;HI A.C.O.

    ":. All kl)I'll1elH, ali dl'rirwd horo i n , Khall, i.n a dd Lt.Lon 1".0 l.hf· other pr-ov is t.on s of t.h i s o r d f nanoe- , comply wi th t.he m i n i rnurn Htanddrds or: t.h i s 81~cLion. FnilUl'f) to mr.l,~t Lhcse H1andardH ~hHl} be grounds Jor denial uf H ~~rmit. o r I'evoc:."tion o f a pe rm i t , 'rhe (ollowi.ng HLandat"dlJ muut. be met.:

    J • Ci n i rna] emo 1o aur e s must, be- p r ov j ded wh j ch ill} ow ddequal:'~ p ro l.oo u l on agai.nl-JI: all Wf-~dUH~r extef·)mnl';. F]oorH of buildingH, run!:! and wi-l1lH, must.. be corus t.ruc t.ud with an impe rv Loua ma t.e r La l t.o pl-~l'miL proper c Lean I nq and d:iH:infect..ing.

    ~. building l.:emperaLun.~H shall be ma l.nt.a Lnnd at. it oomfo r t.a b l e level. Adf·qua'l.e vE'nLi Lat.f on and adl)l}uaL:e 1 ighting uha l I bo ma i nta tnod at ;,,11 t.Jme s ,

    ,). e a c h an i ma l sha J 1 ha ve- suff:ic'j('nt.. ~pClef' t.o i>t.and up, 1. il'! down a nd turn i:ll'ound wi,thou!: I.ouc h lnq I:hl-~ gjdes or Lups of c~geH.

    4, n':lge:~ a ro to bl~ or ma t.e r La l a nd conI1Lt'u

  • 710987

    .1.1-] 11 ·2 J J ··3 11-4 1.1-5



    1 1. - 3



    A r l: k 1(~ 1 1. JleTldlLy; Grace P d i no re t.Lon , /'nquit'(' the d o f o nd a n t; t.o mi:ik(~ t'(~Hl.;il:Il' L'i o n , wi t.hl n i1 n'dsonable L:imE~, 1.0 t.he vi o t.j rn of s ai d di'iffiiigc 01' i n j u ry,

    SHvings C]HUHe and Hepeal Provision rr .sny or Lh(-~:H~ SI~el:i.nnH, Hllb:H~(~ti()ns, sl-~nl:ene(~B, c l a uar-n , or ph r a s e s of 1.hi f3 o r d i narioe

  • I'!'lSg}.;j), i-,\PPHOVED AND ADOP'J'I':n ON 'J'HIH ) 21'H DAY Of.' r-1AHCH, 1991.

    710988CDMM rss WNt

  • 710989 APPENDIX A


    A. 1,ICENSING 1. Unaltered Male $ 10.00 2. lInallet"ed Female 10.00 3. Altered Male 3.00 4. Altered Female 3.00 5. Late Penalty/No License and/or Registration ] 0.00 6. Duplicate 'L'a"gs 5,00


    a. Per offense $ 15.00 b. Boarding cost (per day) as set by Animal Shelter

    2. CA'l'S a. Per offense $ 10.00 b. Boarding cost (per day) as set by Animal Shelter

    3. OTHBR ANIMALS: reasonable impoundment and boarding f~es as determined by the A.C.O., depending on the type of animal and care required.

    C. PEHMT'" F"~/:;S 1. To ope r at.e a cat Kennel (per year) $ 50.00 2. To ope r at e a Kennel able to house 20 dogs

    or less 50.00 3. 'I'o ope r a Le all other Kennels 200.00 4. 'J'o keep an exoti.c animal (per year, up to) 200.00

    I). CAHCASS REMOVAL 1. Hf-'moval of the carcass of a dog or 50.00

    cat, at the request of the animal's owner.

    E:. FIN.":S fo L" VIOLATIONS 1.. Hunning at large, Trespassing, Nuisance, Non-Restraint,

    Disturbing the Peace a. First offense (in a calender year) $ 25.00 b. Second offense (in a calendar year) 60.00 c. Third offense or more (in a calendar year) 100.00

    2. NRglect, Care and Mdintenance ~. First offense 50.00 b. Second offense (up to) 200.00 c. Third offense or more (up to) 500.00

    3. CruPlty a. First offense 50.00 b. Second offense 200.00 c. Third offense or more (up to) 500.00

    4. No ~abies Vaccine 15.00 5. All other Fines (up to) 200.00

  • •• 710990 [I. rNCARCERATTON In addition to the following fees, a court of compet.ent. jurisdiction may diso impose incarceration of up to 120 days for any violat.ions set forth in paragraphs A, H, C and E, above.


    •STATE OF NE\t\' MEXICO ) I horac,;, r~a'''ily that thil;In&trument wasflied for r~rd 01'1 tM l..!::L- day of.l!ItJLA.D. 19 '1L -J at•.IP:f):J. o·c1ock.:.lL...m. and wa~ puly l'l,cordad Inbo()k _ 7 to .

    - pagliJ .:t.!£.:l.: qq Q of the rElcords of SantaFaCounty.

    WItness myHandandSeal of OffICII JonaG. Armijo