These are a few of my favorite things

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Originally presented by Kathryn Worthington at Designkitchen Chicago on December 3rd, 2012 This presentation is part of the bi-weekly Monday morning lecture series. DKers present topics they are passionate about to the entire company in about 7 minutes.

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2. As Planners ourpurpose is to helpinspireideas, innovation andconnections withpeople, brands andculture. 3. I think in two differentlanguages. When I find myself staring at a blank slate in English, I start thinking inGerman. This helps me tap into different parts of the brain to create unexpectedconnections and inspire ideas. 4. Today, I will share with you the ways the German language, culture and art have inspired me in mywork. In true German style, we will have a sing along4 | 12/5/2012 and a test. 5. My German Literaturedegree is fromUniversity of Viennawhere I spentweekends at Mozartfestivals and developeda thick southernGerman accent(So, accent iskind of hillbilly German). 6. The Germans havealways had a flair fordramaticpersuasion, asevidenced in thisclassic tale designedto rid children of theunsanitary habit ofsucking their thumb. -Heinrich Hoffmans Struwwelpeter 7. In addition to gruesome childrens stories, I also love German poetry. Everyone together now say: Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schn Test: the first person to name the origin of thiswins the favor of the teacher and a Mozartkugeln.Extra prize for anyone who sings. 8. You just told me that I am enchantingly lovely.Why thank you! 9. German poetry is beautiful to me because its more about stress than syllable the interplay of the patterndictates the movement, so we dont need to be told wherethe heartbeat of the poemis, we can simply feel it. 10. German poetry was atthe core of theExpressionistmovement whichinspired painters seeking to expressemotional experience, moodsand ideas. Munch called thispainting Two Womenat the Beach, I call it Hey lady, theres a10 | 12/5/2012 11. The zombie painting gave rise to theballet, ForgottenLand, recentlyperformed by theJoffrey who wantedto capture themovement of the sea as a metaphorfor constant motion; for erosion and renewal. 12. In the same waymusic can expressideas, thoughts andfeelings that aredifficult to put intowords, anotherlanguage can be abroader toolkit forexpression. 13. It is argued that the bestphilosophers are Germanbecause the language itselfallows for new constructsthat express new concepts.e.g. Gemutlichkeit: (a situation that induces a cheerful mood, a sense of belonging, social acceptance, coziness and unhurry). 14. Exploring new ideas and concepts is part of German culture. Stammtisch is a designated space in coffee houses set aside for regular discussion and debate of events, exploration and stress testing ideas. The intent is to wrestle with concepts with different people to explore new ways of thinking14 | 12/5/2012 about the world around us. 15. Stammtisch is a lot like Planning its exploring newways of connecting with people, culture and brands.These are a few of my favorite things myinspiration sources I ask each of us to continueexploring our inspirations, creativity and innovation.