There are many famous people in Nyíregyháza.We can find actors, poets, painters, writers

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  • There are many famous people in Nyregyhza.We can find actors, poets, painters, writers.

  • He was born in 1844, in Nyregyhza. He was a damous Hungarian painter.His mother was a pinter too and his father was a doctor.He travelled to Kassa, Mnchen, Italy and France to study painting.When he came bact to Hungary, he estabilished the first Artist Forming the Benczr masterschool.He died in 1920 in Dolny.

  • He painted many historical and romantic paintings.He won many awards in Paris,Berlin,Wien and Mnchen.Some famous paintings from him:Vajk megkeresztelseHunyadi Lszl bcsjaII. Rkczi Ferenc elfogatsa

  • Vci MihlyHe was born on the 25th of December in 1924.He studied teaching and later he tought at a school in a village.After the Second World War he became the director of a students hostel.His first poem book was published in 1955.He became famous in the first period of the 20th century.He was well-known from 1963.He travelled a lot abroad.He died in Vietnam, in 1970.He wrote about twenty books, and he won two awards.

  • Mszros rpd ZsoltHe was born in and musical singer.He was the member of the Mricz Zsigmond theatre, but he has been the member of the Operettsznhz, in Budapest.He has already played in many plays.

  • Krdy GyulaHe was born on the twenty- first of October in 1878, in Nyregyhza. His father was a lawger and his mother was a maidservant.Although his father wanted him to become a lawger,Gyula worked as an editor at a newspaper for several years, then moved to Budapest.In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Krdys health declined and his readship dwindled.He died in 1933 in Budapest.

  • Krdy's first book which published in 1911 was the Sinbad's Youth.Krdys novels about Budapest were popular during the First World Warand the Hungarian Revolution.In the years after his death, his works were largely forgotten until 1940, when Hungarian novelist Sndor Mrai published Sinbad Comes Home.This books succes brought Krdys works back to the Hungarian public.

  • There are some other people:Sndor Szalay: He was a physicist.Ferenc Ksa:He was an editor who given a Kossuth award.Sndor Friderikusz: He is a reporter and broadcaster.

  • Editors:Mokos Rka Palk Bianka Verbnyi Dniel