Thesis Semester1 Final Presentation

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Phenomenology & Digital Media Final presentation with feedback of my thesis project thus far.


<ul><li><p>PHENOMENOLOGYIN DIGITAL MEDIAPHILIP ANDREW MCCAUSLAND</p><p>BFA DESIGN &amp; TECHNOLOGY</p></li><li><p>HOW IS THE IDEA OF SUBJECTIVE PHENOMENA BEING AFFECTED BY TECHNOLOGY TODAY, IN THE CONTEXT OF THE MERGING VIRTUAL AND REAL (WHAT IS REAL, WHAT IS TRUTH)?</p></li><li><p>screencap from a demo video for Data Cloud, by LUST</p><p>screencap from Carbon, by Tabor Robak</p><p>Datamatics, by Ryoji Ikeda</p><p>Liquid Sound Collision, by Eva Schindling</p></li><li><p>THIS IS A SPECULATIVE SCENARIO CONCERNING THOSE WHO FEEL THAT WE MAY BE MOVING INTO AN ERA WHERE TECHNOLOGY WILL HAVE US RE-ASSESS OUR NOTIONS OF REALITY AND TRUTH..</p></li><li><p></p></li><li><p>OBJECTIVES TO BE MET:</p><p>CREATE A 3D VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT</p><p>CREATE A SENSORY CONNECTION BETWEEN THE ENVIRONMENT AND A REAL SPACE</p><p>ENVIRONMENT WILL TAKE SHAPE BASED ON DATA GATHERED BY IMMEDIATE SURROUNDINGS</p><p>(AND MAYBE FROM A WEB/NETWORK-BASED SOURCE AS WELL?)</p><p>TOOLS TO BE LEARNED / USED:</p><p>UNITY3D</p><p>PHYSICAL COMPUTING</p><p>PROJECTION</p><p>EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE CONNECTION</p></li><li><p>FEEDBACK:</p><p>I received a lot of helpful feedback following my presen-tation. That which I found most useful:</p><p>I should think about this transition from the physical to the virtual from a historical standpoint. I should look at past transitions/technological evolutions of this nature </p><p>and use that to make a more accurate scenario regarding the present and the future.</p><p>It was suggested that I look at the work of video artist Nam June Paik. His work seems very relevant for me because of the way he creates installations with multi-</p><p>media.</p><p>Something that occured to me after all of this feedback was that I should go back to thinking about surveying </p><p>people to validate that these feelings and ideas about the state of technology that I wish to explore arent entirely </p><p>subjective.</p></li></ul>