Thinking About the Learning Session 3

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Thinking About the Learning Session 3. Alternative Professional Development Sessions on Gradual Release of Responsibility. Welcome Back. Purpose - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Thinking About the Learning

Thinking About the LearningSession 3Alternative Professional Development Sessions on Gradual Release of ResponsibilityWelcome BackPurpose

You will learn the thinking behind the planning for GRR by considering brain research, metacognition and planning tools in order to plan GRR based lessons for your classroom to increase student learning.

Warm UpYour Six Word StorySilent Reflection

In six words, write a story that describes your last job-embedded assignment experience(planning for and implementing GRR)

Purpose for Today We will reflect on the planning for GRR based lessons and the impact on student learning so that we continue to develop a clear understanding of GRR as a means to increase student learningMeta We

Collaborative Processing/ReflectingIn groups of 3: Share your Six Word StoriesReflect on your job embedded planning and student learning: Use the question prompts Be supportive Be metacognitiveSave discussion for the end after everyone has shared

Collaborative Processing/Reflecting Prompt the presenter: What was the purpose of your lesson?What was the process you went through to plan for the learning?What was the process the learners went through?How do you think it went? Why?

What is your common understanding, A-HA!, or question?

Dear Doug and Nancy Lets take a look at some questions from the exit tickets of our last sessions.Each group member will select one sheet with a topic and questions to facilitate.Pose the questions to your group and discuss. Look for common threads within the questions.If there is a question(s) for which your group feels they need further clarification, opportunity will be provided to share out and get feedback from everyone.

Job-Embedded Assignment:Due in one month:Continue to plan and implement GRR lessons.Reflect on your planning and student learning

On a Google doc you will Describe what you have been doing Reflect on your planning and student learning

* You will receive an e-mail reminder from MLP that refers you to a link on the WIKI

Exit Tickets 1. Write one statement about GRR, metacognition, and/or brain research that is very clear to you.

Optional: What support are you looking for now? (Please put your name on this so we can support you.)