These Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFF’s FAvoriTe Things! Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFF’s FAvoriTe Things! eeeeeeeee LisA hebTing, Kindergarten Birthday month/day March 1 Favorite sweet treat Cookies, brownies

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  • These Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFFs FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeeLisA hebTing, Kindergarten

    Birthday month/dayMarch 1

    Favorite sweet treatCookies, brownies

    Favorite drinKMt. Dew, water

    Favorite FoodMexican, sub sandwiches

    Favorite dessertCarrot cake with lots of stuff in it

    (carrots, nuts, raisins), Costco pumpkin pie

    Favorite ice cream FlavorMint-n-Chip

    Favorite sportSleep!

    Favorite storeAmazon, Target, Hobby Lobby, Kohls

    Favorite restaurantNeds Krazy Sub, Mexican, Red Robin,


    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKNot a coffee drinker

    Favorite color Black, red, bright green

    Favorite snacKNuts, anything crunchy

    Favorite FlowerGerbera daisy

    Favorite authorNot much time for pleasure reading

    Favorite FruitPeaches, watermelon

    Favorite candyTwix, Kit Kat

    how i liKe to relaxWord games, word search, etc.

    something else to shareI do a majority of my shopping online.

    Some of my favorite sites are Amazon, Etsy,,,

    and DJ Inkers

    Mrs. oLivAs, KindergartenBirthday month/day

    July 7

    Favorite sweet treatDark chocolate

    Favorite drinKCoffee

    Favorite FoodSalad

    Favorite dessertChocolate cake

    Favorite ice cream FlavorChocolate Chip

    Favorite sportHiking

    Favorite sports teamAZ Cardinals

    Favorite storeUltal

    Favorite restaurantGrimaldis

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKAmerican, steamed breve and 2 agave

    Favorite colorPink

    Favorite hoBByHappy hour

    Favorite snacKNuts

    Favorite FlowerWildflowers

    Favorite FruitBlueberries

    Favorite candyAlmond Joy

    how i liKe to relaxHappy hour with friends

    something else to shareLove organization items for the classroom.

    Love magnets for my whiteboardLove gel pens

  • These Are A Few oF My TeAchers FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeeKiM bALAnoFF, FirstBirthday month/day

    August 21

    Favorite drinKCoffee

    Favorite FoodSandwiches, salads and soup

    Favorite sports teamChicago Bears and Cubs

    Favorite storeMacys and Target

    Favorite restaurantWildflower and Jimmy Johns

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKNonfat iced chai tea latte (hot or cold)

    Favorite color Green and blue

    Favorite hoBByTraveling, hiking, biking and running

    Favorite snacKPeant butter crackers, anything

    with peanut butter

    Favorite FlowerGerbera daisy and calla lily

    Favorite FruitAny and all

    how i liKe to relaxWatching movies

    greTchen rodeFFer, Kindergarten

    Birthday month/dayMarch 12

    Favorite sweet treatFrosted sugar cookies

    Favorite drinKDr. Pepper

    Favorite FoodPizza

    Favorite ice cream FlavorMint chocolate chip

    Favorite sportBasketball

    Favorite sports teamKentucky Wildcats

    Favorite storeTarget

    Favorite restaurantKneaders

    Favorite colorBlue

    Favorite hoBByScrapbooking, cross-stitching, knitting

    Favorite candyHershey chocolate bar

    how i liKe to relaxReading, going to the movies

  • These Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFFs FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeeLindy nice, FirstBirthday month/day

    January 8

    Favorite sweet treatChocolate raisins

    Favorite drinKCoffee or iced tea

    Favorite FoodMexican

    Favorite dessertI try not to

    Favorite ice cream FlavorMint chocolate chip

    Favorite storeTarget

    Favorite restaurantSushi or Mexican food

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKPlain latte

    Favorite colorBlue

    Favorite hoBByHiking/camping

    Favorite snacKTrail mix

    Favorite authorAny biographies

    Favorite FruitStrawberries

    how i liKe to relaxReading a book

    something else to shareI love spending time with my kids and doing family-friendly activities

    jAneT sMoLKA, FirstBirthday month/day

    July 21

    Favorite sweet treatRed Vines

    Favorite drinKWater or Diet Coke

    Favorite FoodAny Mexican food

    Favorite dessertAngel food cake

    Favorite ice cream FlavorMint chocolate chip

    Favorite storeTarget

    Favorite restaurantTaco Bell

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKStarbucks refreshers

    Favorite colorPink

    Favorite hoBByChecking out Pinterest ideas

    Favorite snacKChips and salsa

    Favorite FlowerCarnations

    Favorite authorWriting journals

    how i liKe to relaxSpending time with my family

  • These Are A Few oF My TeAchers FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeeKrisTA Fox, secondBirthday month/day

