The Soup Stone - Catalyst to Agile Adoption

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It is on debate how many Agile implementations fail, but quite a few do. What is holding organizations back? Is it fear or something else? How can I help my organization? In this session we interactively investigated what motivates people to change their behavior, as this is the basis for organizational change. What can drive management and team members to become more Agile. And then there was the fairytale of the Soup Stone. The objective of this session was to make participants more aware of the organizational environment they are in. They learned about the change model of the Elephlant and its Rider (from the book Switch) in a fun way. They used this model to inspire more effective ways of introducing new Agile practices.


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The Soup StoneCatalyst to Agile Adoption

1IntroductionWho am I

Remi-Armand CollarisAgile Facilitator at Ordina2 2IntroductionWho am I3

34IntroductionScope of ScrumUP

4IntroductionPlanningIntroductionWarm UpChoiceFairytale Part 1TheoryFairytale Part 2ExerciseFairytale Part 3Questions

IntroductionExerciseWarm Up!

IntroductionChoice of theory

Fairytale The Soup Stone 1

8Rightshifting ModelBy Bob Marshall the FlowchainSensei

flowchainsensei.wordpress.com9The Elephant and the RiderHow to motivate people for the hard changes

10The Elephant and the Rider Sources

The Elephant and the Rider The Rider Strengths and Weaknesses

The Elephant and the Rider The Elephant Strengths and Weaknesses

Fairytale The Soup Stone 2


The Elephant and the Rider Worksheet

Rightshifting ModelExerciseForm groups of two participantsPick an Agile practice you would both like to introduce in your team but the team will probably resist.TDDStanding up at standup meetingsPair programmingRelative estimationDiscuss what might be a good strategy for introducing it to your team using the worksheet as inspiration.Do you have an Elephant problem, a Rider problem or an Environment problem? What Strategy might help? What Action could you take?

Fairytale The Soup Stone 3

17EvaluationPlease evaluate my presentation by using the evaluation booklets which you can find in your conference bag. Thank you!More info: 19