This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be

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  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    This Foolish Love Was Never Meant To Be

    A story of unrequited love between Taeyeon and Tiffany from SNSD.

    This thing called love. If I could ever experience it, even if it means being a fool

    for life, I wouldnt hesitate for a second

  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be



    Sica! Tae! Guess what happened?

    You finally decided to sell all your pink stuffies? the shortest joked.

    Ahahahaha. No, she said in a sarcastic tone. Come on guys, guess!

    Hmm. Your daddy finally let you try out for that entertainment com pany youve

    been dying to get in? This time it was the blonde who spoke.

    I wish. But no, sadly.

    Then what? the two asked the overexcited girl in unison.

    He asked me!


    Him. You know? That him.

    Ohhh, that guy, the shortest raised her eyebrows.

    The girl blushed cutely.

    Congrats Fany! We all know youve been dying to go out with him for who

    knows how long.

    Im excited too! When oppa finally wanted to talk to me, I didnt know what to

    do. But Im glad everything turned out well. She added with a smile.

  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    Just then, that oppa walked by, and Tiffany immediately diverted her attention to


    Hi oppa! Her tone grew even cheerier, if it were even possible.

    Hi Fany. I just wanted to know if you were fre e tonight.

    She squealed internally. Suffering a loss of words, she finally was able to reply,

    of course I am! Where were you planning on going?

    Im not too sure yet. I was planning on just going to the mall, maybe catch a

    movie or something.

    Sure, oppa. Sounds great!

    Alright. See you later then, he smiled at her and walked away.

    As Tiffany turned back, she could see both her friends grinning like excited



    Youre blushing; So much that youre redder than a tomato.

    She ducked her head, feeling embarrassed. She couldnt help it, she felt so happy.

    Shed been crushing on this guy for so long now.

    *Ring ring*

    Well, thats the bell. Better get to class.


  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    The next day at school, all three arrived early.

    Yah, Fany. So how d id the date go last night?

    It was so much fun! The girl practically exploded with excitement at the

    mention of her new boyfriend.

    The two laughed. Good to know it went well. Details?

    Well we went to see that movie about like vampires. He was such a gentleman

    through the entire date. I dont know, but it seemed pretty perfect.

    Sigh, you and your Twilight obsession, escaped from the mouth of the oldest.

    I havent had such a successful date in a long time, honestly.

    Fany, that makes you sound like youre a player.

    Well, I am, and an evil smirk appeared on her face, earning her a slap on both

    arms from both the shorty and the blonde.

    Just kidding! No need to get all violent on me.

    Stay grounded girl. We dont need another replay of that incident.

    I agree with the lazy one here, Fany.

    Okay okay, geez guys. Ive learned my lesson from that time. It wont happenagain.

    Good. Stay that way.


  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    Months had passed since that day when Tiffany brought to them the news that she

    had been asked out by him. Taeyeon felt as if they were growing apart, because of

    him. She was so devoted to spending time with him, as if she were in her own

    little world, away from reality.

    Tiffany no longer went to the weekly hangout or sleepovers the three used to have.

    Even when she had gone out with guys beforehand, it was never so deep to this

    extent. She didnt even eat lunch with the two anymore, instead choosing to sit

    with her new boyfriend and his friends. They arent even nice people, thought


    The few moments where Tiffany is there with them, she spent staring at her phone,

    or talking on the phone. She had fallen head over heels for this guy and she didnt

    even realize it herself.

    Fany -ah, Tae started the conversation not even knowing if the latter was paying

    any attention.

    Yeah? It took a few seconds for a reply.

    Uh, do you want to hang out this Sunday? Just me, you, Sica?

    Huh? Tiffany was more focused on her texting.

    Sigh, youre not even listening. Never mind then.

    Tae? Can you call back another time? Im kind of busy. She didnt even bother

    to wait for the older girl to say bye, and cut her off, returning to her texting.

  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    It was to the point where phone calls like this were now of the norm. And often

    afterwards, Taeyeon would call Sica to vent out her feelings.

    Sica Tiffany is drifting away from us. I hate this.

    Its okay Taengoo, shes just going through a phase, like always. Remember?

