Third Symposium on Computer-Enhanced Analytical Spectroscopy

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<ul><li><p>MEETINGS </p><p>Third Symposium on </p><p>Computer-Enhanced Analytical </p><p>Spectroscopy </p><p>The Snowbird resort near Salt Lake City, UT, will be the site of the Third Symposium on Computer-Enhanced Analytical Spectroscopy, June 6-8, 1990. The symposium format will be similar to that of the Gordon Research Conferences; sessions will be held in the mornings and evenings, leaving the afternoons free for recreational activi-ties and informal discussions. </p><p>Topics will include theory and prac-tice of multivariate analysis relevant to analytical spectroscopy (e.g., IR, MS, NMR, UV-vis, near-IR), optimization and exploratory data analysis, spectral interpretation and library searching, visualization of higher dimensional data and nonlinear mapping, cluster and classification analysis of multivari-ate data, numerical extraction of multi-component spectra, integration of spectral data from different spectro-scopic sources, optimization and pro-cess control involving spectroscopic methods, numerical modeling of spec-tral information, automated spectral interpretation and expert systems, multicomponent analysis, spectral en-hancement and deconvolution, and factor and discriminant analysis. Au-thors wishing to contribute poster pre-sentations should submit titles to Peter Jurs at the address given below. </p><p>The registration and meals fee for the symposium is approximately $220 </p><p>and includes all meals, coffee breaks, a Western-style barbecue, a tram excur-sion, and a copy of the symposium pro-ceedings. Participants should deal di-rectly with Snowbird (800-453-3000) to arrange for their accommodations, es-timated to cost about $60 per night. </p><p>The National Science Foundation has provided a grant to support the participation of untenured assistant professors and faculty from undergrad-uate institutions. For additional infor-mation about the grant and for further details about the symposium, contact Peter Jurs, Dept. of Chemistry, 152 Da-vey Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802 (phone 814-865-3739 or FAX 814-865-3314). Following is a tentative list of speakers and titles. </p><p>Mass Spectrometry </p><p>Computer-Assisted Mass Spectral Interpretation: MS/MS/MS Analysis. C. Enke, Michigan State U </p><p>Analysis of Data from Pyrolysis MS of Fossil Fuels. H. Meuzelaar, U of Utah </p><p>Computer Analysis of Pyrolysis Mass Spectral Data. P. Harrington, Ohio U </p><p>IR and Near-IR Spectroscopy </p><p>Computer-Assisted Methods in IR Spectroscopy. D. Haaland, Sandia National Laboratory </p><p>Computer-Assisted Interpretation of IR Spectra. S. Tomellini, U of New Hampshire </p><p>Computer-Assisted Methods In Near-IR Spectroscopy. H. Mark, Bran + Luebbe/ Technicon </p><p>Computer-Assisted Methods in Near-IR Spectroscopy. T. Naes, Norwegian Food Research Institute </p><p>NMR Spectroscopy and Structure Elucidation </p><p>Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation Utilizing NMR Spectra. M. Munk, Arizona State U </p><p>Multidimensional Spectral Data and Structure Elucidation. W. Bremser, Rheinische Olefinwerke, GMBH </p><p>Chemometrlc Methods and Signal Processing </p><p>Hadamard Methods In Signal Processing. W. Fateley, Kansas State U </p><p>Interactive Self-Modeling Multivariate Analysis. W. Windig, Eastman Kodak </p><p>Atomic Spectroscopy </p><p>Computer Applications in Multichannel Atomic Emission Spectroscopy. R. B. Bilhorn, Eastman Kodak </p><p>Ion Mobility Spectrometry </p><p>Advanced Signal Processing and Data Analysis Techniques Applied to Ion Mobility Spectrometry. D. M. Davis, CRDEC, U.S. Army </p><p>ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, VOL. 62, NO. 6, MARCH 15, 1990 375 A </p><p> HistoryItem_V1 TrimAndShift Range: all pages Trim: fix size 8.500 x 11.000 inches / 215.9 x 279.4 mm Shift: none Normalise (advanced option): 'original' </p><p> 32 D:20101215160718 792.0000 US Letter Blank 612.0000 </p><p> Tall 1 0 No 555 245 None Up 0.0000 0.0000 Both AllDoc </p><p> CurrentAVDoc </p><p> Uniform 0.0000 Top </p><p> QITE_QuiteImposingPlus2 Quite Imposing Plus 2.1c Quite Imposing Plus 2 1 </p><p> 0 1 0 1 </p><p> 1 </p><p> HistoryList_V1 QI2base</p></li></ul>


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