Thinking Back and Moving Forward

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Thinking Back and Moving Forward. Understanding Student Thinking in Geometry and Measurement . Future Dates. October 22-29: First book study posting January 9, 20, and 24: 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice training January 30-31 : 2 nd Geometry/Measurement Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thinking Back and Moving Forward

Understanding Student Thinking in Geometry and Measurement

Thinking Back and Moving Forward


Future DatesOctober 22-29: First book study postingJanuary 9, 20, and 24: 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice trainingJanuary 30-31: 2nd Geometry/Measurement ClassMarch 19-20: 3rd Geometry/Measurement ClassApril 15-17: TIE Conference in Sioux FallsApril 25-28: NCTM National Conference in Philadelphia, PAJune 5-7: Leadership ED 751 Class in SpearfishJune 18-22: History ED 741 Class at TIECourse GoalsTo deepen instructive content knowledge around geometry and measurement.Recognize key mathematical ideas with which their students are grappling.Find ways to support the power and complexity of student thinking.Recognize typical student misconceptions related to geometry and measurement.Develop strategies to help students move beyond these misconceptions and facilitate conceptual understanding.To understand how core mathematical ideas in geometry and measurement develop across grades. To deepen mathematics content knowledge in geometry and measurement.

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Group TasksRecorder: Traveled the farthest this summerTime Keeper and Materials: Took the most classes this summerPresenter: Has a birthday closest to July 4ththe peak of summerVan Hiele LevelsIn groups, discuss the reading from homework in the Van de Walle book.Share the big ideas with your group.Write the common big ideas on chart paper and post on wall.

Shape SortsVan de WalleK-3 Activity 7.1 pgs. 194-1953-5 Activity 8.1 pgs. 212-213 through bullets one and two, DO bullet three, bullet four, and DO bullet five.With your group, discuss the question at the STOP sign and then read and discuss the Assessment Note on pg. 214 or 195.READREADTrish




19Geoboard ExpansionRefer toVan de WalleK-3 Activity 7.3 pg. 1973-5 Activity 8.3 pg. 215Also refer to Kathy Richardson book pg. 50Use Geoboard Shapes to Copy handout for this activityMystery DefinitionRefer to Van de WalleK-3 Activity 7.6 pg. 2073-5 Activity 8.6 pgs. 224-225Also refer to Kathy Richardson book pg. 52Mystery Definition Cont.

Mystery Definition Cont.Partner up with someone at your table who is wearing similar colors as you.Design your own Mystery Definition and have your partner solve it. Refer to Figures 7.14 pg. 206 (K-3) or 8.14 pg. 225 (3-5) Triangle SortRefer to Van de WalleNot in K-3 book3-5 Activity 8.7 pg. 225Your task is to sort the entire collection into three groups so that no triangle belongs in two groups. Once your first sort is done, find a second criterion for creating three different groupings. Reflections/ClosureGeometry Presentations tomorrow:Nancy/LindseyMary/JamiCathleen/ GailMarcy/PeggeCheri/Kelly/HeatherAnnie/PamComplete Daily Reflection handout and turn it in. See you tomorrow morning at 8:00!Understanding Student Thinking in Geometry and Measurement

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313-D CreativityConstruct your play dough into a 3-D geometric shape that describes you this week. Be ready to explain it.

Case StudiesRead Introduction pgs. 1-3Read Chapter 1 pgs. 5-7Read Cases 1, 2, and 5Answer focus question 1-4 on pg. 38Case Studies Cont.In small groups discuss focus questions for cases 1,2 and 5.When discussing be sure to discuss the language and results you observed when students completed Circle the Triangle activity to the childrens language and thinking in the cases.




Whats in the Envelope?In groups of 3:One person describesOne person drawsOne person write description being said.

Developing Meaning for Geometric TermsRead Cases 9, 10, and 11. Independently answer focus questions 1-3 on handout pg. 50.


GailBonnieHeatherAngles in a TriangleIn partners, complete Angles and Angle Measures.

Geometry PresentationsLindsey/NancyMary/JamiCathleen/GailMarcy/PeggeCheri/Kelly/HeatherSandra C./TrishAnnie/PamGails Menu Math

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