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Chosen Task 1 – Momentum Main Topic Cycling in Singapore Aim To encourage more people in Singapore to take up cycling as a sport, for transport or as a new hobby. Trends in Cycling Cycling is Good! How We Researched Our Masterplan Future of Cycling. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of the Whimsical World of WHEEling

  • Chosen Task 1 Momentum

    Main Topic Cycling in Singapore

    Aim To encourage more people in Singapore to take up cycling as a sport, for transport or as a new hobby.

  • Trends in CyclingCycling is Good!How We ResearchedOur Masterplan Future of Cycling

  • Government EffortsReasons why People cycleDevelopment OnlineCycling Organisations in SingaporeProfessional Cycling

  • Government efforts

  • TravelingEg. Victoria Junior College students cycle to schoolLeisure activity

  • Internet forums and web logsOrganisations

  • Professional cyclingSamuel YangBest ASEAN RiderKhoo Swee Chiow cycled from Penang to Singapore and from Singapore to Beijing in 2003.

  • Frances E. Willard, How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle "She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life."

  • Stamina and fitness levels increase Low-impact, low risk of injurySustainable regular exerciseMore convenience as there is no need for road tax, fuel or licenses

  • - AUSTRALIAN BICYCLE COUNCIL, 2006 Less time taken to travel

  • Emotional benefits Focus group with Raffles RidersCycling cultivates a sense of adventure & independence in the youngStress reliefOpportunity to socialise

  • Primary Research To anchor our research content locallySecondary ResearchTo find out more about the state of cycling development locally and overseas To predict the benefits of cyclingTo help in brainstorming strategies to drive momentum

  • SecondaryLibraryOnlineNewspapersPrimarySurveysInterviewsFocus Group Discussions

  • To get more people pedalling awayTwo pronged approachHARDWARE & HEARTWAREHardware: Facilities & InfrastructureHeartware: Changing misconceptions to enthusiasm

  • HardwareInformation BookletsCycling ClinicsBicycle Rental Service HeartwareCyclathon Singapore

  • Why?Lack of awareness; information is essentialMisconceptions and even fear presentAvailable cycling guides are unsuitable

    What?Containing cycling-related informationTo be distributed to the general public

  • Determined by Survey Cycling rules Cycling routes Bicycle maintenance tips Bicycle organisation contact detailsInformation in the booklets

  • Prewriting StageIdentifying AuthorsIdentifying Source of FundingWriting StagePost Writing StageDistributionPost mortem Revised Editions

  • Feasible? High Interest Level Putting information in a local context would greatly increase applicability Funding by government is likely Qualified authors are available

  • Community-OrientedEither free of charge or for a nominal feeAt Community Centres (CCs) or schools Can be combined with School CIPConducted by SACA, or students under their guidance

  • Feasible?SACA has experience in programmes similar to this, particularly partnering the CCs, and are better poised to conduct the clinicsA large student population is available for CIP-linked clinics to draw on as volunteersPublicity will attract more people to sign up

  • What?A system to rent out bicycles in HDB heartlands

    Why?ConvenienceCaters to occasional and those who dont own bikesReduce hassle in finding parking spacesMany would like to cycle for leisure or transport

  • Inspiration: NTUC Incomes TownbikeBikes parked at HDB flat void decksBikes unlock after sending an SMS to the rental stationBikes specially designed to deter theft and withstand vandalismCurrently found in Bukit Batok

  • Adopt and Adapt: Expanding the Townbike systemRevamp payment systeman ez-link based system Extend locations MRT stations CCsSchools

  • Feasible?FundingCommercial interest from SMRT Corp.Philanthropic interest from Lee Foundation or other charitiesGovernment funds from CCsOther sources of revenue from selling advertising space on rental stations and bicyclesThe system would complement the Park-and-Ride scheme at MRT stations

  • Ways to Counter ProblemsPeople rarely rent bicyclesPromotional campaignsAvid cyclists already own bicyclesTarget occasional cyclistsTheft, vandalismCustom-designed tamper-proof or very cheap bicyclesMaintenance an issueSpecial staff members or volunteers from community service programmes

  • What?A bicycle race through Singapores road networks, akin to a walkathon

    Why?Publicity for fun cyclingCycling more attractiveOpportunity to socialise

  • Details of CyclathonOrganised by SACA & the Sports CouncilOn park connectors or roads During a weekend, to attract more cyclistsDifferent categoriesCompetitive for professionalsNon-competitive for amateursFund-raising and educational funfair at finishing location

  • Ways to Counter Problems Poor turnout Publicity

    Im too old/unfit to participate mentalityPromotional campaign to dispel misconceptionsPlan cyclathon with participants needs in mind Too few local professional cyclistsInvite foreign professional cyclistsHost international cycling events in Singapore, with cyclathon as a fringe event

  • More road cyclists result in less serious road accidentsSafer routes for cyclists of tomorrowLeaves more space for spatially constrained Singapore