The Vertical Jump Development Bible - and their vertical jump improves because of effective training

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Text of The Vertical Jump Development Bible - and their vertical jump improves because of effective training

  • The Vertical Jump Development


    I increased my vertical jump by 19 inches- I’m gonna show you how to increase yours too!

    By: Kelly Baggett Higher-Faster-Sports

    Copyright 2005 by - All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without express written permission of Higher-Faster-Sports. Warning: There is always risk of injury when performing exercise with weight. Before beginning any exercise program, consult with your physician to ensure that you are in proper health. This program is not meant to provide medical advice; you should obtain medical advice from your private healthcare practitioner. No liability is assumed by Higher-Faster-Sports for any of the information contained herein.

    If you want to fly, you’ve got 3 options: 1. Buy a plane ticket 2. Sprout feathers and wings 3. Improve your vertical jump

  • While flying in a plane is nice and all, it’s a bit expensive and way too temporary. Sprouting feathers and wings ain’t gonna happen! So, unless you’ve got money to burn or you really believe in evolution, you’re stuck with improving your vertical jump. A strong vertical jump is at the core of some of the most beautiful and graceful movements known to man – Kobe Bryant dunking on the fast break, Michelle Kwan hitting a triple axle, and Barishnikov seemingly floating in air during the ballet. But don’t get me wrong, the vertical jump is also a measure of pure raw power that is used widely throughout professional and college athletics as a performance test. An athlete’s vertical jump can effectively determine how explosive they are and how efficiently they utilize their strength in athletic movements. In fact, in the NFL, the single biggest predictor of success isn’t one’s size, speed, or strength, but rather their vertical jump! Vertical Jump I Know – So Tell Me How I Can Improve It! Of course the reason you bought this manual was because just like everybody else you’re wondering, “What is the best routine to give me the hops?" People pursuing the answer to that question are responsible for millions of dollars of revenue per year for the athletic performance industry. Unfortunately, a lot of those dollars are wasted. If you’re like most athletes you’re probably confused as to what exactly you should do. What program works best? What’s the “magic bullet”? Should I be doing plyometrics, isometrics, jump rope, sprints, calf raises, 1 million jumps per day, wearing special shoes, weight training, weighted-vests, stretching, taking special pills, doing special exercises to increase my height, wearing ankle weights, or meditation? The list goes on and on and on. I’ve been part of the athletic performance industry for a very long time now and I’ve seen it all. With so many programs, products, modes, systems, gimmicks, and so much information (mostly mis-information) floating around out there its no wonder the average athlete is so confused. What’s even worse is every program promises the moon but usually does nothing more then empty your wallet. You may be one of these guys who has a long list of programs, gadgets, and systems that you either have tried or are going to try. You probably know plenty of people who’ve had success using one or more of the many programs out there. You may have had success at some of them yourself. Or maybe you haven’t? You may have tried other programs without getting anywhere or maybe you’ve just stalled out and want more. You may have asked the question, “well how come xxxx programs worked for him but not for me?” Why did xxxxx program put 10 inches on so and so’s vertical but made me lose 3? Why can so and so jump but I can’t? The truth is, I can’t tell you what the best program is out there because every program or gadget I’ve seen neglects solid training principles. You might wonder what motivated me to write this manual. Well, truthfully, I was originally motivated because I was angry. I get questions everyday from people who have been burned by fast-buck artists selling hype without results. I’ve seen a lot of

  • programs that seem to do no more then extract dollars from unknowing athletes. These programs are put together without much understanding of how the body works, the science or reasoning behind how the training methods work, and the reasons why a system brings gains if in fact it does. So, I decided to do something about this and help do what I can to spread the knowledge. Vertical Jump Secrets? So what exactly is the secret to a great vertical jump? The truth is, there are no secrets or magical systems. There are, however, solid principles that have been around for ages. The magic lies in the application of established principles. The information you’ll find here comes from a variety of resources compiled over the better part of the last century. The approach I talk about is the same approach used by the best athletes and the best leapers in the world. This includes track and field athletes, jumpers, throwers, olympic weightlifters, football players, volleyball players, as well as a few basketball players. You see, olympic or professional athletes achieve their spectacular leaping ability as a "side effect" of effective training principles and practices. Their approach is multifaceted and their vertical jump improves because of effective training designed to improve various other qualities like strength, speed, and overall explosivness. When these qualities improve the vertical jump just comes along for the ride. Rest assured you won't find any professional or olympic athletes out there searching for the magic jumping cure because there is none. The vertical jump itself is a feat that coaches from government sponsored programs all over the world have spent over 50 years investigating. The number of readily accessible scientific studies on the VJ is astounding. In other words, if there was a magic bullet that was really going to put 20 inches on anyone’s vertical in 6 weeks then you can be sure that a sport scientist would’ve known about it long ago. Fortunately, these same scientists have produced principles that take the guesswork out of everything. What I’ve done is taken all the information, tested it, and compiled it into a format that “zeroes in” on the vertical jump. It’s taken me many years to compile, test, and implement all this information. The information was out there all along but sorting through it all it has been much like searching for needles in haystacks! This meant spending endless hours, days, and nights not only training athletes but also perusing through countless scientific studies and huge complicated texts in an effort to pull out miscellaneous tidbits of effective information. It also meant listening to feedback and advice from other coaches and observing thousands of athletes over the years. I have spent the better part of 10 years researching and practicing the methods outlined in this book. This has meant using myself, and others, as a virtual guinea pig for the last 10 years. I have to admit I’ve loved doing it all! Experimenting, observing, and putting it all into action is the fun part. My only hope is that this manual will make a substantial difference for you. When I write, it is in a no-nonsense, straightforward manner. I prefer to talk about “principles” rather then “secrets”. What I will do is explain the science involved in the

  • vertical jump and do so in a simplistic manner complete with real-life everyday examples. My goal is not only to tell you what to do but also to help you understand why you’re doing it. There’s a saying that goes, “Feed a man a fish, and feed him for a day.” “Teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” What I’d like to do is give you both. I promise when I’m done you’ll have a newfound understanding of this athletic display and how to improve it. I will explain the various training methods you might be familiar with and show you how you can easily determine which method of training or combination of training will work best for you or anyone else at any given time. Then I’ll give you several complete programs. Along the way, I’ll also answer practically every question you’ve ever heard on vertical jump development including gadgets, programs, and just about anything else you can think of. SHOW ME THE MONEY Years ago it was thought there wasn't a whole lot if anything we could do to improve jumping ability because it relied solely on genetics. More and more we now know this is utter nonsense. The reason why athletes of years past didn't improve is because they: 1. Didn't train at all or 2.Didn't know how to train correctly. Fortunately, those days are coming to a close. I will admit the large majority of athletes and even a lot of coaches still fit into group #2 - They don't know how to train correctly and a lot of the training they do actually detracts from the qualities necessary to jump high. Yet, in the coming years this will completely change and you can count on it. Once a person understands what is needed for spectacular jumping ability as well as understands the correct training methods and their application - improvement is relatively easy. In fact, near never ending improvement is possible. Let me tell you right now, barring injury and old age, permanent plateaus should never occur providing you know how to correctly train. Regardless of how advanced a person is they can always improve. Now you're probably saying, "That all sounds well