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Theme Analysis Essay

Theme Analysis Essay Peer Editing ProcessContentComplete the following by making notes directly on the paper.Read through the paper one time without marking on it. Just get an understanding of exactly what its about.Go back to the beginning. Look for the thesis and highlight it. Then, determine if it meets the following requirements. Very last sentence in the introduction paragraphIdentifies one theme from the text and makes a theme statement (not just a subject/topic)Is a statement, not a questionFocus on the body paragraphs. For each body paragraph, does itContain textual evidence (at least one must be a direct quote) that supports the thesis?Explain how that textual evidence supports the theme?Look at the conclusion paragraph. Does itRestate the thesis in different words?Not include any new information?Bring the paper full circle?OrganizationComplete the following by making notes directly on the paper.Does the introduction paragraph provide context for the paper?Do the ideas within the paragraphs flow smoothly?Are transition words/phrases used where needed?Does the paper progress in a logical order?Are the quotations introduced with needed context and background?Direct quotes should not be just dropped into the paragraph.ConventionsComplete the following by making notes directly on the paper.Now, reread the paper, looking for errors in grammar, mechanics, and conventions. Look out for the following common mistakes:Fragments and/or run-onsUnnecessary commas/missing commasTheir/Theyre/There and Its/ItsNo first personMisspelled wordsAbbreviations or slangParagraphs that are not indentedQuotation marks around direct quotesMLA FormatComplete the following by making notes directly on the paper.In-Text CitationsAt the end of the sentence in which the information is paraphrased, summarized, or directly quotedProper format Example: (Lee 124)FormatDouble-spaced12 point Times New Roman or Arial fontHeader on left side of first page onlyPage numbers and last name in top right-hand corner of all pagesCentered and bolded title

Overall FeedBackComplete the following by making notes directly on the paper.After completing all of the previous tasks, think about the paper overall and write the following at the end of the paper:3 strengths of the paper3 possible improvement for the paper