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Tiff to dora presentation

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Text of Tiff to dora presentation

The story of how TLew became Dora

The story of how TLew became DoraUh dude.. So I found pictures of little TLew on fb She looks like Dora more than me. I tried to Photoshop her little face on doras body and epically failed - JeriThe Text

The Search

The Thought Process

Dude, this picture looks super new but I guess Tiff is younger than me, so her baby pics were probably taken with better camerasThis looks an awful lot like Tiff but there arent any other baby pics, so this HAS to be baby TiffOBVIOUSLY, this is the only logical possibilityeven if it doesnt look anything like Tiff

*rationalization: the big one must be her sis*satisfaction ensuesThe Choice

*completely happy with my decision

voice in my head: Hi Little Tiffy!Dora in Paint

Hallelujah!!!Me: look at my picture of TLew as Dora!

Tsukasa: Wow *sarcastic* You know, that doesnt look anything like TLew...

Me: *hurt* *blows him off*Whateveryou dont know what youre talking about!*moves on to tell Jeri about my accomplishments Seeking Approval from TsukasaI think you should check something on fb ;) look at my album Becks texts Jer

Omg!!!!!!!! I just died on the floor!!!!! Jer texts Becks

Delivering the Miracle to Jer

Dude Becks, wrong kid Thats not tlew!!!! . Abort mission!!!! - Jer3 Minutes LaterThe Rush to Remedy the Situation

Searching for TLewJeri: This is NOT TLew"

Searching for TLewTLew??

Little TLew! Redemption

Love you TLew!!