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The Time Keeper. By: Mitch Albom. Journal Reflection- 3/10. In your journal, please respond to the following: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Time Keeper

The Time KeeperBy: Mitch AlbomJournal Reflection- 3/10In your journal, please respond to the following: 1. "We're so obsessed with time in this country... we just want to go faster and live longer," Albom pointed out. "But I don't think we're so concerned with the quality of our time.What is Mitch Albom trying to say?

2. Try to imagine a life without timekeeping.How do you think life would be if people did not keep track of time?

3. If you could control time, what would you change?

Questions for Group DiscussionDo you live your life by daily blocks of time? If so, what are they? (Ex: timesheets, shot clock, quarters, halves, periods, etc.)

What would you do if time didnt exist?

What would you do if your life wasnt scheduled?

Who is Father Time? Usually depicted as an elderly bearded man, dressed in a robe and carrying a scythe and an hourglass or other timekeeping device (which represents times constant one-way movement)

The personification of Time and the friendlier version of the Grim Reaper.

Father Time is married to Mother Earth; just as the Grim Reaper, the personification of Death, is married to Life.

He symbolizes the flow of time and its effects. His old body is a reminder that time is the devourer of all things and that, like the sand in the hourglass he often carries, his life will run out, as all good things come to an end. Father Time

Pages 11 Vocabulary1. Gravitate: to be attracted to something and therefore move towards it or become involved with it

2. Humility: the quality of not being too proud about yourself - use this to show approval

3. Notch: to cut a V-shaped mark into something, especially as a way of showing the number of times something has been done

4. Beckoning: to make a signal to someone with your hand, to show that you want them to come towards you or to follow youPages 1-15 NotesFather Time: banished to a cave for eternity: Punished by GodAlone Forced to listen to all people on Earth asking for more timeWill soon be freed to return to EarthDor (will become Father Time): First person to begin countingDifferent child- God is watching

Pages 1-15 Notes Sarah: TeenagerHas a date at 8:30pmNeeds more time to get ready- cant decide what to wear. Fears time is running out to get ready; almost 8:30Victor: Man in mid-eightiesWealthy Dying of cancerNeeds more time to live; fears his time to live is running out

Pages 1-15 NotesNim:Stronger than other boysBecame fascinated with power = foreshadowing Alli:Beautiful; humble Dor: Became a measurer of thingsAlways thinking about numbersUsed anything he could find to count (pebbles, stones, etc.)Pages 1-15 NotesMan alone keeps track of time- no one elseDor began to mark time: Used a stone, stick, an shadow from the sunTime = when they all aligned

Man comes to visit Dor: Fly turned into an old manPoked Dors sun stick turns into waspsWasps = symbolism .. What do you think? Create a new line of darknessSymbol of order, progress, organization, communication

Doesnt tell anyone about the visit- YET- Foreshadowing

Journal Reflection- 3/12On page 11, the author writes, "As children grow, they gravitate toward their fates." Analyze what Albom is trying to say by this line. Pages 1-15 NotesSarah: Finds time in a drawer how? Watch is in the drawerForm of timekeeping

Victor: Finds time in a drawer how? Calendar book with itinerary where he needs to be and when Determined to something about dying

Pages 16-32- VocabularySwat: to crush, slap, hit

Feeble: extremely weak; not very good or effective

Dabbled: to do something or be involved in something in a way that is not very serious

Pages 16-32Nim: Became powerful king; great riches, many slaves Dor: Experimented with every form of time measurement that would later be discovered by scienceCreated the first sundial, clock, and calendar

Sundial Egyptian Obelisk

Greek Clepsydras (Water Clock)

Pages 16-32Victor: Calls for research about immortalitywhy? Immortality = living forever He is going to figure out a way to live foreverThinks money can buy more timeWeariness: very tired or bored, especially because you have been doing something for a long timeSarah is anxious why? Anxious about being late/time running out Victor is anxious why? Anxious about research results/time running outDoesnt want his wife to know his plan how do you know? Grace enters with the soup, he hangs up. Pages 16-32Meager: too small and is much less than you need

