Tidal Energy

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Tidal Energy. Gabriella Badurek Sabrina Tan. Tides vs. Waves. Alternate rising and falling of the sea Occurs twice in each lunar day Controlled by the moon. Kinetic energy that moves across the ocean’s surface. Process of Tidal Waves. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tidal Wave Energy

Tidal EnergyGabriella BadurekSabrina Tan1 Tides vs. WavesAlternate rising and falling of the seaOccurs twice in each lunar dayControlled by the moonKinetic energy that moves across the oceans surface

2Process of Tidal WavesAs the high tide comes, the water rises on one side. The water funnels through a tidal turbine or a barrage (dam)that which then triggers the turbine to convert the energy into electricity. One way tidal energy is converted into electricity is using a dam. At some points turbines and sluice gates are installed. When one side of the dam is high the gates open. The water flows through turbines and then turns a generator to convert the energy into electricity. Tidal energy is only efficient if the tidal range is at 4 meters. 3ContinuedThe process continues back and forth on each side which makes tidal waves a renewable source.

Tidal energy can be exploited in 2 ways:By building barrages/dams in water waysHarnessing offshore tidal streams


52 Types of Tidal GeneratorsBarrage (Dam)Converts tidal energy by forcing water through a turbine, activating a generatorFound in rivers and other natural waters

Tidal TurbinesRelatively cheapCan be built whenever and able to be extended at any time



8BenefitsRenewableBecause the moon controls the water, the tides are predictableTurbines create energy used to kill fish, but now are being replaced with friendly turbines for fishDoes not consume fuelNo noise pollution or gaseous emissions 9LimitationsDoes not produce a lot of electricityConstruction of the dam is expensiveOnly capable of working with waterBecause the water in the dam and the sea arent exchanged often, phytoplankton and bacteria can growFishes used to be killed in the turbines10Le Rance Tidal Power Plant1960s Near St. Malo, France24 bulb type generatorsEach bulb generates 10MW (megawatts) of electricity as the tide comes in and outThe La Rance barrage produced 240 megawatts of power since 1966.Able to generate power for 4% of homes in Brittany

11Le Rance

12East River, NYC6 turbines were placed into the East River in NYC which supplies some energy on Roosevelt Island.On December 31st 2006 was when electricity was first generated from the NYC turbine generators.The turbines used in the East River are axial-flow rotor turbines which have three radial blades.

13Other Facts Tidal power is economically competitive and it produces electricity with prices similar to wind power according to Electric Power Research Institute. Tidal power was also used in Normandy. Novia Scotia Power generated up to 20 megawatts of power since 1984 in the Bay of Fundy..14