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  • www.ValuesCoach.com

    Values Coach Inc. 2016

    The Values Coach

    Culture of Ownership

    Leadership Academy

  • Our Purpose

    Transforming people

    through the power of values

    Transforming organizations

    through the power of people.

  • Our guiding insight:

    Culture does not change unless

    and until people change


  • Our guiding insight:

    People will not change unless

    they perceive a personal benefit

    to making that change, are given

    effective tools, and are inspired

    to use them.

  • And that is what the Culture of

    Ownership Leadership Academy

    teaches people how to do as

    Certified Values Trainers.

  • This is not

    A program of the month

    A motivational pep rally

    A script and a happy face pin

    A quick fix silver bullet

  • It is

    A disciplined approach to creating a

    Cultural Blueprint

    A systematic course on values-based

    life and leadership skills

    A proven process for building a

    stronger culture of ownership

  • Participants master a systematic

    approach to promoting a culture of

    ownership in their organizations

  • They graduate as Certified Values

    Trainers and share what theyve

    learned with their organizations

    and with their communities.

  • Meet your instructor

    Joe Tye is CEO

    and Head Coach

    of Values Coach

    and author of

  • The Process

  • Step 1

    Culture Assessment Survey

    We work with you to tailor the questions

  • And help you analyze

    and draw conclusions

    from your results

  • Which is cause

    and which is effect?

  • Step 2

    The Florence Prescription sets the stage and gets

    everyone on the same page

    Nearly 500,000 copies in print

  • Describes the 8

    characteristics of a

    culture of ownership

  • Visible commitment

  • We can produce a custom edition with a foreword by your leaders

  • Supporting resources at www.TheFlorenceChallenge.com


  • Step 3

    The Pickle Challenge for


  • Changing culture one attitude at a time by turning complaints into contributions

  • Pickle jar decorating


  • Hallway and office decorations

  • Its fun and it works!

    Joe Tye and Bob Dent with the Positive Pickle

    chainsaw carving at the employee entrance of

    Midland Memorial Hospital

  • Step 4

    The Self Empowerment Pledge

  • 7 Life-Changing Promises

  • Daily huddles and


  • The 21-module

    PledgePower course can be

    tailored for your website

  • As a result of taking The Pledge people

    have gotten out of debt, quit smoking,

    lost weight, applied to college or

    graduate school, started working on

    long-postponed dreams and more.

    Weve heard lots of stories like this one

  • The story of how one nurse used

    these promises to break a

    longstanding drug addiction is

    featured in this book.

  • Step 5

    Cultural Blueprint for Invisible Architecture

    Your organization also receives 6 one-hour Cultural Blueprinting


  • Learn how to transform your

    values statement into a competitive


  • And to use tools like the

    Culture Mapping

    Schematic Diagram to

    define specific culture

    building strategies.

  • Step 6

    The Twelve Core Action Values

    like graduate school for the 7 Habits.

  • A comprehensive and systematic course on values-based life and leadership skills

  • From Authenticity to Leadership, these

    are the values you want your people to

    live, your organization to reflect, and

    the people you serve to see.

  • Certified Values Trainers learn how to teach the course for their coworkers and their communities

  • And they become a team of Spark Plugs

    in the process

  • The Twelve Core Action Values can be taught by

    Certified Values Trainers in either a 2-day course or

    as 12 one-hour class sessions.

  • Correlating personal and organizational values

  • From the Midland Memorial Hospital Culture of Ownership web page

    Life-altering overhaul of your inner self for a

    better you

    Whatever I want to be

  • Step 7

    Honoring the commitment to inspire people

    with values

  • Schedule of


  • Before the event

    Culture Assessment

    Consulting support

    Team selection and orientation

    Pre-event materials delivered

    Optional: Joe Tye site visit

  • Day 1

    Creating a Cultural Blueprint

    Creating a culture of ownership

    Intro to The Twelve Core Action Values

    Evening: Welcoming reception

  • Day 2

    Learning and teaching Core Action Values 1-6 Laying a foundation of character strength

    Evening: Speaking Skills Boot Camp #1

  • Day 3

    Learning and teaching Core Action Values 7-12 Taking action and making a difference

    Evening: Speaking Skills Boot Camp #2

  • Day 4

    Customizing implementation for the participating organization

    Graduation and awarding of certificates


  • Following the event

    Ongoing coaching support

    Monthly CVT conference call or webinar

    Permanent license to utilize proprietary materials from Values Coach

  • Following the event

    Eligible to apply for the INSPIRED Award for Values and Culture Excellence

  • The Values Trainer website includes

    Icebreaker videos

    Customizable slide shows

    CVT playbook

    Course-related books and workbooks

    With more being added all the time

  • License includes:

    Unlimited access to Values Trainer website

    Cultural Blueprinting webinars

    All-employee access to PledgePower

    Permission to share all materials with your organization and your community


    First 5 Certified Values Trainers (includes meals & materials) $2,500

    Subsequent Certified Values Trainers $2,000

    One-time licensing fee $5 per FTE employee

    INSPIRED Award application fee $4,000

    The Florence Prescription (no charge for eBook edition) $5 ($6 customized)

    The Twelve Core Action Values Workbook $5

    Wristbands for The Self Empowerment Pledge $5

    Pickle-Free Zone door hangers $1

    Proceed Until Apprehended canvas-framed banner $500

  • I consider our work with Values Coach on

    the Invisible Architecture of Midland

    Memorial Hospital to have been as

    indispensable as our work with the

    architects who designed our new hospital


    Russell Meyers, President/CEO

    Midland Health, Midland, Texas


  • As a result of our commitment to a culture

    of ownership we have documented record-

    high patient satisfaction and clinical quality

    indicators and have calculated a cultural

    productivity benefit of more than $7

    million annually.

    Russell Meyers, President/CEO

    Midland Health, Midland, Texas

  • Next class

    November 14-17, 2016

    Kirkwood Hotel and Convention Center

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    They will pick you up at the airport!

  • One more thing:

    Yes we can bring the Culture of

    Ownership Leadership Academy

    to your organization.

  • For additional information or to register contact Michelle Arduser:

    [email protected]


    mailto:[email protected]