    October 20

    Favorite sweet treatSnickerdoodle cookies

    Favorite drinKRaspberry iced tea

    Favorite dessertIce cream

    Favorite storeKohls

    Favorite restaurantPei Wei

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKMocha Frappaccino Light

    Favorite colorBurgundy

    Favorite hoBByScrapbooking

    Favorite snacKGranola

    Favorite FlowerSunflower

    Favorite FruitStrawberry

    Favorite candyReeses peanut butter cups

    how i liKe to relaxReading

    KendALL disAnTe, secondBirthday month/day

    August 7

    Favorite drinKDr. Pepper

    Favorite FoodPizza

    Favorite dessertChocolate cake

    Favorite sportASU anything

    Favorite storeGAP

    Favorite restaurantArrogant Butcher

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKBlack iced tea from Starbucks (sweetened)

    Favorite colorGreen

    Favorite hoBByTraveling

    Favorite snacKChex Mix

    Favorite FlowerGarden roses

    Favorite FruitStrawberries

    how i liKe to relaxWatching a movie

    something else to share I love nail polish!

  • These Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFFs FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeeKeLLy Argos, thirdBirthday month/day

    July 15

    Favorite sweet treatSpice drops or Good n Plenties

    Favorite drinKIced drinks or water

    Favorite FoodPizza

    Favorite dessertRice Krispies treats

    Favorite ice cream FlavorVanilla

    Favorite sportCycling

    Favorite sports teamGreen Bay Packers

    Favorite storeTarget

    Favorite restaurantSubway

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKLatte nonfat milk, one Splenda

    Favorite colorBlue

    Favorite hoBByGolf

    Favorite snacKNuts (any kind), trail mix

    Favorite FlowerTulips

    Favorite authorStephen King

    Favorite FruitOranges

    Favorite candyGood n Plenties or spice drops

    how i liKe to relaxWorking out

    scoTT hALL, secondBirthday month/day

    July 8

    Favorite sweet treatStarburst

    Favorite drinKIced tea

    Favorite FoodMexican

    Favorite dessertLemon merengue pie

    Favorite ice cream FlavorChocolate anything

    Favorite sportSoccer

    Favorite sports teamArsenal

    Favorite storeREI

    Favorite restaurantNandos

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKPlain coffee with cream

    Favorite colorBlue

    Favorite hoBByCamping

    Favorite snacKPotato chips

    Favorite FlowerTulips

    Favorite authorJ.R.R. Tolkien

    Favorite FruitApples

    Favorite candySkittles

    how i liKe to relaxHiking

  • These Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFFs FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeeTinA wyLie, thirdBirthday month/day

    August 9

    Favorite sweet treatToffifay

    Favorite drinKChai tea latte

    Favorite FoodChicken tacos

    Favorite dessertPecan turtle cheesecake

    Favorite ice cream FlavorMint chocolate chip

    Favorite sportBaseball

    Favorite sports teamD-backs

    Favorite storeAmazon

    Favorite restaurantCheesecake Factory

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKChai tea latte

    Favorite colorTaupe

    Favorite hoBByMovies

    Favorite snacKPopcorn

    Favorite FlowerSunflower

    Favorite authorColleen Houck

    Favorite FruitStrawberries

    Favorite candyToffifay

    how i liKe to relaxMovies, gardening, baking, hiking

    LorA hogAn, thirdsomething else to share

    My favorite thing is to make an ECA donation either to third grade

    or the library or music or just to our school. I am just blessed to teach your children.

  • These Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFFs FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeewendy hALL, FourthBirthday month/day

    October 22

    Favorite sweet treatBrownies

    Favorite drinKClassic Coke, Arizona Green Tea

    Favorite FoodPizza, french fries

    Favorite dessertIce cream

    Favorite ice cream FlavorMint chocolate chip

    Favorite sportBaseball

    Favorite sports teamChicago Cubs

    Favorite storeSarahs Hallmark, Target, PetSmart

    Favorite restaurantSerranos

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKI do not drink coffee.

    Favorite colorBlack

    Favorite hoBByTaking care of puppies :)

    Favorite snacKDoritos

    Favorite FlowerDaisies

    Favorite FruitI love all fruit.

    Favorite candyDark chocolate

    how i liKe to relaxTV, walking the dog, running

    something else to shareI am a vegetarian.

    jenniFer bAgnAsco, FourthBirthday month/day

    February 1

    Favorite sweet treatExtra dark chocolate

    Favorite sportHockey/baseball

    Favorite sports teamNew York Rangers/Yankees

    Favorite storeNordstroms

    Favorite coFFeehouse drinKAmericano

    Favorite colorAll

    Favorite hoBByFamily time

    how i liKe to relaxPoolside/beach

  • These Are A Few oF My rMre sTAFFs FAvoriTe Things!

    eeeeeeeeeALexAndriA LArsen, Fifth

    Birthday month/dayJune 25

    Favorite sweet treatFerrero Rocher chocolates

    Favorite drinKSprite

    Favorite FoodChicken enchiladas

    Favorite dessertChocolate chip cookies

    Favorite ice cream FlavorCookies and cream

    Favorite sportBasketball

    Favorite storeHobby Lobby

    Favorite restaurantThe Keg

    Favorite colorGreen

    Favorite hoBByDecorating roo


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