    She used to be so obsessed with that one guy, and a while afterwards she dumped


    But this time is worse than any of the past times. Shes spending all her time with

    him, and neglecting us. I want my Fany back, she said not noticing what she

    referred to Fany as.

    Your Fany? Sica laughed.

    Oh. I mean our Fany.

    Its okay. You know Fany, she has her weird hormones. Trust me, give it a few

    more weeks, shell be over it.

    SighI guess.

    Wait You JELLY? the blonde emphasized on the last word, letting out a

    laugh almost comparable to the others ahjumma like laugh.

    What? NO. Ew. EWWWW. Yah! Jung Sooyeon, what are you thinking of?

    She was still laughing. Chill man, Im just teasing you.

    You better be.

    Im so scared, the younger sarcastically remarked.

  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    You know, I can be really scary, the elder t ried to convince the other, raising her

    arm, and gently slapped the latters butt.

    Yah! Byuntae!

    Thats what you get, she smirked.


    The next few weeks were not much better. What Jessica had told Taeyeon was

    completely wrong. In fact, Tiffany had fallen even deeper into what she believed

    was love, and her two best friends were losing her as the days progressed.

    They barely even saw each other anymore. Tiffany had almost completely

    removed herself from the rest of the world.

    Tae -tae, sorry but I wont be able to make it tonight.


    There will be other times, right? Sorry, oppa suddenly asked if I wanted to go see

    this concert. Theyre the hottest boy band right now!

    Whatever, this time, Taeyeo n cut her off.

    Geez, whats her problem? thought Tiffany.

    What happened? asked the blonde who was there with Taeyeon.

    She bailed. Again. Last minute. And its even my birthday.

    Aish that girl. Will she ever learn?

  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    Whatever. Lets forget her for now, and try to enjoy whats left of this night.

    A few days later, when Tiffany finally decided to have lunch with the other two for

    the first time in months, she was ignored. Taeyeon even left the table, without a


    Yah, Sica. Whats up with you t wo? Especially Tae?

    You ditched a few days ago? Dont you remember?

    Ohthat. But we always hang out! Plus, oppa had those killer tickets! Front

    row seats!

    Oh really? Jessica accidentally showed a sign of interest when she was supposed

    to be mad at her.

    Fany -ah, you havent spent time with us for over a few months now. Sparing all

    your free time with that oppa of yours. You even forgot it was Taeyeons birthday

    a few days ago.

    It took a while for Tiffany to process it in her head. Suddenly, her eyes popped

    wide open, as she realized what she had done. OHMYGOD. WHAT HAVE I


    Exactly. Now you understand why shes mad?

    Why didnt you tell me? Why didnt she tell me?

    Uhh. Cuz you should have known. Dude, weve spent all our birt hdays together

    since as long as I can even remember and you forget because of that guy what

    a great friend you are.

  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be


    Yah, watch it blondie. I happen to like that oppa very much, more than all the

    others before.

    Weve realized

    Ill make it up to Taeng somehow.

    You better, she stared icily at her.


    Ding Dong.

    Taeyeon went to her door and answered it, not knowing who to expect.

    Surprise! It was none other than the smiling angel.

    Hi Tiffany! was all she managed to blurt out, surprised as she was.

    Happy birthday! Well, happy, belated birthday. Im sorry Tae -tae.

    Its okay Fany. Come in for a while.

    Okay, but I can only stay a while, and then I have to go again.

    Oppa again?

    Mhmm. Were eating out today, at an Italian restaurant.

    Oh. Taeyeons sudden mood drop was quite obvious.

    Whats wrong Tae -tae?

  • 8/9/2019 This Foolish Love Was Never Meant to Be



    Right. Come on, you can tell me.

    You probably dont care.

    What? Why would I not care? Im your best friend Tae -tae.

    It sure doesnt seem like it. She knew sh e shouldnt have said it.

    What? Tae, what are you saying?

    Im saying words. Words, words, and more words.

    Yah, Kim Taeyeon, dont play smart with me.

    Oh, you thought I was playing? Her voice tensed. Well Im sorry then. I didnt

    know I was jus t a game