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Nzev projektu: Modern kola. The United Kingdom London. Mgr. Ale Zahradnk 15. 03.2014 Anglick jazyk 1. 4. ronk tyletho studia Kvinta oktva osmiletho studia Relie. Gymnzium Ivana Olbrachta Semily, Nad pejcharem 574, pspvkov organizace - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>TMA DUM</p> <p>The United KingdomLondonMgr. Ale Zahradnk15. 03.2014Anglick jazyk1. 4. ronk tyletho studiaKvinta oktva osmiletho studiaRelie</p> <p>Gymnzium Ivana Olbrachta Semily, Nad pejcharem 574, pspvkov organizaceNad pejcharem 574, 513 01 Semily, esk republika</p> <p>Registran slo projektu: CZ.1.07/1.5.00/34.0047</p> <p>Nzev projektu: Modern kola</p> <p>The United KingdomLondon2LondonLondon is the capital of both England and the UK.It lies on the river Thames.It has about 8 million inhabitants (Greater London) and together with larger urban zones about 12 million people.Greater London comprises the City of London and 32 London boroughs.It is the seat of the monarch, the parliament and the government.London was founded by the Romans who called it Londinium.</p> <p>The 17 th century brought much suffering to London: - plague epidemic (up to 80,000 people died a sixth of the population) - the Great Fire of London destroyed four fifths of the cityGerman bombing during WWII caused serious damage to the city too.</p> <p>No. 1LondonTower of London</p> <p>William the Conqueror began to build this fortress (the White Tower).It used to be a royal home, a prison, an execution site, a royal mint.Now it is a museum where the Crown Jewels are kept.It is guarded by the Yeomen Warders (called Beefeaters).Next to the Tower stands Tower Bridge built in the 19 th century.No. 3</p> <p>No. 2</p> <p>LondonSt. Paul`s Cathedral</p> <p>Built after the Great Fire of London and completed after 35 years. (finished in 1711)It is in the Baroque style and it was designed by Sir Christopher Wren.It is the largest baroque church in Europe after St. Peter`s in Rome.It has got Whispering Gallery.Britain`s heroes are buried there, such as Admiral Nelson, and Sir Christopher Wren himself.</p> <p>No. 4LondonWestminster Abbey</p> <p>Its history goes back to the 11th century. Almost all coronations since William the Conqueror (1066) have been held there.In the church, there is the Coronation Chair which has been used since 1308.The last coronation took place there in 1953. (Elizabeth II)Many British queens and kings are buried there.</p> <p>No. 5LondonHouses of Parliament</p> <p>They are the political centre of the UK and the seat of the British Parliament. They were rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style in 1840.British Parliament consists of two houses: The House of Lords and The House of Commons.The clock tower called Big Ben is part of the buildings.</p> <p>No. 6LondonOther sights in London</p> <p>Buckingham Palace is the London home of the kings and queens of Great Britain.Trafalgar Square is one of the largest squares in London and in the middle of the square is Nelson`s column.Downing street number 10 has been the home of the Prime Minister since 1735.Hyde Park has Speaker`s Corner, one of the most popular places in London.</p> <p>No. 7 LondonQUESTIONS:</p> <p>What are the basic facts about London?Who built the Tower of London and when?Who designed St. Paul`s Cathedral and when?Why is Westminster Abbey the most important church in London?What is the political centre of the UK?What is the seat of the queen?What can you see in Trafalgar Square?</p> <p>Sources:Obrzky:No. 1 BUNCHOFGRAPES. File:Great fire of london map.png. [online]. [cit. 2014-03-15]. Dostupn z: No. 2 No.7Fotografie podil autor prezentace.</p>


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