The Unicorn Nation Myth, Legend and Truth

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The Unicorn Nation: Myth, Legend and Truth.


Foreword. A time has passed which threatened the very nature of whom and what we are, where our very existence was endangered and many dear to us have been lost. A time where betrayal and pain touched each and every member of our proud and noble nation, where not just our way of life but our very existence was questioned. For now that time has passed. Yet the Darkness still remains a cloud upon the horizon. There will be future fights and further losses but for now a


time has arrived to re-forge our strength and unity. We must once more stand firm and take our rightful place in the world. The sun rises on a new day. Our fallen will forever be remembered. They will never truly be forgotten as they live on in our hearts and minds. They are our conscience and our reason to fight for what we believe in. It is said that the history of worlds is written by the victorious, and that too often a nations history is a biased truth of victories and success. Yet I believe a history is also written by the survivors those still able to tell the stories and songs of long forgotten times. So here lies the truth of our nation. Its glories and failings. For all who remain and for those who come after. To see and know who they are where they came from and the sacrifices that were made. To forever more feel and know what it is to be a Unicorn.

UNICORNS SONG Bright the new dawn on the beckoning sea Buoyed were their spirits, their hopes and their dreams Bittersweet tears stung the cheeks of their kin As they bid fond farewells from the shore Strong was bold Sven as he hauled on the helm, Sapphire the sea as they dipped their oak oars, Soaring the seagulls and raucous their cries,3

As they sailed, the North to explore. Chorus: Unicorn, ride the storm Safely from harm Unicorn, guide us on Into the dawn Dark grew the clouds as the sails caught the wind, The dragon-prowed ship - she pitched and she rolled, Dim were the waters, grown grey with the dusk, The rain broke with thunder some roar. Raging the ocean, the sail torn to shreds, Rearing the prow, as she crested the waves, Roused by the thunder, Sven stood on the deck, Gods! We your mercy implore! Chorus

Abandoned by hope, and the latitude lost, Aching their bones, and as day followed day, Ardent hearts quailed and heroes grew weak, In the hold, how depleted their store! Ragged the reefs of a faraway land, Rasping and ripping the ships wooden hull, Roaring the breakers and rearing the rocks, And shipwreck the sailors foresaw. Chorus White was the unicorn, riding the waves,4

Wailing the wind in the rigging, Watching he stood, bold Sven at the tiller, He cried, Men! Despair nevermore! Tossing its watery mane in the wind, Treading on hooves of pure gold, Touching the boat with the tip of its muzzle, The unicorn led them to shore. Chorus Lush was the land that they found at the harbour, Leaving was far from their minds, Long did they stay, from the kind natives learning Their language, and hearing their lore, Till dreams filled the mind of a young hero sleeping, And all doubts he steadfastly spurned: Deep ocean, a unicorn leading him onward To seek for his homeland of yore. Chorus Moist are the eyes of the women who dream, Men weep, his memory to tell: Moored in the harbour, his dragon-prowed ship He set sail, and they saw him no more: Misty the dawn on the soft, swelling sea, Murmuring, they stood on the shore, Mute was the wind as he rowed past the reef With a unicorn riding before.


The Mauritanjan Archepelago.


Mauritanja itself seems to be ever changing and that is something that is evident throughout the Unicorn nations history. The lands of Mauritanja hold their share of both diversity and mystery. Our lands are an integral part of who we are and it seems only right that before we journey through our nations history we start with our home. Before the Cataclysm forever altered our lands and before the True Unicorns emerged to these lands the main existence of Mauritanja was beneath the waves. Highly volcanic in nature the area supported a temperate and diverse ecosystem supporting a wide range of life. The few islands that existed were rocky plateaus or lifeless peaks, none capable of supporting life or much vegetation. Amongst the life beneath the waters of Mauritanja life was abundant and flourished, it continued after the Cataclysm but the lands above changed, becoming more than there was before a changing the future of Mauritanja forever. The Mauritanjan Archepelago now contains at least a dozen islands including the two largest North and South Isle. Spread widely across these islands is a multitude of transport and ritual circles. The diversity of the islands is matched only by the plethora of people who have come to call these islands home. Following the Cataclysm the main land masses of Mauritanja were split in two. These two separate islands re now linked by the Colossuss7

steps, which were formed when the mighty Colossus fell into the sea after the Holy Isle tidal wave. Both of these islands differ greatly in their appearance, as we will come to see later there is good reason for this.

