The six Pillars of Persuasion

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The six Pillars of Persuasion. Influence Clients to Use Your Services Using. Dr. Robert Cialdini. Developed The Six Principles of Persuasion Based on social research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Sharon Livingston, Ph.D The Livingston Group (USA)sessionInfluences and persuasions Social psychology and consumer motivationNot in Excel document

  • Influence Clients to Use Your Services Using

  • Dr. Robert CialdiniDeveloped The Six Principles of PersuasionBased on social research The Principles are scientifically-proven tactics that can be used to leverage the likelihood that people will say "yes" to requests and suggestions

  • Compliance practitioners

    Cialdini identifies what he calls compliance practitioners, such as salesmen, fund raisers, con artists and advertisers. Apprenticed himself to the persuasion trades by actually going to work inSales for encyclopedias, vacuum-cleaners, carsFund raisingRecruitingAdvertising

  • Marketers Tool KitThese are approaches to help influence our clients in our favor to use our good services To help our clients influence their customers in their favor to buy their goods and services

  • Decision Making Short CutsBecause of overwhelming cues for decision making, animals and people evolve to recognize short cuts. Based on Research on Fixed Action PatternsSome are innate, some are learnedTriggers of compulsive behavioral response Fish story Baby grabbing parents fingerHigh quality is triggered by high priceAnti Aging Face CreamsPerfumeVodka

  • Just BecauseFavor Short CutA principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People simply like to have reasons for what they do. Cialdinis Because Experiment Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use I use the Xerox machine? 60% Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use I use the Xerox machine, because Im in a rush? 94% Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use I use the Xerox machine, because I need to make some copies? 93%

  • Weapons of automatic influence

    Cialdini distilled and organized the thousands of tactics he observed down into a handful of basic techniques that he calls weapons of automatic influence. Each of them is based on a human psychological principle that has the ability to produce a distinct kind of automatic, mindless compliance from people, that is, a willingness to say yes without thinking first.

  • Commonalties of Influence ToolsAll share:A nearly mechanical process by which it can be activated Tremendous power that can be exploited by anyone who knows how to use it People consistently underestimate how effective it is They work even when we know theyre in operation.Because these techniques work so well, Cialdini emphasizes how vulnerable we are to anyone who knows and uses them.

  • The 6 Pillars of PersuasionReciprocity - returning a favor Commitment and Consistency - honoring a previous agreement or statement Social Proof - do what other people are doing Authority - do what the person with the highest title/rank, the fanciest car, or the nicest clothes says Liking - follow the advice/instructions of people you like or are attracted to Scarcity - perceived scarcity generates demand

  • Reciprocity R Reciprocity: If someone gives something to us first, we are likely to respond with a bigger favor e.g., giving someone a project who has been generous to you with information. We feel very uncomfortable not repaying someone who has given us a gift or done us a favor. This feeling of indebtedness generally originates from one of three sources: favors, gifts, or concessions.People feel obligated to give back or repay those who have given to them. The simplest way to invoke this principle: be the first to give... information, contacts, access, praise, etc.

  • Commitment and ConsistencyPeople prefer to live up to their previously-stated beliefs and previously-held commitments. [Insurance company story]Invite Research Buyers to make a statement about their belief about Qualitative Research that would predispose them to a professional consultante.g., its important to follow the lead of the consumer in an open ended discussion rather than forcing him/her to follow a highly structured questionnaire in the guise of a guide. Or the best Qualitative Researcher acts as a consultant who suggests the best approach to the problemThen re-contact them with call to action for QRCA/AQR or your service thats consistent with their belief

  • Liking No surprises here!Increased Likability = Increased Likelihood of Response.

