The Seventh Major Arcanum Weather

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The Seventh Major ArcanumWATHER CONTROL This magical act you can control the weather. You stand before an altar, a raised platform, or small table. Place a square, but preferably a pentagonal vessel on your altar, one ring two feet in diameter by six inches in height. Pour pure water intobowl up to three inches deep. The rim of the container should be just highto fit so that your hands can be inserted without the strain of bending over.NOTE: During these exercises your eyes should be scarcely open.Through blurred vision, and not fixed upon specific objects.tand erect. !ace the direction of the sun, moon, or stars" depending onwhether your breath is coming from the dominant right or left nostril inthis moment.#. $lear your lungs by panting all residual air out of your system.%. ubmerge your hands in the water resting your palms on the bottom.&. pread the fingers of both hands so that the tips of your thumbs and index 'fingers touch each other correspondingly.(. )nhale deeply for seven seconds.*. +old your breath for one second.,. Then exhale through your mouth with a deep sighing sound until all air isexpelled from your lungs. )f necessary allow more than seven seconds forthe air to be exhaled at your leisure.-. top one second... )nhale again for a period of seven seconds./0. top one second, and exhale through your mouth while ma1ing amoaning or whistling sound.//. 2gain, stop for a second. Then inhale for seven seconds./#. top one second again./%. !inally exhale through your mouth, swishing the air and whistlingthrough your lips in the manner of a roaring storm.These are the basic specific sounds of breath3 sighing, moaning, androaring. 4epeat the exercise three more times, so that you will have completed a totalof twelve breaths. The 5ord of Power annunciated during this exercise is3 )6as in 7eee78, 9: 6as in 7how78, and ;2 6as in 7apple8. s servants, the air spirits will respond to your commands inan intensity matching the strength of the whistling sound you ma1e, therebycalling upon bree?e or wind to be invo1ed. Thus, climatic conditions within acertain region should change. The name of these mighty spirits to call upon are the spirit of the blessed light, @< A942+, and the spirit of wind, 52'2T.The elementals are nature>s servants, not yours. To them, you are li1e dust.DON'T EVER FORGET IT.