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    Caliornia is morethan just a state.Its an adventure.Explore Caliornia has more than a

    dozen packages to help you discoverthe Golden State. Tour wineries,

    cycle hidden trails, snowboard down

    the north ace o a powder-coated

    mountain. Whether youre a gourmet

    enthusiast or an o-road junkie, well

    take you to the premium spots and

    share this states best-kept secrets. Our

    packages are designed to t a variety

    o budgets and schedules and we

    employ an expert sta o guides that

    can tailor each experience to meet

    your needs. We create memorable

    journeys so that on the way you

    can create memorable moments.

    Explore Caliornia today!

    Catalog 2010


    The Gden State Seciaists

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    ContentsWelcome to

    Explore Caliornia!

    Desert to Sea

    Taste o Caliornia

    Nature Watch

    Snowboard Caliornia

    Cycle Caliornia

    Caliornia Calm

    Backpack Caliornia Golden Gate

    Sunshine: Caliornia has possibly

    the brightest, warmest, and

    most invigorating sunshine in

    the world. And you can see the same

    in the smiles o the Caliornios all overthe state. And ater talking with any

    o our happy residents, you will learn

    what makes them enjoy Caliornia

    so much the antastic diversity

    o experiences. We here at Explore

    Caliornia love to share our state and

    its world-amous sunshine with all

    o you. Come and join us weve got

    an experience tailored or everyone.

    From the mountain to the desert

    to the sea, rom environmental

    expeditions to luxurious vacations, we

    can create a lie-changing experienceor you that you will never orget. So,

    come and Explore Caliornia with us.

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    4 Explore Caliornia 8 34 5 678 ww w.explorecalio Explore Caliornia 5

    Desert to Sea

    the sun just around eet away rom some o the best

    waves in America The next stop is Mammoth Lakes,

    where the snow pack stays beautiul all year l ong and

    the skiing and snowboarding is amazing The next

    morning well get moving down to San Franciso

    Bay and the Alameda Yacht Club Youll have the

    chance to sail the bay in a 55t catamaran or on a

    personal windsurng board The next day brings

    more winter un a cross-country skiing excur-

    sion rom Big Bend to Paradise, CA Its a 20 mile

    experience through the trees and hills o NorthernCaliornia and the Tahoe National Forest; a relaxing

    and invigorating day to be sure Finally, its on to

    Crescent City home o the Caliornia Mountain

    Biking Championships Youll have the opportunity

    to ride the same trails the pros do on bikes wellprovide Its an amazing package well over 1900

    miles o Caliornia where youll see the state rom

    every angle (including some unexpected ones

    Desert to Sea

    Tour Info

    Dati:2 Weeks

    Cst pe pes:$5000 (based upondouble occupancy)

    Depate Dates: March10, June 15, September 24.

    Iclded: All mealsand lodging.

    nt iclded: Travelinsurance, travel to andfrom departure city.

    fACT fILE

    Palm Deset is hometo a unique non-profitconservation effort calledThe Living Desert The groundsare open for visitors and arehome to a huge variety of

    plant and animal species. Jsha Tees are a varietyof Yucca named by Mormonsettlers crossing the MojaveDesert in the mid-19 th century.

    fact: The Mojave Desertis believed to supportbetween 1,750 and 2,000unique plant species.

    Apil is chief wildflower timein California. Look for lupine,poppies and owlsclovers.

    fact: Californias coastlineis 840 miles long but thetidal shoreline (includingbays and inlets) is awhopping 3427 miles long.

    Caliia tide plsare home to such fancifulcreatures as periwinklesnails, fingernail limpets,

    buckshot barnacles andsunburst anemones.

