The Waltz King. Early Life  Strauss was born in St. Ulrich near Vienna Austria, on October 25, 1825.  His father’s name was Johann Strauss I  He had

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Johann Strauss II 1825-1899

Johann Strauss II 1825-1899

Shad SparksThe Waltz King

Early LifeStrauss was born in St. Ulrich near Vienna Austria, on October 25, 1825.His fathers name was Johann Strauss IHe had two younger brothers Edward and Josef.

Early Life (cont.)While he was younger his father wanted him to be a banker rather than a violinistKnowing this, he secretly studied with the first violinist in his fathers orchestra, Franz AmonWhen his father found out, he whipped Johann. He said he would beat the music out of himLater on his father ended up abandoning the family for a mistress, Emile TrampuschDebut as a ComposerStrauss made his debut at Dommayer's in October 1844, where he performed some of his first worksThe waltzes Sinngedichte, Op.1 and Gunstwerber, Op.4 and the polka Herzenslust, Op.3 were just some that he performed

Career AdvancesStrauss eventually surpassed his father's fame and became one of the most popular waltz composers of the eraIn 1853 Strauss was driven by constant demands and stress to take a 7 week vacation to the countryside.In his absence, his brother Josef had to quit his job as an engineer to command Johanns orchestra.Music

Marriage Strauss married the singer Henrietta Treffz in 1862, and remained together until her death in 1878.Six weeks after her death he married actress Angelika Dittrich.Dittrich was not a supporter of Strausss music and with many disagreements, they eventually got a divorce.Marriage (cont)After the divorce Strauss sought after his third wife Adele Deutsch whom he married in August 1882.Unlike Dittrich, Deutsch encouraged Strausss musical talent to flow resulting in many great compositionsDeath Johann was diagnosed with pleural pneumonia in 1889 and died in Vienna at the age of 73.He was buried in Zentralfreidhof and at the time of his death, he was still composing his ballet Aschenbrdel.LegacyMuch of his music has been played on tv and in movies through the yearsStrauss is remembered with performances by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra playing many of his compositionsJohann Strauss II will be remembered forever

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