THE SACRED LECTIONARY - Syro-Malankara Catholic 2017-18...4 5 The Sacred Lectionary Fasting The faithful above 21 years and below 60 years of age are obliged to fast till noon on the

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    2017 - 2018




    The Feasts of our Lord, such other obligatory days and

    days of importance are given in this Ecclesiastical Calendar.

    The Lords Feasts, which commemorate the salvific events of

    our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ and the other very

    important feasts are to be observed like Sundays. On these

    days, the faithful should participate in the Holy Qurbono and

    should refrain from all servile works. They should specially be

    solicitous to observe these days holy by engaging themselves

    in the reading of the Holy Scripture, meditation, prayer and

    other virtuous deeds. On the Sunday before the important feasts

    the priest has to announce in the church about them and how

    to observe them.

    The Feasts of Our Lord and other important feasts that we

    celebrate are given below.

    The Feasts of Our Lord

    1. Yaldo (The Birth of Our Lord)

    2. Denho (Baptism of Our Lord)

    3. Mayaltho (Entrance of Our Lord into the Temple)

    4. Qyomtho (Easter)

    5. Sulokho (The Ascension of Our Lord)

    6. Pentecost (Fiftieth Feast)

    7. Mthale (Transfiguration of Our Lord)

    The Feasts to be observed like the Feasts of Our Lord

    1. March 25 Suboro (Feast of the Annunciation)

    2. June 29 Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

    3. July 3 Dukrono

    (The Martyrdom of St. Thomas)

    4. August 15 - Sunoyo (The Assumption of Mary,

    the Mother of God into heaven)

    5. Sept. 14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross


    XMoran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis

    Major Archbishop-Catholicos of the Syro - Malankara Catholic Church

    20 September 2017

    Prepared by

    The Synodal Commission for Liturgy

    Published by

    The Major Archiepiscopal Curia

    of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church

    Catholicate Centre, Pattom, Trivandrum - 695 004


    St. Mary's Press, Pattom, TrivandrumPhone : 0471 - 2446116

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    The Sacred Lectionary


    The faithful above 21 years and below 60 years of age

    are obliged to fast till noon on the second day of the Ninuveh

    Fast, first Monday and all Fridays of the Great Fast. Sick

    persons, pregnant women and those who do hard labour are

    not obliged to fast.

    Prohibition from Marriage Celebrations

    The Holy Episcopal Synod gives certain particular laws

    concerning the celebration of marriage in our Church. The

    Church earnestly desires that the Sacrament of Marriage

    be conducted at the periods prescribed for the celebration

    of marriage. The celebration of marriage is prohibited in our

    Church during the Seasons of the Twenty-Five Days Fast,

    Three-Days Fast, Fifty-Days Fast and the Season of the

    Expectation of the Coming of the Holy Spirit (From Ascension

    to the Feast of Pentecost). But for serious reasons, the heads

    of the Archieparchies/Eparchies have the authority to grant

    dispensation to the faithful to celebrate marriage during these

    prohibited seasons. The faithful are reminded that such

    dispensation shall be sought only when there are grave

    reasons. In the Pastoral set up, considering the needs of the

    faithful of different regions favorably, the application shall be

    given for conducting marriage during the periods of the

    Expectation of the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Twenty-Five

    Days Fast and the Great Lent (Up to the Mid-Lent). In order to

    obtain such dispensation, a fees in proportion to the

    dispensation has be remitted to the eparchial curia. This fee

    shall be used to conduct the marriage of poor girls. All are

    informed that dispensation for conducting marriage

    during the Three-Days Fast and the days from the Fortieth

    Friday to Easter Sunday will not be given at any reason.

    The abstinence from meat as prescribed by our Church shall

    be strictly observed in marriage celebrations held during the

    Seasons of Fast. The abstinence that are stipulated by the

    Maundy Thursday

    This is the day of commemoration of our Lord institutingthe Holy Qurbono. On this day all faithful, young as well as old,shall participate in the Holy Qurbono and receive the sameworthily.

    Good FridayAll are obliged to participate in the special liturgical

    services of the day.

    Season of the PassoverThe period from the beginning of the Great Fast till the

    first Sunday after Pentecost is known as the Season ofPassover

    Fasts1. Twenty-Five Days Nombu - 1-25 December 20172. Three-Days Nombu or Nineveh Nombu

    - 22-25 January 20183. Fifty-Days Nombu or the Great Lent - 12 Feb-1 April 2018

    Besides these three fasts, there are 3 others, which althoughnot binding under law, we are advised to be observed as devotion.1. Thirteen-Days Nombu (Sleeha Nombu - 16-29 June 2018)2. Fifteen-Days Nombu (Sunoyo Nombu - 1-15 August 2018)3. Eight- Days Nombu (1-8 September 2018)


    On all Fridays and days of the Twenty-Five Days Nombu,the Three-Days Nombu and the Fifty-Days Nombu, the faithfulshall abstain from meat. But the 18 days, after the Three-Days

    Nombu till the commencement of the Great Fast and 50 daysbetween Qyomto and Pentecost are exempted from thisabstinence.

