The Scouting Program: Baden Powell, its founder, called Scouting “a game with a purpose.”

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The Scouting Program: Baden Powell, its founder, called Scouting a game with a purpose. The purpose of Scouting is to help youth fully realize their potential as they move into the future. The game of Scouting is comprised of the methods the Scouting program uses to guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>The Scouting Program:Baden Powell, its founder, calledScouting a game with a purpose.The purpose of Scouting is to help youth fully realize their potential as they move into the future. The game of Scouting is comprised of the methods the Scouting program uses to guide its members. They include outdoor adventures, service projects, leadership training and experiences, advancement activities, and recognition of achievement.</p><p>The Patrol is the core of Scouting and the nucleus of the Troop. Each Patrol has an identity (name, cheer, flag, and patch). Patrol members camp together, participate in activities together, and learn new skills together. Scouts learn to work as a team and take pride in their Patrolsaccomplishments.</p><p>Some of our recent outings: Backpacking at Philmont District Camporees Canoeing Summer Camp Winter Camp Backpacking at Cross Timbers</p><p>We welcome boys ages 11 (10 if they have earned the Arrow of Light Award or have completed the fifth grade) through 17 to join at any time. Contact the Scoutmaster or visit a Troop meeting anyMonday Evening at 7:00pm.</p><p>Contact Scoutmaster Mark Bearden at 903-217-5130.</p><p>Begin a journey offun, friendship, andadventure that couldlast a lifetime!</p><p>Patrol Patches</p><p>Troop 322</p><p>Grace Presbyterian Church1914 Joe Ramsey BlvdGreenville TX 75402</p><p>Scoutmaster: Mark Committee Chairman: Rick JacquesCharter Organization: Ron Martin</p><p>Mondays 7:00-8:30 PMVisit our website at:</p></li><li><p>Troop 322: Meets every Monday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 throughout the entire Year. Is a Scout-led troop; programs are planned and executed by the Scouts themselves, with the support and supervision of trained adult leaders. Recognizes the achievements of the Scouts at quarterly Courts of Honor. The Patrol Leaders Council and Troop Committee meets at 7:00pm on the Monday after that months campout. Provides parents with the Troop by-laws and an a calendar of events. These and other publications are also available on the Troop website:</p><p> Is funded by annual dues and a minimum of fundraisers, such as a Troop Pancake Breakfast.About Our Troop:Troop 322 is one of approximately 10 troops within the Tawakoni District, which is comprised of units within Hunt County area. Troop 322 is one of the oldest Troop in Greenville, dating back to the 1960's. The troop went inactive in the early 70s an was reorganized in 1979. The Troop will celebrated its 28th anniversary of continuous service since the 79 reorganization. Troop 322 currently has 20 Scouts and a large number of registered adult leaders. Our Scoutmaster, Mark Bearden, has served the Troop since 2003. </p><p>Troop 322 is sponsored by Grace Presbyterian Church. They provide support and leadership as well as a meeting place and storage space.</p><p>The goals of Troop 322 follow those of the Boy Scouts of America. Our mission is to prepare young people to assume citizenship responsibilities and make ethical choices over their lifetimes, and to enhance the development of their physical, mental, and emotional fitness.A Typical Troop Meeting:Scouts gather during a Pre-Opening activity and get ready for the meeting.</p><p>The Senior Patrol Leader leads anOpening Ceremony that typicallyincludes a Flag Ceremony, theScout Oath and the Scout Law.</p><p>Scouts in leadership positions, attimes assisted by adult leaders,present Skills Instruction, plannedby the Patrol Leaders Council(PLC) to meet the advancementneeds and/or interests of NewScouts, Experienced Scouts, andOlder Scouts.</p><p>The Patrols meet to plan activities,to prepare for upcoming campingtrips, to receive information fromthe Patrol Leader regarding topicsdiscussed at the last PLC meeting,and to give the Patrol Leader inputto report at the next PLC meeting.</p><p>Scouts and adults gather for the Closing Ceremony that includes the Scout Oaththe Scout Law, and Scoutmasters Minute.</p></li></ul>


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