    We like those who are similar to us. Find commonalties with your audience and BE SURE TO POINT THEM OUTDress like your clients doAuthentic praise; compliments endear us to others. That was a well written RFP; very clear and conciseCute captures heartsBabies and puppies

    Increased familiarity through repeated contact with a person or thing is yet another factor that normally facilitates liking.Make those phone calls, send notes with interesting news bites on their product or category, say ,hi for no reason Mutual and successful cooperation in a task. E.g., invite your client to present along with you where you do all the work and they get the credit combines reciprocity with liking

  • AuthorityPeople defer to legitimate experts, especially in matters of fact and data. Milgrams shocking experimentThe man in the streetNew York City marathon

  • Social ProofWhen people are unsure of what to do, they look at what similar others have done or are doing 9 out of 10 doctors recommend . . .My college bar survey 1964 murder of Catherine GenoveseJim Jones Kool Aid mass suicide"Since 95 percent of the people are imitators and only 5 percent initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.

  • ScarcityPeople want more of what they can have less of. opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited." Act now while supplies last!Only two spots left Time is running out, get your early bird discount now

  • Only Need a Slight EdgeWinner in a horse race just has to win by a noseThe ruling lion who gets to eat as much as he wants just needs to be a little stronger All we have to do is show slight superiority in one of the pillars of influence

  • The Pillars in Action

  • ReciprocityIn exchange for seeing the time share propertyFree ride back and forth from airport to our hotelMajor discounts on things we were going to do anyway fancy restaurant,Booze, booze and more boozeTours of the cityGourmet brunchesConciliations on costEtc., etc., etc.

  • Commitment & ConsistencySales rep got us to acknowledge facts that she could retrieve later for consistencyWe owned other timeshares and were extremely happy with themWe loved to travelWe took lots of vacationsThen described timeshare in concert with what we had admitted to earlier.This timeshare was in the top 10 timeshares in the worldYou could trade easily because it was highest ratedThe owners always get a room overlooking the ocean

  • Social Proof

    At the end of a lovely tour of the property, We were taken to a large room which had at least 100 round tables in it. Every table looked full and these were all people who were doing the same thing as we were. They looked engaged and happy and the hubbub in the room gave the impression that lots of deals were going through.Popped a bottle of champagne every time someone signed

  • LikingAppealing woman rep from my neck of the woodsSimilarityOur ageWell dressedOutgoing and friendlyComplimentarySaid nice things about what I was wearingAgreed with our choices of other time share spots

  • AuthorityVery knowledgeable about properties and time sharesHighly experiencedKnew trading values of time sharesWas aware of costs on other location time sharesPraised us for getting a good deal she knew what a good deal was

  • ScarcityTime shares were going like hot cakesChecked to see if one was available at a lower cost, but said it had been soldLet us know that other reps were signing up the other choice spotsTold us we should probably consider making a deal on one with the great price she had negotiated for us

  • Implications for

  • ReciprocityReciprocityGive what you canInformationFree advice on whateverLunch and learnsResearch your clients interests and give small gifts in keeping with their preferences

  • Commitment & ConsistencyAsk Socratic questions which get clients to take a position consistent with the need for the type of research you doDo you already know all the criteria your prospect uses to make a buying decision? (If not, they cant use closed ended quant survey because they cant lay out the attributes need qual to determine)How important is knowing the emotional end benefits in your category?

  • Social Proof

    Gather testimonials from EVERY satisfied client the moment they express satisfaction. (Send can I get your feedback? email then ask if you can quote)Use to regularly send out inexpensive research tidbits. Use Google Alerts to capture every public mention of your name get reprints and keep a LONG list on your website, use in proposals, etcKeep LONG list of clients(Tell the bus stop story quantity is actually more persuasive than quality though both are important)

  • LikingGently point out similar interests, tastes, clothing, experiences, beliefs, etc.Be honest and genuine (with all above, as well as when giving compliments) dont fake it, people can tellYou need LOTS of contact to develop familiarity and a solid relationship stay in touch, even (perhaps especially) when theres no project

  • AuthorityDress for success when first being introduced to your clients to establish authorityPublish articlesSeek