    On days of the Nineveh Fast, first Monday (Shubkono)and all Fridays of the Great Fast and on days from 40th Fridaytill Qyomto we should also abstain from fish and egg. On Good

    Friday, besides what is mentioned above we should abstainfrom milk and all milk-products. There is no abstinence on the

    closing day of Fasts, whatever day it may be.

    Fasts, Abstinence

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    The Sacred Lectionary

    Church shall be also observed in all other celebrations in the

    seasons of Fast. The marriage that are blessed with the

    special permission during the seasons of Fast shall not

    be blessed by the Bishops of our Church. (Ref. Prot. No.

    CPL 3/2009)

    Holy Qurbono for the People

    According to the norms of the Code of Canons of the

    Eastern Churches, the Parish Priests and Mission Superiors

    are obliged to celebrate the Holy Qurbono for the people on

    ten important feast days of the liturgical year. The days are: 1)

    Yaldo, 2) Denho, 3) Annunciation to the Bl. Virgin Mary (Suboro),

    4) Qyomto, 5) Sulokho, 6) Pentecost, 7) Commemoration of

    Saints Peter and Paul, 8) Dukrono, 9) Commemoration of the

    Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios and 10) Shunoyo.

    From the Major Archiepiscopal Curia

    Memorable Days


    Catholicate Centre Chancellor

    Pattom, Trivandrum


    Memorable Events

    A.D. 52 Arrival of St. Thomas to Kerala. The

    Churches established by him are

    Kodungalloor, Palayoor, Paravoor

    (Kottackavu), Kokkamangalam, Chayal,

    Niranam and Kollam.

    72 July 3 Martyrdom of St. Thomas.

    344 Thomas of Cana landed at Kodungalloor.

    1599 June 20-26 Synod of Diamper (Udayamperoor).

    1653 Jan 3 Koonan Cross Oath (Against the Portuguese


    1930 Sep 20 Syro-Malankara Re-Union

    A group of five persons headed by Abp. Mar

    Ivanios along with Bishop Mar Theophilos

    reunited with the Catholic Church.

    1932 June 11 Establishment of the Syro-Malankara

    Catholic Hierarchy. Erection of the

    Archieparchy of Trivandrum and Eparchy of


    1933 March 12 Inauguration of the Syro-Malankara Catholic

    Hierarchy and the installation of Archbishop

    Geevarghese Mar Ivanios as the first

    Metropolitan Archbishop of Trivandrum.

    1933 Nov 6 Installation of Bishop Jacob Mar Theophilos

    as the first Bishop of Tiruvalla.

    1937 Nov 29 Re-union of Bishop Joseph Mar Severios

    from the Orthodox Diocese of Niranam.

    1938 Nov 12 Re-union of Bishop Thomas Mar Dioscoros

    from Knanaya Jacobite Church.

    1943 Feb 22 Demise of Bishop Thomas Mar Dioscoros.

    1950 May 5 Installation of Bishop Joseph Mar Severios

    as Bishop of Tiruvalla.

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    The Sacred Lectionary Memorable Days

    1953 Jan 29 Episcopal ordination of Bishop Benedict Mar

    Gregorios as Auxiliary Bishop of Trivandrum.

    1953 July 15 Demise of Archbishop Geevarghese Mar


    1954 April 22 Episcopal ordination of Bishop Zacharias

    Mar Athanasios as Auxiliary Bishop of


    1955 Jan 18 Demise of Bishop Joseph Mar Severios.

    1955 Jan 22 Installation of Archbishop Benedict Mar

    Gregorios as second Metropolitan

    Archbishop of Trivandrum.

    1955 Jan 27 Installation of Bishop Zacharias Mar

    Athanasios as Bishop of Tiruvalla.

    1956 June 27 Demise of Bishop Mar Theophilos.

    1962 Oct 11 Inauguration of the 21st Ecumenical Council

    (Second Vatican Council).

    Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios,

    Metropolitan Archbishop of Trivandrum and

    Bishop Zacharias Mar Athanasios, Eparchial

    Bishop of Tiruvalla, were attended in all

    sessions of Second Vatican Council,

    representing Syro-Malankara Catholic


    1964 Dec 4 Visit of Pope Paul VI to India.

    1965 Feb 22 Blessing of the Metropolitan Church of the

    Archieparchy of Trivandrum.

    1965 Dec 8 Closing of the 21st Ecumenical Council.

    1967 Dec 16 Episcopal ordination of Bishop Paulose Mar


    1977 Aug 28 Re-union of Bishop Paulose Mar Philexinos

    from Malabar Independent Church.

    1977 Sep 28 Demise of Bishop Zacharias Mar Athanasios.

    1978 Oct 28 Erection of the E