The largest island South Isle, is the most densely populated within the Archepelago. Its hills are rich in iron and its forests are dense with trees. South Isle is the seat of learning for the Unicorn Nation, and home to both its present capital and the ruins of El Dorado the nations former Capital city. The island is almost completely divided by a long tidal river running from Kenco in the southwest to Talcontar, home of the Ghostwalkers in the northeast. Along South Isles southern coast the waters are warm and fishing villages populates the coast. The second largest of Mauritanja's islands North Isle is sparsely populated both in its population and its forested areas. The North of the island is rich with minerals. Here the Alzheimer Mountains are situated which makes it difficult to live. A large proportion of the area remains largely unexplored due to the strange confusion effects that have lain in existence there affecting any who enter the area. In stark contrast the Southern and Western coast of North Isle is green and fertile with Vineyards and forests that are home to many rare plants and herbs. The remaining islands of Mauritanja encircle the two largest land masses and the biggest problem we have when encompassing the smaller islands is that within the Archepelago many islands shift, and many islands have only recently come to emerge. This means that at any one time attempting to describe them accurately would be insufficient. Therefore as this history progresses and as those who come in future years continue to document our peoples achievements it may be necessary for them to update the movements not only of our peoples but of the islands they call home. As it stands at present there are just under a dozen smaller islands surrounding North and South Isle. The variation amongst these islands8

and the diversity of life they hold is typical of our lands. Alongside this the people who have homes amongst them are the foundations of our nation, and as we will come to see the reason we are the way we are.

Adelena Isle. Formerly known as the Island of Vaecena, until the Unicorn expedition of 1102AF. The island is one of mystery and it seems to have been affected by the magical mists and influence of the True Unicorns and the elves. The island itself has been one of the more recent discoveries of the Unicorn Nation, having lain approximately 100 miles west of South Isle for many years unnoticed. Until recently powerful golems which had been left behind by the previous inhabitants had been guarding the island. The Unicorn expedition of 1102 saw the discovery of many artefacts and secrets which had lain unknown since the islanders left. Queen Adelena was laid to rest on the island and the island renamed Adelenas Isle in her honour. Beast Isle. Inhabited almost solely by beastkin and the homeland of Primal Urge the island remains largely uninhabited, with one small sized town. The island as yet has been largely unexplored by the Unicorn Nation since Primal Urge joined the Unicorn People. Boar Isle. Lying to the northeast of North Isle, Boar Isle is the ancestral home to the rainbow Boar. It still bears the scars of the blood pit and Monotones damage. Before his arrival in early 1100 the land was full of life and covered with forest. The boar that have begun returning hope that it may in time blossom with life as it once did.


Far Reach. One of the newer discoveries of these lands and a protectorate of the Unicorn crown, Far Reach lies far to the west of the larger islands; it has become a great source of debate amongst the Unicorn people. A unique environment where the people had signed living contracts to become undead after their life of little or no work to repay their debts. The lands themselves are sunny and warm. Plants and fruits surround its buildings, which are tall and columned with statues. After recent years the people on Far Reach have once again to rebuild their land and their lives. Forest Isle. Originally one of the four islands it is the only one remaining after Holy Isle landed. As its name suggests it is covered in rich forest and there is an abundance of animal and marine life. Of recent years Forest Isle has been home to the Salandrian Court, a recent addition to the Unicorn nation comprised primarily of Fae but including a pack of Beastkin. Almost all the members of this court are born of the Dreaming in Arcadia except the Beastkin who descended from a group who joined the Court around fifty years ago. The island has had its fair share of drama over the years with attacks from Cu-Hurrican and the exodus of the Silver Isles from the threat of the tainted. Gavelle. Gavelle is