    Explore Caliornia Relaxing

    Caliornios have a reputation or

    being a little more laid back then

    the rest o the nation and that

    perception is not ar wrong We work

    hard and we play hard, but when we

    relax, we really know how to relax

    This package was designed to really

    show you how we relax in CaliorniaThe rst day is a quiet and peaceul

    day in San Diego, voted the most beau-

    tiul weather in America by Weather

    Magazine On this rst day, well go on

    a small tour o the gardens o Balboa

    Park, then relax with native teas rom

    Mexico at the Coronado Resort and

    Spa The next day, well travel to Palm

    Springs and enjoy a native Hota expe-

    rience hot rock treatments, sweat

    lodge, and a rereshing pool o real

    hot springs to relieve all o your stress

    A quiet evening o chamber music

    and scented candles nishes the

    day The ollowing day is an exciting

    one a chance to rub elbows with

    the Caliornia elite Youll have a ullday at the Beverly Hills Day Spa or as

    many treatments are you want You can

    have a massage one table over rom

    a starlet or share a sauna with

    your avorite soap star Next,

    its o to Santa Barbara and the

    Bocarata Resort and spa and

    swimming with the dolphins

    Your nal day will be in beauti-

    ul Monterey where tall trees

    meet the sur, and the pace o

    lie slows to a crawl Truly, thispackage oers all o the relax-

    ation anyone could ever want

    As with all o our tours and

    packages, Explore Caliornia

    is dedicated to making your

    Caliornia experience truly

    enjoyable, and that means

    making it completely adapt-

    able to your needs When

    booking the Sporting and

    Relaxtion packages, you will

    be asked to complete a detailed

    questionnaire about your skill

    level, any existing health prob-

    lems and any special requests

    Take this opportunity to tell us

    what you would like rom yourCaliornia adventure and well

    do our best to make it happen

    Explore Caliornia has been working in Caliornia

    or years, showing people rom all over the world

    the true beauty and complexity that makes Cali-

    ornia We are so proud o our state, its history, its

    people, and its landscapes thats why we star ted

    this company And to best show o our marvelous

    state, weve developed two packages one sport ing,

    one relaxing to show you around our Caliornia

    Explore Caliornia Sporting

    This week-long package is entirely developed with

    the sporting enthusiast in mind We will start out in

    the Southern Caliornia desert in Palm Desert, CA

    where youll experience all the exotic nature o the

    sands, riding ATVs through the desert (on dedicated

    trials o course), looking at the most amazing vistasin America The next day its out to Manhattan Beach,

    where youll enjoy the sand and sur on water crat,

    sur boards, and beach volleyball Youll be basking

    No state has the extremes o Caliornia. From the highest mountain in the lower 48 states

    (Mount Whitney) to the lowest point in North America (Death Valley), Caliornia has always

    done its best to be all things to all people. For those with a penchant to enjoy the waves,

    Caliornia boasts some o the best sur in the world. Like to backpack? The Golden State has

    thousands o miles o backcountry trails. You a skier? Caliornias Sierra Nevada range is by

    ar the best range or snow sports. But most people travel to Caliornia or either the sur or

    the desert so lets take a look at what Explore Caliornia has to oer in these two extremes.

    Jsha Tee natial PakThe Big S castlie.
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    6 Explore Caliornia 8 34 5 678 ww w.explorecalio Explore Caliornia 7

    Taste of California

    A Brie History o Caliornias Roots

    Almost as eagerly as the prospectors, armers plowed

    west ollowing the Gold Rush o the 1850s They

    ound the temperate climate and rich soil well suited

    or a wide variety o crops, most amously, citrus

    So-called citrus barons were crowned in the early

    1900s, but it all started with two small trees rom

    Brazil that the US Department o Agriculture sent to

    a Ms Eliza Tibbets, who volunteered as a test grower

    These two trees led to widespread irrigation projects

    and even the ounding o such dubious institutions

    as the Citrus Experiment StationTo bacchanaliansdelight, grapes ourished in the

    coastal areas Vintners set up stakes and carved out

    Caliornias amous wine trails in areas such as Napa

    Caliornias third and most bountiul resource, ollowing sunshine

    and would-be starlets, has to be its cuisine. Taste o Caliornia is a ve

    day, ournight tour o the best avors and oodstus this side o the

    Mississippi. Youll travel rom Napa, including a stop at the renowned

    French Laundry, then on to the oyster shoals o Hog Island, and visit

    the aromatically bracing Gilroy, garlic capital o the world. To top it

    all o, a visit to the vast Alemany Farmers Market in San Francisco,where you can collect everything rom globe artichokes, blushing

    apples, blood oranges, to homemade candied apple sausages and

    clover and sage honey, to recreate the taste o Caliornia at home.

    Valley and Paso Robles in the central coast Currently,


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