Withdrawn: very shy and quiet, and concerned only about your own thoughts

Swaddling: wrap a baby tightly in a blanket to restrict movement

Pages 16-32Dor and his family are forced to live in the high plains with barely anythingNim: Claims to have wounded the gods People bow down to him; became a powerful kingDor and Alli receive vistors: Dor = proud of Allis kindness to take them in.They did not look well; Dor fears they are diseasedForeshadowing

Nomad: a member of a tribe that travels from place to place instead of living in one place all the time

Sustenance: food that people or animals need in order to live; when something is made to continue

Alli ended up hugging the woman visitorPages 33-41Gouge: to make a deep hole or cut in the surface of something

Dor found a pattern to create the first calendar: Gouged holes in clay to create monthsAssigned every stone to a full moonPut notches in tablets for moons in between

Baffle: if something baffles you, you cant understand or explain itVictors wife wants him to spend time with herHe is too preoccupied with his research

Pages 33-41Dor: As Alli gets sicker, Dor now wants time to STOP. (Irony)Wants to find a medicine man (Asu).Knows His days are numbered common phraseWants to stop her suffering, wants to stop everythingDor goes to Nims towerTo make time stopAscent: the act of climbing something or moving Faade: the front of a building, especially a large and important oneThe lust for power is a combustible thing

Pages 33-41Allusion:Tower of Babel Bible story- Book of Genesis Nims tower is what we know as the Tower of Babel

Symbolism:Red: the color of extremes; color of violence, danger, anger; prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood Most of reds symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.

Red= a magical and religious color.

Symbolized super-human heroism to the Greeks and is the color of the Christian crucifixion.

Journal Reflection- 3/18What is the relationship like between Sarah and her mother? Provide one line from the text to support your response? Be specific!

What is the relationship like between Victor and his wife? Provide one line from the text to support your response? Be specific!

What is the message about power on pages 39-40? Cave- VocabularyDisintegrated: to break up, or make something break up, into very small pieces

Suffice: to be enough

Fissure: a deep crack, especially in rock or earth

Clacking: to make a continuous short hard sound

Souvenir: an object that you buy or keep to remind yourself of a special occasion or a place you have visited

Jowl: the skin that covers your lower jaw on either side of your face

Pensive: thinking a lot about something, especially because you are worried or sad

Cave- VocabularyMogul: a businessman or woman who has great power and influence in a particular industry

Mushroomed: to grow and develop very quickly

Chafed: to feel impatient or annoyed

Penchant: if you have a penchant for something, you like that thing very much and try to do it or have it often

Disdain: a complete lack of respect that you show for someone or something because you think they are not important or good enough

Karst: landscape formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks

Cave- VocabularyIncandescent: very bright

Deregulation: to remove government rules and controls from some types of business activity

Fret: to worry about something, especially when there is no need to

CaveDor:Old man comes to see him: Explains he will not age in the cave.Now that Dor created time, the desire for power and creation of time will not stop. Conflicts:Person vs. Self:Doesnt understand why he is in the cave. Doesnt understand why creating time was a bad thing.Begins to regret what he created.

Person vs. Person:Punishment: Forced to listen to all people on earth complain about time. Dor vs. Old Man: Old man punished him; got in his way; changed his life

Person vs. Time: Tried to stop timeLength of his banishment.

CaveDor:Lesson to be learned:Consequences of creating time (actions come with consequences)Be happy with what you have The length of your days does not belong to you.You have no control over how long you live.

CaveSarah:Person vs. Self:Dislikes how she looks (eyes, hair, teeth, extra weight)Lonely; spends a lot of time by herselfWorks up confidence to ask Ethan to hang out. Questions what to say and how to act with Ethan

Person vs. Person:Sarah vs. Her mom (Lorraine)Argue, dont get along, dont see eye to eye Sarah vs. EthanHas feelings for him and he does not feel the same way back. Ethan cancels their plans.Opposite social circles

Person vs. Society:Sarah vs. High School Norms: Not popular too smart, not attractive enough, not in a popular social circle

CaveSarah:Person vs. TimeWants time to go faster to see EthanLesson to be learned: Appreciate her time instead of rushing itDont rush your time just for one personBe more confident and accept who she is

CaveVictor: Conflicts: Person vs. Self:Avoids attachmentsStru